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  1. The only hint of Valleyfair is the Mississippi River, but we'll see.
  2. I mean... As interesting as this is, where would they put a roller coaster? The dino's contract has until 2019 and then it will be gone, and I just can't think of any other reasonable locations that would be a good spot for crowds and a new coaster.
  3. We payed $240 to wait 30 mins instead of an hour on TTD. worth it, but holy crap!
  4. I won't be surprised if we don't have a coaster until 2022 or later, honestly.
  5. I knew the picture they posted of the plans was Steel Venom's queue
  6. I totally agree with this. Tilter doesn't take up much space but it would make a great entrance point for something that is going to take parking lot space. We do know that they are going to build another parking lot so losing parking space here is going at affect them at all. In fact, it makes sense to continue expansion along highway 101 for curb appeal!! I really have no idea at this point what is going here. Is it possible that a new coaster is going here but won't open till late 2018? Steel Venom's got curb appeal. I just don't think Knott's Boomerang is coming to us. I sure ho
  7. At the park today, a friend and I were waiting for renegade. They stopped the train that was in the transfer and evacuated it. The ride went down and they had to inspect the train after some riders had whiplash or something and one man was wheeled off by some security and medical people. He had a neck brace and we went out right behind him through the exit.
  8. At this point, I hope for anything! The only thing I think will definitely happen for 2018: the at-the-gate ticket price will increase to $55 or more. With tax, the total is $56.91. But, you do get that second visit.
  9. I doubt it's true, but it has been down quite a bit lately and in general has a lot of downtime
  10. I would like to make a note that if you are an employee of any Cedar Fair park you risk your job endorsing and releasing such info to the public on a forum like this. One of the reasons why I cautiously limit what I post on here as some of the information I hear hasn't been released to the general public yet. I was going to say something. Thanks for doing the honors.
  11. I touch that support almost ever time I ride. I'm 5,3. I showed my friend one time and all the gp heard it and saw it and was like "holy shit"
  12. Yes, admissions and park services are both stricter with dresscode policies, but it's better to hear it up front then in the back and have to walk all the way to your car, right? And if you show up to a family amusement park wearing clothes riddled with profanity? I mean what do you expect?
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