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  1. 6 times if I recall correctly. It's very rough when there's only 2 people on the train and they're both sat in the front! But, sit near the back when the train is empty (ish) and it's not too bad. As soon as the train is full it's a whole different ride.
  2. It's definately a different experience every time you ride. When we had 45 minutes ERT on the Ultimate last year it was quite tame in the morning. The track was cold, the trains were running quite slowly (even failed to reach the 2nd lift on many occasions). We only had 20 people in the trains so they were half empty. In the afternoon (after ERT) we rode the ride with full trains and my god does it make a difference. The track wasn't as cold, the trains were full and the ride was much, much rougher! The back is smother than the front on this one, I believe it's largely down to the way the ride is built and the fact that the footers are stood on hardcore and move slightly as the train goes over them, by the time the backs got there the track has been set, the front sets the track all the way around - that's what the operations manager told us anyway. Any ride that uses expanding foam under the footers to stop them sinking is bound to move a little. lol
  3. The owner of a theme park was summoned to court today following an incident nearly four years ago in which a teenage girl was killed. Sunday school teacher Hayley Williams was ejected from the top of the spectacular Hydro ride at Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, as it began an almost vertical descent into a plunge pool. The 16-year-old, from Pontypool, South Wales, died of internal injuries following the incident on April 15, 2004. Martin Rothwell, 10, suffered minor injuries in the incident. At an inquest in May 2006, Pembrokeshire Coroner Michael Howells ruled out unlawful killing as a possible verdict. Hayley's mother, Beverley, stormed out of the proceedings when Mr Howells said he had concluded that the evidence over the course of the four-day inquest did not support a view that death had been as a result of gross negligence. The Crown Prosecution Service ruled out the possibility of criminal charges in January 2006. Following the conclusion of its own lengthy investigation, the Health and Safety Executive served a summons on Oakwood Leisure Ltd today for an alleged breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. A hearing has been set at Haverfordwest Magistrates' Court for April 10. The company will answer a charge of failing to "conduct its undertaking in such a way as to ensure, so far as was reasonably practicable, that persons not in its employment, including Hayley Williams and Martin Rothwell, were not thereby exposed to risks to their health and safety contrary to Section 3 (1) of the said Act whereby it is guilty of an offence by virtue of Section 33 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work Etc Act 1974 and liable to a penalty as provided for by Section 33 (1) (A) of the said Act as amended." A spokesman for Oakwood Leisure Ltd declined to comment. Source: Press Association News http://www.parkpreview.co.uk [EDIT] Please do not use all caps in titles. Thanks! - Mod
  4. Me and some other theme park enthusiasts from the UK are planning a Europe trip this year. It is quite difficult trying to get everything organised, but it is much easier when you've got a group of enthusiastic people wanting to go aswell. If you wanted to join us on our trip visit http://www.parkpreview.co.uk
  5. This is a work in progress topic that I'll update as and when the project progresses. I have started a No Limits recreation of Nemesis at Alton Towers in No Limits. This is quite a big challenge for me as I only downloaded No Limits 3 days ago! :shock: Here is a screen print of the fire frame model so far. Here is a screen print looking down from the top of the lift. And here is a video of the wire frame model, it's an on ride video and compares the wire frame of my model to actual ride POV footage. There's a few bits that need attention before I can start terrain shaping but it's getting there. In this screen print you can see the track length is 100% accurate! Remember this is a work in progress so please don't totally slate this at this early stage. Thanks for reading, I'll keep this topic updated.
  6. I've recently got back from a trip to PortAventura and all things considered thought it was an amazing theme park. Furius Baco is amazing. The right side is much smoother than the left, and as others have said sit near the front. The front seat is AWESOME - but again, much better on the right hand side of the train. The left seats are really rough. Try and get on the rides in the dark, it makes for a whole different experience, especially Stampida! I was a little dissapointed with Hurricane Condor, it looks a lot scarier than it is to ride. You get a nice view, and the build up/tension before riding is great. It takes amazing onboard photos but the drop itself feels a little weak compared to other Intamin drop towers I've ridden. The video from my trip is available in the video forum on this site, here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38739
  7. We recently took a trip to Drayton Manor Park in England and had a great time. I thought the park was quite good. Very small, but that means less walking so bonus! The drop tower is excellent and in my opinion gives a better ride experience than the 330ft Hurricane Condor drop tower at PortAventura which is twice as high as Drayton's. I was quite dissapointed with Shockwave, but I think I was expecting too much from it to be honest. Please let me know what you think of the video... DraytonManor.wmv Drayton Manor Park
  8. Here are some of the on-ride photos that we bought whilst in PortAventura: Us on Hurricane Condor for the first time - notice we're actually holding on for a change, you won't often see this in an on ride photo. But it is pretty high! :shock: We're all smiles though, wish we could say the same for the couple next to us. Us on Furius Baco for the first time and this was at night! Michelle's face says it all really! This photo of us on Stampida tells a story really, you can clearly see that I'm enjoying this ride where as Michelle found it too rough, but we still went on 4 times. We've yet to ride a wooden coaster that isn't rough, do they even exist? Us on Dragon Khan, it wasn't our first ride, every single time we went on it our arms/hands were in the way of the photos. I was a bit dissapointed that it took the photo just before the last bend. I reckon it should be at the bottom of the first drop! 8)
  9. They had already begun the preperations for Halloween, there's lots of themeing and scenery already in place and it already looks amazing! I'd love to go to this park at Halloween! I thought Furius Baco(N) was awesome. The front seats are fantastic and offer a really good ride experience. The back seats are good to, but nowhere near as impressive as the front. So there's been a lot of talk about the ride being rough and we found this to be true to a certain extent. We found the right hand seats, both inside and outside very enjoyable and not rough - except in the back row. However, the left seats are all rough, inside and outside. The trains seem to bounce along the track when your sat on the left, not smooth at all. We also found that one of the trains was rougher than the other and to be honest while we were there the ride was braking down A LOT. They stopped running the back 3 rows for the last 2 days and even shut the ride totally a few times. It far exceeded my expectations though and the POVs of this ride do it no justice at all, the launch is intense, very fast and the ride never seems to lose any speed. Port Aventura on the whole is totally amazing! The best theme park I've been to so far without a doubt.
