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  1. Hurler was actually fairly smooth last week when I rode it. That being said, I still wouldn't bat an eye if it was replaced.
  2. Pretty awesome days yesterday and Friday at the park. Friday crowds were nonexistent because of the slight rain, and yesterday was a bit windy, but great weather overall. Fury and Intimidator were closed most of yesterday because of the wind, but I was able to sneak in two rides on Intimidator during periods of being open, and able to ride Fury Friday night, so no biggie there. I was very pleasantly surprised with Copperhead Strike, and really enjoyed that. Also a plus that it and Afterburn stayed running in the cold and high winds, and were right next to each other so I could keep going back and forth lol. I didn't know what to expect being so early in the season, but the only major coaster still down was Nighthawk with no train even on the track yet. But such is life, and as a first time visitor, I really enjoyed this park. I definitely hope to be back sooner rather than later.
  3. Yeah this is the same country that also pays WWE $100 million per year to hold two large-scale events over there every year. I doubt they even blink an eye at $80 million.
  4. Not to derail some of these ideas, but that plot of land will more than likely be used for the location of the chef-inspired restaurant that was mentioned here.
  5. Technically that timeframe is doable considering Cedar Point painted Mantis very quickly, and still even ran it as Mantis with Rougarou's color scheme before they closed for the year in 2014. So it really comes down to how long they want it to take. Yes I know, different setting, on a hillside vs flat land, and so on. But realistically, as Bill said, probably a long time considering this is Six Flags.
  6. It sounds like The Mummy will also be closing temporarily from January 2022 until the "end of summer" 2022 for technical improvements.
  7. That happened to me at Cedar Point earlier this year in June. Anything more than 30 seconds of rain (sometimes even mixed in with sun at the same time) shut down 90%+ of the park when I was there. This happened a few times, and there was even one instance where they were still in the process of shutting everything down when the rain had already stopped, cleared away, and the sun was shining. Yet they still proceeded to stand around waiting in the sun for however many minutes until the SOP said it was safe to resume again. I'm glad to see them adjusting their policy a bit to be less strict with a little bit of rain.
  8. Pretty amazing week this past week. We had 2 days at HS, and got 6 total rides on Rise of the Resistance. After the initial rush, the standby line really dies down and the actual waits were typically much less than posted. If there's no one in the outside portion of the queue, it was safe to say that the wait was never more than 25 min. I think 2 or 3 of those times we even waited 15 min.
  9. Looks like most, if not all of the rides are listed for sale. I'm not sure if posting the link is permitted, but they're on a commonly-used site for used rides. Blue Streak was listed with the carousel, but that listing has since been changed to only the carousel. Someone pass me more forks to stick in this place.
  10. As someone who only visits once maybe every 5-10 years, I like this. I can see both sides of the argument, but this takes off a bit of the stress and FOMO knowing I'll have a better chance at doing everything I want to do without worry, since I likely won't be back again for a while (assuming Genie has been rolled out when I go in a month). If I do have any criticisms, I wish that perhaps you were given maybe 1 free LL pass on one of the "Tier A" rides before you get into the pay per ride territory, especially if you're a resort guest. However, I'm definitely curious and excited to see how it all plays out and works when it officially goes live.
  11. Not surprising, Cedar Point has tweeted out a statement saying that Top Thrill Dragster will be closed for the remainder of the season.
  12. Talk about grim...there was supposed to be a "Corn, Chili, & Ribs" festival at the park this weekend, but no vendors were in sight. A worker at the craft show taking place in the old bumper cars structure said that the reason was because no vendors signed up for it. There was one guy in the corner yesterday selling corn, and that's it. The future for this place never did look too bright, but I don't see how the park can be "saved" when there's no support like this. I give them credit for trying different ideas, but it seems to be only a matter of time at this point.
  13. I usually don't get disappointed with ride removals, but this one hits different I understand it, but can't say I'm not a bit bummed. Looking forward to seeing what they end up doing with that area though!
  14. I've been living for those Insta stories the past few days. Love it! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Hoping they bring back their ticket and FL+ combo deal this black Friday like they were doing every year pre-covid. The $76 they charged for that was an absolute steal. I would still buy it even if they hiked up the price significantly.
