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  1. Just a one time deal! The train leaves the station and right out onto the drop. I'm standing where the track will eventually go! Totally cool that they did this, it really puts into perspective the magnitude of the ride. To answer the spinning question, when the cars spin too fast and magnet/fin combination will keep them in check. Sort of like how they slow a train now, but only they applied it to the rotation of the ride. Via the ride designer.
  2. Well you're gonna be super disappointed, it's merely going to contain the necessary power equipment for the ride.
  3. If you were planning a trip to the park in August, re-check the operating schedule as things have changed (reduced hours/days). Consider coming in October instead, more operating days added.
  4. And I think that's why they're initial plan places a good amount of focus on the water park and outlet mall while fixing rides that can be, adding some new rides including a new coaster, and removing those that can't salvaged like the boomerang(I believe that was on their hit list). The outlet mall will end up being the driving force to attract people to the area, and that IMO is a smart move. Outlet malls attract other businesses, lodging, etc. I would agree with you Larry that for the time being this won't be on the scale of Kentucky Kingdom, the comparison was indeed two closed parks that people fought for years to gain control of. Only time will tell how big the park grows. They've publicly said they're mixing things up a bit and hope to have the new concept art out soon. The proposal they have on the website is a bit outdated compared to the final proposal but most of it is intact. At this point it's all about getting the ball rolling, getting it open, and installing a new signature attraction.
  5. ^Might be better posted here: themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18622&hilit=sfno&start=1130 But as someone who legit followed this over the last year, (sure I made a little fun of them, but also saw they were the most legit of the failed park proposals nationwide) from everything I've read from various sources, the land deal looks now to be nothing more than a formality. Once that's done the banks will be more willing to finalize the financing for the outdoor mall and park. Unlike the 1 billion dollar Alabama and Texas park joke, these guys have spent a shit load of their own money to this point. A lot of people didn't think Ed Hart would ever make a deal with the fairboard, and after years did and now look at it.
  6. ^ Back to the future. There are details on it in the Dollywood thread, somewhere, but the gist of it is it recovers the energy expelled for lanuch, stores it, and reuses it.
  7. OWA in Foley, AL slated to open Phase 1 Memorial Day, 2017.
  8. ^Not even close to the amount freeze uses. The new technologies have them using minimal electric in comparison. Maybe not as little as say Lightning Rod given its energy recovery system, but it's not going to cost them an arm and leg either.
  9. Agreed, but tons of major news networks reported on it, so I don't blame anyone for sharing it. It sounds like there's understandably a lot of confusion in Gatlinburg right now. They only reported it because TEMA got it wrong assuming it was destroyed.
  10. ^Not to mention they will take a partial hit on the 2017 capital budget for Mean Streak and Hurler. To further your point, even though some of what CF is installing next year is used, the complete rehab and shipping costs for those rides are not cheap and I would certainly consider all of them major attractions for their respective parks. Look at SFOT with Riddler. When is the last time you saw a flat consistently have 60-90 minute lines?(especially ones that come damn close to theoretical throughput which Riddler does) The last I remember any flat having that kind of line would have been the S&S Towers when new, and maybe the first month of operation a few of the S&S Screamin' Swings. So while flats might not look like much on the surface, when the rights ones are placed, they become a major attraction.
  11. Normal lines for Titan/Giant. Mr. Freeze always has one of the shortest lines in the park during HITP. (because it's closed)
  12. VR is done for the year. The signage has been changed back to Shock Wave and the equipment has been removed from the train freeing up that row. Details on any VR options for next year will be released by the park at a time of their choosing.
  13. The only thing holding up the sale of the property at the moment is 1. Environment Study that is being conducted but wasn't ready in time for the last board meeting, and 2. an engineering survey to fix some drainage issues (which will probably turn out to be nothing more than debris plugging up the existing infrastructure) Once completed, the board will either choose to sell to the theme park/entertainment district developer or sold to retail/mixed use developer (why on earth anyone would want to build housing there is beyond me)
  14. I have the urge to beat my head against the table every time I see a comment like "this shows he has too much time on his hands" or "shouldn't he be spending more time with his family", and the best "why does he even care? " when you respond to their gross misinformation(made up bullshit). Huh, Kettle meet Black, Black meet Kettle.
  15. For people who no longer have a vested interest in TPR, it amazes me that they continue to follow along. It only means that deep down inside they still want to be apart of the group. And because they are no longer welcome, have resorted to temper tantrums resembling of a 3 year old. Sad and pathetic.
  16. 1. Riddler Revenge (yes it's flat, but it also draw longer waits than any of the coasters) 2. Near capacity. 3. Nothing scheduled. 4. Buy a flash pass, gold edition.
