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  1. Just a one time deal! The train leaves the station and right out onto the drop. I'm standing where the track will eventually go! Totally cool that they did this, it really puts into perspective the magnitude of the ride. To answer the spinning question, when the cars spin too fast and magnet/fin combination will keep them in check. Sort of like how they slow a train now, but only they applied it to the rotation of the ride. Via the ride designer.
  2. Well you're gonna be super disappointed, it's merely going to contain the necessary power equipment for the ride.
  3. If you were planning a trip to the park in August, re-check the operating schedule as things have changed (reduced hours/days). Consider coming in October instead, more operating days added.
  4. And I think that's why they're initial plan places a good amount of focus on the water park and outlet mall while fixing rides that can be, adding some new rides including a new coaster, and removing those that can't salvaged like the boomerang(I believe that was on their hit list). The outlet mall will end up being the driving force to attract people to the area, and that IMO is a smart move. Outlet malls attract other businesses, lodging, etc. I would agree with you Larry that for the time being this won't be on the scale of Kentucky Kingdom, the comparison was indeed two closed parks
  5. ^Might be better posted here: themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18622&hilit=sfno&start=1130 But as someone who legit followed this over the last year, (sure I made a little fun of them, but also saw they were the most legit of the failed park proposals nationwide) from everything I've read from various sources, the land deal looks now to be nothing more than a formality. Once that's done the banks will be more willing to finalize the financing for the outdoor mall and park. Unlike the 1 billion dollar Alabama and Texas park joke, these guys have spent a shit load
  6. ^ Back to the future. There are details on it in the Dollywood thread, somewhere, but the gist of it is it recovers the energy expelled for lanuch, stores it, and reuses it.
  7. OWA in Foley, AL slated to open Phase 1 Memorial Day, 2017.
  8. ^Not even close to the amount freeze uses. The new technologies have them using minimal electric in comparison. Maybe not as little as say Lightning Rod given its energy recovery system, but it's not going to cost them an arm and leg either.
  9. Agreed, but tons of major news networks reported on it, so I don't blame anyone for sharing it. It sounds like there's understandably a lot of confusion in Gatlinburg right now. They only reported it because TEMA got it wrong assuming it was destroyed.
  10. ^Not to mention they will take a partial hit on the 2017 capital budget for Mean Streak and Hurler. To further your point, even though some of what CF is installing next year is used, the complete rehab and shipping costs for those rides are not cheap and I would certainly consider all of them major attractions for their respective parks. Look at SFOT with Riddler. When is the last time you saw a flat consistently have 60-90 minute lines?(especially ones that come damn close to theoretical throughput which Riddler does) The last I remember any flat having that kind of line would have
  11. Normal lines for Titan/Giant. Mr. Freeze always has one of the shortest lines in the park during HITP. (because it's closed)
  12. VR is done for the year. The signage has been changed back to Shock Wave and the equipment has been removed from the train freeing up that row. Details on any VR options for next year will be released by the park at a time of their choosing.
  13. The only thing holding up the sale of the property at the moment is 1. Environment Study that is being conducted but wasn't ready in time for the last board meeting, and 2. an engineering survey to fix some drainage issues (which will probably turn out to be nothing more than debris plugging up the existing infrastructure) Once completed, the board will either choose to sell to the theme park/entertainment district developer or sold to retail/mixed use developer (why on earth anyone would want to build housing there is beyond me)
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