  16. This. Even the slightest and shortest of rain showers also mixed with sun during my visit to CP a few weeks ago shut down 90%+ of the park. Then they proceeded to stand around waiting in the sun for however many minutes until the SOP said it's "safe" to resume again.
  17. Honestly, even though Firechaser only goes like 35 mph, I found it to be one of the best rides at Dollywood. Maybe I'm just getting older and my tastes are changing, but I'm becoming more and more a fan of fun "quirky" rides these days. I'm all for something like this if it's true.
  18. Had a pretty decent day at the park yesterday overall, despite the heat. Regular lines were fairly long, but FL+ came in clutch yet again, and I never waited more than 15 minutes for anything. More parks should also implement the "scan yourself and go through" parking booths like Cedar Point has. It's a super quick and easy system, and they can still have all the booths open to keep traffic moving, despite the staffing issues. The SV crew was also really hustling yesterday to keep capacity up and the line moving, so major props to them. It seems like they've also refined that whole locker and line system pretty well now. A minor note is that you can also tell that some ride ops are still newer, and it will still take some time for the more inexperienced ones to get up to speed and in a quicker rhythm. They are definitely on the right track though, and I didn't feel like there were many rides or stands closed at all. Also, I know enthusiasts have been saying this for years, but I do hope Cedar Point re-evaluates their rain policy some day. A week ago at Dollywood I rode Thunderhead in an absolute monsoon, but anything more than 30 seconds of rain yesterday (sometimes mixed in with sun at the same time) shut down 90%+ of the park. This happened a few times, and there was even one instance where they were still in the process of shutting down when the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, yet they proceeded to continue and stand around waiting in the sun for however many minutes the SOP says until resuming again.
  19. What I liked about Aunt Granny's was that, while they changed it from a buffet to a family style dining service, you could still ask for more servings if you wanted. So still sort of a partial buffet. Also it looks like Wild Eagle is back up again.
  20. Mini TR - Had a great couple of days at the park yesterday and today with fairly light crowds. Everything was open, for the most part, even Barnstormer. The only staffing closures I noticed were some food places and kids rides. I'm convinced Dollywood really might be in a non-rain bubble. Over 70% chance of storms all day, both days, and it rained maybe once for 5 minutes, although those 5 minutes just happened to be an absolute monsoon while riding Thunderhead. I've never even came off a water ride that soaked, but kudos to Dollywood for their rain operations. Lightning Rod ran great both days, never went down, and even ran 2 trains parts of both days. I did have a bit of a weird experience on Wild Eagle. Almost at the top of the lift hill, and the train starts shaking violently, and I mean very violent. Throwing us up and down. I'm normally one to be pretty confident in these rides' safety features, but that definitely freaked me out. The ride itself was fine, but they evacuated us on the brake run and shut down the ride for the rest of the day after that. A little later on they also closed some pathways for a bit to bring in a large crane. Not sure what's going on, but it didn't seem good. Still an awesome couple days at the park, and can't wait to see how they continue to make this great park even better.
  21. I think it also has to do with the fact that if they increase capacity, they would also need to decrease the social distancing length simultaneously. Which maybe they're not prepared to do just yet. The line for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train stretches all the way around the mountain as it is with the current capacity and distancing restrictions in place. There just simply isn't enough space to put all those people when they are still being spread apart 6 ft. As an out-of-towner, I am personally okay with the reservations. Being locked into X park on X day when I go later this year takes a little bit of that stress out of the equation when you're there.
  22. That is not true. As recently as 2019 they were open daily from opening day onward. Aside from opening day, May used to be the best time to go, hands down. There were years where I was eerily the only one walking down the midways in 50-degree weather, but all the rides were still operating (weather permitting). They were even so desperate to attract people during these times, that the Breakers + ticket packages they used to offer in the late 00s and early 10s were practically a steal. They eventually ended up making those early season weeks into math and science weeks to fill the park with more people.
  23. Who knows! I'm curious to see if any additional conditions will be put on the parks that were not given permission to reopen in 2020. Let's hope it's status quo and does get more lax as the year goes on.
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