  17. Silver Dollar City is also introducing a new Santa Cruise New Santa's Pancakes & PJs Cruises Join Showboat Branson Belle's Christmas Season Cruise Lineup Special Cruises Offered Saturdays & Sundays Dec. 3-18 (Branson, Mo. 10/2016) The Showboat Branson Belle presents a new Christmas adventure for kids with Santa's Pancakes & PJs cruises, featured on Saturday and Sunday mornings December 3-18. The new breakfast cruises, with Santa and helpers, Rudolph, the North Pole Toy Soldier and Sugar Plum Fairies, join the Christmas Celebrate! show presenting holiday music, and Carols on the Belle cruises, featuring top Southern Gospel artists, as the ship cruises Table Rock Lake. Santa's Pancakes & PJs cruises , with kids invited to wear their holiday PJs, begin with a treasure-map-themed romp throughout the huge paddle-wheeler's four decks, as kids search for Sugar Plum Fairy Sweet Stops, take a photo with Rudolph, visit the ship's captain, visit face-painting stations and write letters to Santa. As the ship sets sail, all gather in the dining theater for breakfast - pancakes and more - as a cast of holiday characters presents story time and sing-alongs. Celebrate! Christmas cruises begin November 1, featuring talented singers/dancers The ShowMen and Cassandré Faimon-Haygood performing Christmas favorites, the four-man dance troupe Rhythm presenting lightning-fast contemporary dance, and comedian emcee Christopher James - all accompanied by the live band, The Rockin' Dockers. Noon and Sunday cruises through November 20 feature Janice Martin, the world's only aerial violinist, presenting an original performance of The Nutcracker Suite, plus vocalist Jason Yeager, comedian Phil Hughes, and emcee and magician Aaron Radatz. The Showboat departs from White River Landing decorated with Christmas lights, and guests can view holiday lights along the shore during the cruise. Special Sunday Carols on the Belle cruises feature performances from award-winning Southern Gospel artists including Mark Trammell Quartet with The Whisnants, Brian Free & Assurance, The Hoppers and The Bowling Family, plus traditional Christmas music sing-alongs. Carols on the Belle cruises are at 4 p.m. November 27 and December 4, 11 & 18. Each afternoon and evening cruise features a three-course meal from the Showboat's Chef Larry, including slow-simmered Beef Pot Roast and Honey-Dijon Glazed Chicken, with the chef's own Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream Pie, made at the Silver Dollar City bakery. Specialty dining options feature menu selections including Rib Eye Steak, Chicken Beurre Blanc and Pecan-Encrusted Trout. Christmas cruises run November 1 through December 31, with a special New Year's Eve cruise at 8 p.m. on December 31. For cruise times, details and ticket information: http://www.showboatbransonbelle.com or 800-775-BOAT(2628).
  18. Silver Dollar City has sent us a Press Release about their upcoming Christmas event. (Branson, Mo. 10/2016) Silver Dollar City presents one of the nation's most acclaimed holiday and lighting festivals, An Old Time Christmas, featuring a spectacular Light Parade, a 5-story Christmas tree with a light and sound show, two Broadway-style musical productions, holiday foods and five million lights. The festival runs November 5 - December 30 at the Branson, Missouri theme park. One of the festival's most popular features is Rudolph's Holly Jolly™ Christmas Light Parade, led by the most famous reindeer of all. As Grand Marshal, Rudolph leads the evening parade of nine musical, lighted floats, illuminated with 200,000 ultra-bright LED lights. The floats are accompanied by 33 colorful costumed characters, including Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster, 14-foot moose characters, 12-foot tall elves and 10-foot candy canes, plus penguins, elves and a troupe of marching wooden soldiers. The parade follows the lighting of the 5-Story Special Effects Christmas Tree on the Square, a towering icon with over 350,000 colorful LED lights that is the centerpiece of the Christmas on Main Street light and sound shows beginning at dusk each evening. The tree blazes to the movements of Christmas songs -- up to 100 light changes per second -- while lights around the Square flash along, accompanied by surround-sound. The festival also features two popular musical productions, It's a Wonderful Life and A Dickens' Christmas Carol. It's a Wonderful Life presents a musical interpretation of the classic film and features unique special effects and a talented cast of 14 singers/actors. A Dickens' Christmas Carol, also an original musical adaptation of a famous classic story, includes elaborate sets, flying spirits, pyrotechnic special effects and a cast of 15, accompanied by a live band. New this year, the show Tinker Junior's Toy Shop stars a 12-foot tall talking Christmas tree that talks, sings and interacts with kids, accompanied by huge toy characters. Since its debut more than two decades ago, Silver Dollar City's An Old Time Christmas has become one of the country's most recognized events for spectacular lighting and entertainment, and has been profiled as one of the top holiday celebrations by USA Today, CNN Travel, The Travel Channel and Good Morning America. Fine craftsmanship is also showcased, as the park's 100 demonstrating craftsmen create one-of-a-kind handmade holiday items. The tastes of the season are in abundance throughout the park, including a prime rib buffet and traditional favorites. During An Old Time Christmas, Silver Dollar City is open Thursdays through Sundays November 5 - 27, plus Wednesday, November 23; open Wednesdays - Sundays in December, closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and open daily December 26-30. Hours are 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. most days, with extended hours on Saturdays and Thanksgiving weekend - check the website for exact schedules.
