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  1. I was wondering is anybody else caught that! Hopefully a park gets a hold of this so we can work for them! I would love to mix my two great passions, video and coasters.
  2. It landed on the grass between the fence and the pathway on the Millennium side of the ride. It was a typical everyday phone, nothing fancy! But it opened up and worked just fine! Another guest came up and took it back to the station. Thanks everybody! Happy to share!
  3. Hey guys! My girlfriend and I made a stop to Cedar Point for closing weekend October 29th and 30th. Halloweekends was super fun as always. We really had a blast! We were in the area in between shoots so we had all our gear with us to shoot some video! I hope you enjoy the unique twist that we pulled with this video. And you can also see someone lose their cell phone at 2:30 I didn't notice it while I was shooting but it turns out it landed just a few feet away from me. It still worked Enjoy!!! Cedar Point // Slooooooooow ^^^Video link, click to watch!
  4. The D90 is great! I'm definitely glad I made the switch to SLR a couple years back. It's really been a lot of fun to experiment with all the different options available. I'm actually looking to buy a Canon 7D and 5DMarkII this winter. My mother and I shoot wedding videos ( www.capturesinframes.com ) on the side and we're really interested in the video capabilities in the new SLRs. You're absolutely right about the skill set required by the photographer. An SLR is simply a fancy point and shoot until you go into manual mode and begin to understand what exposure, shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO really mean. I've seen photographers do stunning work with nothing more than a disposable camera. I don't mean to toot my horn at all here. People are always surprised when I tell them I shoot wedding videos with a cheap Sony consumer camcorder. Again though, as long as you understand what is going on inside the camera you can really make a photo/video shine in editing. Again though, thanks for the kind comments! I loved shooting Patriot, the colors are great. I can't get over how curvy those damn B&Ms are! They're like one big transition for the entire circuit.
  5. Patriot really is an awesome ride. It's definitely the smoothest invert I can recall. That zero-g is just perfect from any seat. LOVE it! WoF has really taken care of that ride. Nosferatu, thanks! I shoot with a Nikon D40 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses. Both are super cheap and slow I shoot in RAW and then edit to taste. Glad you enjoyed them!
  6. Thanks! I forgot to post one photo of this girls face, priceless!
  7. It's been over a year since I've gone to a park other than my home park so I was really anxious to get out for once. We left St. Louis around 5am and got to Worlds of Fun at 9am. Gas for $2.56 in Boonesville MO! Once the park opened we headed for Prowler. When we got there, however, the line attendant told us that maintenance had yet to run their safties. We headed for Mamba, same story. Being that it was opening weekend, I understand that it happens but it was still a little annoying. They ended up running one train on all coasters for the entire day. Mamba had one train on its transfer along with patriot and prowler. Timber Wolf only seemed to have one train period. Crowds were light so lines were 10-15 minute waits. I forgot how much it pains me to wait for 1-train cycles. Its amazing how much of a difference there is between a morning ride and an evening ride, both on Mamba and Prowler. I liked prowler best in the second row. I've heard the back is the best but it did more for me towards the front. The finish is awesome, maybe even better than Ozark Wildcats' bang bang ending. Anyways, on to the pictures. It was cloudy all day but I hope you still like them!
  8. Cool link of a recent tour of the abandoned SFNO site, check it out! MOD EDIT: As this is clearly trepassing and the creator of the website knows it based on the following quote, I have to delete the link and lock this thread. Urban explorers first have to find a way into this forsaken park and then they risk their necks out of curiosity. In one case, after sneaking in and then back out, some of the explorers were handcuffed by the waiting cops and the film was destroyed.
  9. I know Disney World has apartments for interns but I'm not sure if they're open to seasonal employees. They may be just for the interns.