  10. Here are the photos from our PortAventura trip. Woody, the park mascot welcoming us on arrival The only sign we could find with Universal logos still present! Dragon Khan mid Cobra roll. Dragon Khan mid Cobra roll. Dragon Khan on the lift hill. Dragon Khan mid Cobra roll. Dragon Khan mid Zero-G roll. Dragon Khan mid Verical Loop. Dragon Khan track layout. Dragon Khan track layout from the Great Wall of China. Dragon Khan track layout from the Great Wall of China. Me getting in the way of a nice Dragon Khan pic. Dragon Khan mid Corkscrew. Dragon Khan's twisted track. Stampida on the lift hill. Stampida at the station brake run (from on board the blue train). We're still smiling after Stampida so it couldn't have been that rough! Tutuki Splash doing what it does best, erm, Splash... Me about to get eaten by a dragon in China. Michelle about to get eaten by same dragon. The well themed pirate ship ride. The steam train. The only park I've ever seen so far with a fully operational steam train instead of a diesel powered lookalike steam train. The 330ft Hurricane Condor. Looks far more intimitating than it actually is to ride! The 330ft Hurricane Condor. Dragon Khan signage at night! Me getting friendly with some weird statue outside a shop in Far West. Furius Baco on the last turn, notice the back 2 rows are empty. The following day the back 3 were running empty then the ride was closed for hours! The boat ride between China and the Mediterranean. Me taking a rest. Baco again, notice back seats are empty still... Michelle having a rest! Michelle's pulled some bloke in the Far West! I'm not standing for that! Ha ha, I've pulled too, notice how she's looking into my eyes! Us infront of Dragon Khan. Picture taken by a passing foreign tourist who managed to get the train in the shot, top job sir! Michelle trying to feed our toy that we won to the statue! Come any closer and I'll shoot! "This is the best ride in the world!" Us infront of Khan again! This is thirsty work! I'm going to need a few of these! Even better, a barrel! I'm staying here for a while! Michelle had to eat this huge candy floss in about 10 minutes as they wouldn't let her take it into Sea Odessy. I really thought she was going to be sick. Night pic of the entrance area with Hurricane Condor in the background. The ship that doubles as a seating area. Medditeranean area at night. Medditeranean area at night. Medditeranean area at night. Pirate ship at night. Pirate ship at night. Model of Chinese village at night. Hot air baloons at night. These were actually quite good, especially after all that beer! Flying chairs at night. Dragon Khan and the Great Wall of China at night. Hurricane Condor at night. We eat in this American restaurant, The Iron House for FREE!!!! Horse carossel at night. Horse carossel at night, we didn't go on this at all as it looked quite scary. Far West themed street. Flying chairs again. A photo of the end of day Aqua Music display. This was very impressive and the show was different every night. After a long week and over 100 rides including 17 on Dragon Khan, 22 on Furius Baco, 4 on Stampida and 3 on Hurricane Condor I ended up here! Check out a video from our trip here http://www.parkpreview.co.uk/videos/PortAventura.wmv
  11. You were on the telly again tonight. Program called the Secret World of Theme Parks, again on Sky 3. It's actually still on until 8.
  12. Yeah that's the one. Wow didn't realize it was 2001. They were doing a feature about Halloween and Ghost Rider in the dark. Looked pretty cool. I recognized you 2 from your videos and was like, woah! Did you see who that was? lol.
  13. Was watching a program tonight about extreme rides and saw Robb and Elissa on a wooden coaster. Must have been quite an old program I reckon as they were talking about Wicked Twister at CP being new. I was well surprised to see you both.
  14. Hi TPR, I'm Martin, my mates call me Mardy or Marty, nickname comes from the Back to the Future film if you've seen it? Anyway, I'm 25 live in England UK with my girlfriend Michelle and have been a theme park enthusiast all my life. I love everything to do with them! Hope to talk to some of you and maybe even meet some of you guys someday.
  15. Thanks, that was a great trip report. I really really want to go to Cedar Point but as I live in the UK it's a bit far to go really. I'll do it one day, your photos make me want to go even more now...
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