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  1. Spent the morning riding the new VR concept, Rage of the Gargoyles. Details and video later tonight, but yeah, you'll want to ride this version.
  2. ^No offense here, I too hate that shithole especially since their automated parking meter malfunctioned and caused me a $40 ticket. Hate that place.
  3. Considering the amount of money they have poured into it the last two seasons, yup. Much like the giant orange tower, JRS has become an iconic piece of the park. Of course so were the parachutes, but all things considered, removing those was a win.
  4. It's still not as awful as Apocolypse, I have no need to ride that again until something major is done. There are still some spots on JRS that need some TLC, no doubt, but it's by far not the worst woodie out there.
  5. ^And in the event said ride and others like it don't receive Proper Train Care, parks will most certainly be Redoing More Coasters.
  6. ^That was pretty damn funny, or shitty, depending on how you look at things. I'm going with funny. Those guys were all, go complain to guest relations, we will note your disappointment in no more waves.
  7. This model is fucking amazing, too bad the one at SFOT always has 500 people waiting in line for it or I'd be on it more often. First one in Canada, eh?
  8. Uh oh, are you the first one butt hurt? Not sure how spending over $100 million in capital on rides and attractions is not a big year but whatever dude. They got a star flyer, embrace it.
  9. But guys you're forgetting about Wonder Woman Wheels, Gotham City Bumpers, or even Bat Bumps
  10. I'm in disbelief at how much some people's panties are twisted, geewilickers. Kings Island admitted to holding out a little on what else they have up their sleeve giving everyone the major Prowlerish announcement first and a second one to come later. Makes me ponder. In any event any improvement is an improvement and is always welcome. And while most enthusiasts and some season pass holders don't always get the why to an improvement, there is always a bigger picture in play, and once that picture is put on display in the gallery, it becomes clear.
  11. Whoa, I think the real story is that you can make it to SFFT from Dallas in under 4 hours?!? Please tell me your secret route as I seem to always get bent over with a 5+ hour drive
  12. https://www.facebook.com/JazzlandPark "Appraisal is in .... drumroll please ... $3.26 million for all of it. That means our offer is roughly in the same ballpark and we’re close enough to negotiate. We will be reviewing the appraisal to compare with our offer. The IDB will be doing a title search, getting a survey done, as well as a phase 1 environmental study. Those are all necessary steps in the process. No final decision, but inching forward."
  13. Could not have asked for a better group to take my Knoebles virginity with. Hands down the most awesome fun I've had at an amusement park in well over a year.
  14. If you believe the SDC2018 rumors then, signs point to no The rumors that you generally create?
  15. Yeah, you missed being funny and/or effective use of sarcasm. Don't quit your day job. The outrage is not present because this ride opened on time and has been reliable thus far 1. It was sarcasm, something that you don't know anything about. 2. You have certainly proven to have the all knowing, never wrong, being a dick that no one can stand thing down pat.
  16. Where is the outrage? They will certainly have bad PR, this is not new technology, they are certain to lose money, I've canceled my trip, what an atrocity to prevent us from riding. Did I miss anything?
  17. The blackout maze is really nothing more than a rehash of the old one that took over a couple of the games pagodas but disappeared that last few seasons. I've not much cared for the blackout style mazes, I find them boring.
  18. ^Wasn't being rude, just calling it like I see it. I'm not seeing where people were suggesting here that it was a trick shot. I see posted: 1. Moving White Water 2. New B&M 3. Summer Fireworks 4. Spinning Ball as a Clue (suggesting it was for a new attraction of some sort) The original teaser video has 151 views as of now on the SDC youtube channel and very little interaction on their Facebook page, so I wouldn't say it created much hype on social channels anyway.
  19. I'm kinda shocked you guys didn't see this coming, but I guess the new ride blinders are on and anything they do or say MUST be about a new ride eh? Anyway, I wonder how many tries it took?
  20. You thought Blackfish was bad, now it looks like the dogooders are taking aim at the Beluga Whales. www.indiewire.com/2016/06/born-to-be-free-documentary-beluga-whales-blackfish-seaworld-1201689393/
  21. Oh no no. According to this thread there are NO PR nightmares and saying anything negative is insulting and whining. This park and RMC has gotten the biggest "get out of jail free" card on this NOT DEBACLE.
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