  10. Ahh, never heard it called that until now. Thanks! That would make sense, we last visited in September. I wouldn't doubt that it takes a GREAT deal of time to set everything up. It must be fun to flip the switch! Hah, Griswold's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qc_RYm0ylA
  11. Mystery Mine was very fun at night. It was very neat dropping down the final drop and then roaring into the barrel roll at night. The trestle section was cool as well. The themeing has a very neat atmosphere at night as well. Kinda adds to the whole creepy effect. Thunderhead was the real treat though. Riding Thunderhead at night was a completely new experience. The section after the station fly-through where it heads over by the first drop is absolutely pitch black, very cool. It's such a well built and maintained ride, a real gem. I'm not sure how often the park is open after the sun goes down during the regular season but it was definitely a very memorable experience being there at night. Almost as neat as a night at Kennywood.
  12. Thanks guys! I believe this is the second year that the park has had a Christmas event. They really pulled it off well for being such a new event. Nothing as grand as Silver Dollar City or Dollywood. But the event definitely feels right at home at Beech Bend. I didn't really pay too much attention to what was open, but I didn't see any ride ops at Power Surge when I walked by it. I know that the rides that are opened varies each night so it may have just been a fluke that it wasn't open. All I can say for sure that was open was Rumbler, the kiddie drop tower near the petting zoo, the petting zoo, carousel, the little maze house near Tornado, and Tornado. Anyways, thanks for reading guys!
  13. So my girlfriend, Jenni, and I decided in early December that this year we wanted to try and go to some parks that offer Christmas events. We thought about Silver Dollar City, but it didn't seem like enough of a getaway being only 5 hours away from our home near St. Louis. Our next option was Dollywood, as we got into it for free for working at Six Flags. Then I got to thinking and realized Beech Bend was practically on the way! Our first weekend pick was the weekend before Christmas. We invited a few friends, but a couple days before we left, things fell through, money got tight, and everyone dropped out. Jenni and I then decided to shoot for the weekend after Christmas with or without friends. Friday the 26th rolls around and we hit the road. We left Highland IL at 10:30 and arrived at Pigeon Forge at 7:30 their time for a total of 8 hours driving. Pretty good considering Betty, our GPS, predicted it to be a 9 hour drive. It was hella foggy Saturday morning from the drastic temperature change over the past day. Dollywood didn't open until 10am so we had a couple hours to kill. We drove into Gatlinburg and took some scenic routes north of the village until we killed enough time to head to Dollywood. We pulled into the parking lot at 9:30. It was looking pretty dead so far. We headed to guest relations and grabbed our tickets, rolled through the turnstiles, and headed up to Thunderhead Gap. It was still hella foggy. When the chain dropped, we hit up Mystery Mine a couple times and then Thunderhead a couple times. Both are gem rides. Really nice set of coasters Dollywood has on their table. They're all very well maintained too! It seems that most parks have a couple good coasters and then a bunch of so-so ones. At Dollywood, their all top notch! Anyways, we worked our way around the park once getting in all of Jenni's credits. After a couple hours, we headed back into Pigeon Forge and booked our room at Smoky Shadows Motel. It was a cheap $45 room that didn't come with everything you would expect out of a $45 room. We napped for a couple hours, mind you we had been up since 1pm the day before, and then headed back to Dollywood for Smoky Mountain Christmas. The lights were absolutely AWESOME. I've never seen anything like it in my life. Everything was completely decked out, detailed, and just awesome. We walked around the park twice just looking at all the lights. We got our final rides on Mystery Mine and Thunderhead, grabbed a souvenir and left. We didn't realize it until we left, but the parking lot was filled to capacity. I'm not sure whether they were into the overflow yet, but the parking nearest the toll plaza was filled. All in all it was an awesome day, lots of fun! That night we grabbed the BEST hamburger ever at Hard Rock Cafe in Gatlinburg, walked around the shops a bit, and slammed into bed at 1am. The next morning we got up around 9am and checked out of our motel. We