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  1. I have often thought how cool it would be to have a coaster on the waterfront again (instead of just that roller coaster sculpture). Still, I agree that $30 million is insanely expensive for what this coaster is (Millenium Force and Dragster were each $25 M). And the estimation of $40M in annual revenue seems exceedingly optimistic.
  2. Here's a short vid of an awesome new park in Argentina! The engineering is amazing! [vimeo] [/vimeo]
  3. Wow. Very cool! Nicely shot. I like your framing and focus changes! Very nice! It's cool how in the shot of dragster track at around 1:32, you can see how the track sways side to side after a train goes through.
  4. Congratulations! Such a difference, and I'm sure you feel a lot better day to day! Keep it up! And have fun on the boundless coaster adventures that lie before you! Looking forward to your trip reports!
  5. This is pretty cool news! Even though it's small, it looks like a really fun layout... I think families are going to love this!
  6. Harold, I agree that you will certainly find people to hang with... I haven't been to much in the way of TPR trips, but I have attended a few coaster events, and people are always super-friendly! I highly doubt anyone would give you grief for choosing which coasters to enjoy. Everyone is there to have fun! An event like this I think would be perfect if you want to check either of these places out. It certainly sounds like TPR puts together really well-planned, fun events, which would make for a great weekend riding coasters!
  7. Ok! Tickets ordered! Woohoo! So far, just for KBF... Maybe closer to the date, we may add SFMM... But we're are very excited! Should be a great time!
  8. Haha! Very true! Starting on X2 might very well end our day early! But seriously, I definitely wouldn't want to start with that... Unless there's a.m. ERT... Then she's screwed!
  9. I'm excited! Planing to go and bring my non-enthusiast girlfriend! The only coaster she's been on in the past 8-10 years is the San Diego Giant Dipper earlier this year... We'll see how she handles the likes of X2 and Tatsu! Also, looking forward to meeting more fun TPR-type peoples! Should be a great time!
  10. That was a fun P-TR! I liked your perspective... Many people bash CP, and I, myself, am fairly jaded by some of the rides there... So it was really cool to read your fresh perspective! Looks like you had a blast!
  11. Agreed... I just took a quick glance, but I don't think TTD, or basically any coaster, is going to illustrate the principle on the webpage you linked to. That equation is relevant to collisions, which hopefully you don't have on coasters, at least not in normal operation. Now bumper cars would illustrate it quite nicely!
  12. You seem a little tentative about posting this trip report... Don't be! You're photos were great and your comments were even better! Nice job! And what a cool tour! I bet you had a blast! I would love to go on a tour like that!
  13. Yea! Thanks for posting these! That was right around when I started going to CP with my family when I was 6 years old.... These pics really bring me back to my favorite period at CP! Awesomeness! The Mill Race picture reminded me that it was the one ride I've ever evac'd from... We got stuck on the 2nd lift, and my mom & sisters were in front of us at the top of that lift... It's not super tall, but the catwalk was this narrow plank... Quite scary climbing out of the log, onto that little catwalk. The other flume was called Shoot The Rapids... It was really fun too! You must have been awestruck when you caught sight of Gemini being built! I remember my first trips down that first drop! We thought it was insane, and you dangle over the top a bit in the front... As a kid, I was always scared I'd just tumble out the front, so I'd brace my feet against the front of the train. Thanks again for posting the super-nice stroll down memory lane.
  14. Those jerks forgot a 'k'! btw- it would be "amazingly professional journalism."
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