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  1. The 29th is going to be an exciting day! So will the entire 2014 season, for that matter
  2. Last year I did 44 without getting off on Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure for Coasting For Kids. I got quite the headache from that
  3. That would make me so happy. However, I hope it would be accompanied with the world's tallest and fastest restroom
  4. It was nice meeting you Chad, and I'm looking quite spiffy in my American gear
  5. I emailed the file to you about a week and a half ago... did you receive it?
  6. Great report! It was great meeting you Saturday, and I hope to see you again sometime!
  7. Alrighty kids, another year, another thread packed full of my photos. What better way to start out the thread than with one of the most talked about parks of the year... SILVER DOLLAR CITY I've been wanting to check out this park for the longest time. I am a sucker for parks with such incredible scenery and terrain interaction. Once Outlaw Run was announced, I know for sure that this year was the year to do it. Let's take a closer look into the many attractions at the park. Wildfire My first B&M sit down coaster. I had heard very little about it before riding it, and was
  8. "Hey lady, check out my floaties!" That killed me Great TR! I look forward to seeing more!
  9. Also doing VF. I'm so excited to do this event again http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/griffineldred/Valleyfair2013
  10. Looks great Sam! I love how unique it is, compared to most B&M loopers!
  11. Look at the cute little Back Track SCR20.BMP Not an exact "precreation", but heavily inspired. Ignore the general ugliness of the surrounding area, I just threw this into an old, existing park from my saved games..... but nonetheless, Enjoy!
  12. Meeting my girlfriend on Batman at SFGAm is a pretty big highlight, I'd say
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