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  1. Hey so I know I havent posted here in an absolute age but was just curious if anyone was going to sonisphere festival at knebworth? seems like TPR know how to party and was wondering if anyone on here would want to meet up at the event! click the link for details itd be great to meet some of the people I read about and see photos of on here http://team.sonispherefestivals.com/s.php?t=8&m=1094
  2. I cant understand what makes it so bad, it just looks like a standard burger chain to me haha, can someone enlighten me?
  3. No this is true, although you have to take into account that the 12mp sensor is a similar size to the 8mp sensor, so it will have more of an effect. unless of course theyve massively changed the design between the two cameras, which I dont think they have. I have to admit Im not 100% sure what camera he is using, as Im used to the british names (eg. 350D 10D etc) I think he is referring to the 400D and the 500D? and if this is the case they are both very similar in outer design so the sensor cant have changed too much.
  4. I guess It depends what your wanting to take, but a higher megapixel sensor will give more noise in low lighting shots Just a heads up Also Awesome Photos, I love the one of Wicked Twister where the carriage is Still but the track is blurred, How did you take that shot?
  5. i dont exactly know, the end of march mabe? i am definately interested but money is also a problem, so i think im going to have to say im sorry but its just not possible this year... ill just go to alton towers a lot with my season pass.. mabe next year for TPR *sobs*
  6. i really want to come on the TPR trip, but ive found out another problem, and that is the proximity to my final exams, the preliminary dates are up, and if all goes well i would be finished, but there is every chance i wont. and i probably wont know till after the deadline for deposits on whether i can come. its a bit of a gamble.
  7. Well i suppose i have a max of two weeks, and not a very high budget, i guess i really want to do phantasialand, Heide park and holiday park (or world, i always get them muddled up)
  8. Hi. In june or there abouts, i'm planning a trip to europe to visit theme parks, I would go on the TPR trip but the price is far too much for my budget and i can't find anyone of my friends who would like to go with me (mainly due to the price). My first problem is, i am going to have to do this all on public transport. can anyone suggest some good parks which are easily accessible in germany? Please help!, i have no idea how to even start thinking about doing this.
  9. I Really like what Gerstlauer have done with the eurofighter, a compact ride which offers the thrills and capacity of a huge ride. they really are very well designed, perfect for MOA then hehe. Random, but Fairly Odd Coaster / Timberland Twister has the same colour scheme as the eurofighter Speed No limits in wales.
  10. thanks thats answered my question perfectly, im quite happy to pay for the whole trip just due to exams couldnt come straight at the start of the europe trip
  11. Just a quick question, if we cant meet all the days of the trip (for example cant do the first few days) could you join on the trip later?
  12. dang looks like your having so much fun over there, tibidado looks awesome, next time i head down to barcelona ill check it out. i still think you should have gone to the park in san sebastien, its got to be seen to be believed http://www.rcdb.com/pd529.htm
  13. thanks for clarifying that SNL sketch, makes me laugh every time haha! i was hoping to hit PA this summer but im hiking in the pyrenees instead, ah well *sighs*
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