  19. not sure if you're trying to be funny or just a smart ass so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. The forum system doesn't allow for a full on date quote w/photo attachment. Considering some assholes on the internet want proof of what was said, easiest way to do is screenshot. If one is blind, they make software and corrective products for that.
  20. Sorry you had a bum ride, it's been down awaiting repairs and just re-opened so I would imagine they are still working on a few things.
  21. TPR was invited out earlier this week to check out the new Virtual Reality game, 'Rage of the Gargoyles' Game you say? Yes, I said game. Why did I say game you ask? Well simple, because it's now a game! That's right folks, no more riding around wishing you could fire at stuff, now you can! You still have your flying machine, that hasn't changed. You start out going up the lift and see the doors open up with Gargoyles flying around. You move your head around to line up the sights and then fire away at the Gargoyles. Then once of the lift you put away your gun and out come the missiles. Now at this point it's all hands free. Hands free?!?! Yup, just look and concentrate on the Gargoyle, once you have a lock the missiles fire away and make lunch meat out of them. You'll have plenty of opportunities throughout the ride to find and destroy the Gargoyles. The more you obliterate the more points you earn. The train hits the brakes but the game isn't over yet. Now you switch back to your guns and fire away at the Gargoyles on the screen. If you've been successful at blowing up the Gargoyles you win! If your shooting skills totally suck ass well you get a different ending. That's right folks, there are two endings! So by this time you're about back to the station when your score will appear on the headset. I'm not sure if it was luck or the fact the Sam (corporate design guy responsible for this concept and much of what you see in the parks) was too busy riding hands up, but I whipped up on him by about 9k points. Bragging rights. OK, I'm sure you are asking, so I'm going to tell. I was able to talk with Sam at length about the VR concept and how it's evolved within Six Flags. The video quality of this iteration is smoother, sharper, cleaner, and much higher resolution. This was all made possible by some changes within the technology and how the videos are delivered to the phones. There were also some changes made to the positioning system which further aided in the smoothness. All of these changes allowed them to introduce a true virtual reality gaming experience on a quality level that gamers will respect. Rage of the Gargoyles is now playing through the end of Fright Fest. This will be your last opportunity this season to experience the VR Coaster technology so get off your butts, put on a happy face and get out and take it for a few spins. With multiple endings and so much going on you'll definitely want to grab several rides. Thanks to Sharon for having us out, Zac for tirelessly working to keep the lines moving, as well as Mat and Sam for putting up with me! Here we go. The big boy ride sign was being worked on so this is what you get. Fun fact, Six Flags has patented the new goggle strap system. It works much like a hard hat with a knob in the back to tighten. They go on a lot quicker and are much more durable. All of this helps to increase dispatch times dramatically. They've installed signage throughout the queue explaining how to use them. Much less complicated than the original method. The monsters snuck in for a ride with us! After you pop out from the underground the Gargoyles appear and you start firing at them until they explode Keep firing as you are racking up points, you don't see it on screen, but you are in the background How about a nice little french kiss? Might be the most action many of you have seen in a while.... Just before the drop you ditch your guns The missiles become hot and now you look in the direction of the big ugly creatures until it locks and auto fires. This allows you to hold on or hold your hands up, which ever you prefer. Whew, now we've hit the brakes and switched back to guns for the final battle. Two scenes play out, one if you win (defeat the gargoyles) and one if you lose (the gargoyles have eaten you for lunch) Your score is then displayed and since your friends will really never see it, you can lie about it and tell them how you caught the big one. This version has seen a ton of improvement and has a lot of similarities to a gaming console. The graphics are better, video is smoother, and fun level has been raised. Highly recommend everyone ride it a couple of times, I mean you'll have to at least twice to experience the different endings!
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