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  1. Probably my 12 rides on Troy, Nemesis Inferno six times and Goliath about 10 times in one day.
  2. When Vekoma says "mega coaster," they aren't referring to a hyper-style coaster. "Mega" is the term that Vekoma gives to any of their major looping coasters, as you can see on their official site. Thanks for pointing that out, it makes some more sense. Although it would be cool to see an actual hyper coaster, since they are now working together with Morgan Chance, maybe they're designing a new type together, who knows.
  3. It isn't up to Vekoma to replace the trains, it's all about the parks. They can just order new trains for their rides.
  4. Do keep in mind that Vekoma already is larger then those companies, they have been building many many rides over the past years, but they remained a little in the shadows because the rides were not as extreme as the Intamins and Beemers, but that doesn't mean it isn't a valuable addition to the park. All those junior and mine trains Vekoma built recently still kept them at the top IMO.
  5. ^Yeah, I found that a bit strange too. However, they look like the ones Intamin has on their rockets, and the really don't bother you that much but do give an extra sense of safety, and thats what the new Vekoma is all about, making rides more enjoyeable for everyone. So maybe its just to create a more safer feeling for all ages riding it.
  6. I hate Pegasus at the Efteling, people often refer to it as ''Pegasucks''
  7. Nemesis Inferno. Troy's gotta pretty nice one too.
  8. -Toverland -Walibi World -Thorpe park twice It sucks pretty much.
  9. http://viewer.zmags.co.uk/showmag.php?mid=gfsrf#/page22/ In this article you can see some of the future plans of Vekoma, with their rides' trains, also they appear to have a completely new design for a mega coaster.
  10. Glad you enjoyed Drievliet. I always have an awesome time over there too! Too bad I couln't come and meet, but great to see you folks had a good time there!
  11. That dodonpa pic with mount Fuji is beautiful man, good stuff! Very nice TR so far, I liked reading it.
  12. It isn't difficult mistaking it with some telephone pole. I hate that thing, lol. Nice updates Robb, looking forward to seeing more.
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