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  1. I'm not too worried about it. It won't realistically be for a while until I'd get there, so I'm confident that their decision will increase reliability.
  2. I couldn't care less what this track is made of. I'm just excited that I can finally plan a future trip and experience this coaster without having to worry about whether it'll be operating or not.
  3. I'm hoping they will still offer their usual black friday ticket & fast lane+ deal this year. Having that this past summer was a lifesaver.
  4. I really love this new forum!!! The best part is discovering all the cool new features.
  5. One of the things I'm most interested in is not how already-open parks will change, but how many additional parks will be open in 2021. Will the ones that opted to stay closed for all of 2020 decide to put a plan in place to open next year, and/or even have the approval to do so? I'll definitely be following that aspect closely.
  6. That seems to be what Hershey is doing, except for the Racers and Wildcat, and I have yet to hear of any publicly-known issues from it so far. I was there 3 weeks ago, so safe to say at this point that I've not gotten sick from that approach. Even the close quarters of Fahrenheit's seating had people loaded in every row. I get that parks just want to play it safe until more information is known, but I agree that maybe there can be a little leeway with that at this point moving forward.
  7. ^ One thing I noticed when I was there a few weeks ago were the shiny new wheel heaters built into Candymonium's station. My first thoughts were their Christmas and early Spring events.
  8. I think there are still a lot of uncertainties. Like others have said, I think 2021 is going to be very similar to this year, with parks having used this summer as a "trial and error year," and able to better streamline some of the processes that we've now all seen. I don't see many or any of them going away any time soon. They'll also maybe know a bit better what to expect as far as revenue projections are concerned, and be able to better plan accordingly instead of having to throw together an operating season at the last possible minute on a whim basically to try and salvage some sort of
  9. I love Skyrush, and when I was there this past Thursday that lift hill was HAULING. I don't ever remember it going that fast. I even made it a point to ride it opening year thinking they'll never keep it going that fast forever. It's still the only ride that I just cannot seem to keep my hands up the entire time and have to instinctively grab onto something. Wildcat was also a pleasant surprise. I've never had any good rides on that thing, but I actually had an enjoyable front row ride. There are maybe 3-4 transitions that desperately need a reprofile, but overall I didn't come off
  10. Just to echo what's already been said, I also had FL+ while at the park yesterday, and it's definitely worth it for anyone that can snag a legit pass. Everything is walk-on with it. Surprisingly, I also didn't see a single breakdown all day yesterday either. As far as I know, TTD, SV, MF, Maverick, etc., all ran consistently all day long. By far the best day I've had at the park in years, pandemic or not.
  11. As someone who drove all the way from Michigan to visit Kennywood I was very impressed by it. It had its own cool vibe to it. A great collection of flat rides and a couple really really good coasters That's great! I'm glad you liked it! Unfortunately, I don't feel the same way, but I'm excited to eventually try out Steel Curtain.
  12. I feel that once you get past the charm, Kennywood is not that exciting of a park. I'm ready and raring to make the 15 min drive to the park and give them my money...as soon as Steel Curtain opens.
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