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  1. I have heard from several people here in the Community that the Musuem that ACE has wanted to open may be at CLP. It was stated in the Meadville tribune that the Board of CLP wanted to open a Coaster Musuem at the Park and when I asked a board member about it he said that the Park and ACE are working together very strongly on it. What are your thought if it is the Big Musuem. Do you think it is a good location or if they could do better.
  2. Sold to DATman. You now have $0 and a heck of a coaster. Feel free to sell it if you get tired of it. Next up is Maverick @ Cedar Point. Do I hear 1 million?
  3. You sure? The point of the game is too build a collection with limited funds. And to see who gets the most.
  4. I found this on another site. You have 100 million each to invest towrds your own collection. The starting bid is 1,000,000 Please bid in 500,000 increments. First up will be Dominator @ GL. Do I hear 1,000,000 Place your bid. Remember, you want to build a collection, so be conservative. You cannot build new or clones, thats no fun. I will be your auctioneer, but may decide to bid as well. This auction will end in about 48 hours. Also please keep track of your own Credits. No one likes and over spender.
  5. I can see them keeping the rides on the Water Park side maybe they will move some other ones over there. Just a thought.
  6. You can find lots of pics from 5 years ago of the park. I can't imagine how much worse it is. Negative-g
  7. I went to GL on Saturday the 15 for one reason coasters. After getting off work at Mc Donalds @ 3pm I hit the road towards GL. I arrived at the Park at 5pm. Wen I got out of my car the park already had a festive feel to it with Polka Music blasting over the systems. I got my ticket and went stright for Thunderhawk. It was Oktoberfest weekend and also the last of the year so with all the rumors going around I just wanted to get there before it's too late. Thunderhawk My first SLC Rating 7/10 My first ride was at 5:30 There was way too many People in the station Everyone just cowd
  8. I will try and do an Update for you all. Observations I have noticed a couple things my last few visits. Beach Club It is great that they reopened it. The staff is super friendly and the food is great. But I have a few problems. First they don't use colers and they just put drinks in an Ice bucket. I understands saving a few bucks on electric but I would prefer cold drinks. Second I do not see why they don't sell more in the Fry Stand. There is not much on the menu. You can get Fries Chicken and Fries, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers. They do not sell Soda or water there just Beer.
  9. Yes Have you ever hooked up with a co-Worker?
  10. Any high School Seniors. What school. Meadville Area Senior High School.
  11. I sarted my Senior Year Wenesday. 1st Science 2nd Chior 3rd English 4th Video/Multimedia 5th Gym/Studyhall/Lunch 6th English(failed last year) 7th Studyhall 8th Princible of Goverment and Economics
  12. I know some parks that sold flats and got tham back Kiddie Merry-Go-Round@CLP sold in auction 1992/Reinstalled 2002 same location.
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