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  1. The name is awesome, I'll admit that. But I feel the ride doesn't look as enjoyable as the creators could have done. 305 feet used mainly for flat ride speed. Maybe it's just me, but I like many hills.
  2. Banjo-Tooie ftw. What a wacky ride that looked like. O_o
  3. It's going along great. I love the newly made wallpaint/posterboardings placed around the buildings for theming. And those arches are looking Fabulous.
  4. I'm drooling now.. And no, not over the dildo thought. Finally some footage action.
  5. Your not the only one with the thought. Lol. But great pictures. Good to see it still coming along.
  6. I see that Cedar Point is off to a good start. I cannot wait to join the team. Good report.
  7. Carnival rides build on scene. Truely awesome goodyness.
  8. They might as well move the 2d building picture sitting alone in that coaster flooded area. Kind of looks tacky. Although I am very excited to see that the 1st train has been set up at the station.
  9. Well. I'm only going to be at Cedar Point for 2 months, since I got myself a job there. Since I live out of State, I have a dorm in the park. So it's kind of like that new movie out in theatres.
  10. Oh god, that is really disturbing. And I think I heard the video talking about Assburgers or something along those lines. O_o
  11. Excellent photos. Cannot wait for the completion of the ride. It'll be like the sun and moon to me.
  12. Was that picture (second from the bottom) Medusa? The colors are very vibrant.
  13. The Disney Castle picture has to be one of my favorites ouf of your selection. They are unique.
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