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  1. Robb, is there a limit on how many guest a member can bring?
  2. Aww I wish I could make it, but Ill be on my senior trip at that time. hmm now that I think of it Im going to be at SFMM on the 24th as a part of of senior trip.
  3. Do you have a ballpark estamate on how much all the Asia trips would be together?
  4. Whoo, Cedar Ponit on Page 69, Robb you didn't get video of their rollback? Or are you saving the footage? Or You did get footage of it and posted it and I'm an idiot?
  5. I could tottaly see that episode "Did you bring theme park tickets with you?" "We wanted to get on the kiddie rides"
  6. I spy a Tatsu shirt, at least your don't need to get ass burns of one.
  7. looks like it was fun there. I want to see more pictures.
  8. Pretty much everything on MTV has got to go.
  9. Right now there shooting bullets at each other. Man this is a great show
  10. This thread got the song stuck in my head. They will experance the same pai... I mean joy that we have all experanced.
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