planned on getting to Beech Bend around 5pm. It was a 5 hour drive and we gained 1 hour driving so we had to leave the mountains by 1pm. I decided to kill that four hours by driving around the national park. We headed up 441 I think? across into North Carolina. It was hella foggy and the views were nonexistent. I still loved driving on those curvy roads. We turned around the drove back, hitting up route 73 on the way. After a ways I saw a sign for a trail head and decided to hit it up. It was a four mile round trip hike on paved trails to Laurel Falls. We walked up to the falls, took some pictures for about an hour, and walked back. Two hours killed, boom. The falls was really neat. I was glad we did something out of the ordinary like that. So 5 hours later, we arrive at Beech Bend. The way it works, I think, is that you pay $15 to drive through some lights, park on the raceway, and play in the park. It's all pay per ride too, no wristbands. ARG! Kind of a rip to me, but I guess they have to make money and it's worth it to me. So why am I complaining... The lights were neat, unique, and a good idea for the park to do. Not saying I would do them if I didn't have to, because I wouldn't. There were about 10 other cars on the track. The park was dead as all get out. We bought two packs of 50 tickets for 9 rides on Rumbler. We had all 9 rides to ourselves. It was really special, I'll never forget it! The crew was awesome, very welcoming and considerate. Rumbler has this odd trait to it for me. It seems that no matter how much I ride it, I can't remember it's exact layout. Thunderhead seems much more twisted and intense, yet I can remember it's layout to the bone. Not so much with Rumbler. Is it just me? So we spent 2 hours at Beech Bend. 1 hour riding Rumbler, a few minutes feeding goats, a few more sitting, a few more taking pictures, etc. We left around 8:30 and arrived back in Highland IL around 1:30. The trip was a BLAST. It was our first trip alone so it was extra special. We plan on making the Dollywood/Beech Bend trip a yearly deal! Ending cost, $100 per person. Totally worth it! More pictures of Dollywood and Beechbend from earlier trips can be seen here. www.coasterhobos.com/beechbend.html www.coasterhobos.com/dollywood.html It was an awesome trip. We'll definitely do it again. Thanks Dollywood and Beech Bend for a great weekend! More pictures of Dollywood and Beechbend from earlier trips can be seen here. www.coasterhobos.com/beechbend.html www.coasterhobos.com/dollywood.html Every ride was lit up, regardless of whether it was open. Didn't matter, all I wanted was my Rumbler. Such an awesome GCII. Really top notch. And they take really good care of it! Sigh... Our last ride of the season. I guess we'll do it all again in April! Me and Rumbler. Bye Bye Rumbler! That black one was mean. They started to eat her hair. Jenni getting attacked by goats. HAH! Little fire pits to sit around. This park has such a home-town feel. Really memorable. They had smores for the kids. Zoom zoom zoom. This ride is so disorienting. So I'm wondering what happened to the logo on the front? Last time we rode Rumbler it was 95 degrees. This time it was 35 degrees. Back row is the way to go. Good times, good times. Mmm, Rumbler.... Is that Greg (Eagle Rider)? EDIT: I later found out it is not. My bad... There we go! Cooler... Getting cooler... I paid $15 for this?! YAY! Beech Bend! I dunno why, but I really like this pic. The massive amount of water in the background is just so cool! Ahh, how cute. Jenni showing off......her booty. Postcard pic! Alright, how cool am I. It was actually hella scary. Me making a fool of myself, for a picture. Watch your step! Laurel Falls. I thought it was a joke. I was wrong. It's rough on the paved trails. Real rough. No plumbing or nothin. True mountaineers. And finally, a 50's place. Bye Bye Dollywood. I still have that song stuck in my head. The trestle. Get it? Tornado? All the lights are messed up, HAH! Even Jesus gets lit up. Not sure what this was, but it was a centerpiece, therefore, image. I'm going to try this next year. Smaller tree though... Barn. Same tree as before, but later that night. I never realized until later that they don't take the lights down. Proof http://www.coasterhobos.com/images/dollywood/atmosphere14.JPG Singers man. Without sounding gay, it really was magical. Beyond cool. Almost as important as the Myspace mirror pic, the neck fat and kiss pic. Dunce hat. Cool by day, even cooler by night. Creey... Smoky Mountain fog. Jenni's first ride on Thunderhead! Neck shot, check! Yay! We're finally here!
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