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  1. Yesterday Theme Park Review was invited to Media Day for the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk adding three new thrills, new games, new Jelly Belly, and new boards. Overall the area looks fantastic, the upgrades were just what the doctor ordered to round out the offerings at the park and bring everything together. Sporting the only Zamperla Mega Disk-O in state of Texas known as Hurricane Force 5 you'll enjoy great views of the boardwalk while feeling the wind in your hair (ok, I don't have hair, I call it an aerodynamic design, less wind resistance) Anywho, RIP Frisbee. Made in Texas you'll find the classic Tilt-A-Whirl known as Spinsanity and it's next door neighbor the Larson Loop known as Fireball. Fireball is actually a lot of fun, has some crazy hangtime, and fits perfectly on the boardwalk with its cousins. Outside of a Himalaya (fine, you know I have a weakness for Reverchon's) I can't think of many rides that could complement the Boardwalk any better. New LED lighting and sound system will keep the party going after dark. Of course you can't forget about Scooby, he's gotten an upgrade with a moving platform bringing the parks offering of moving platform rides to 4(who can name the other 3?) El Presidente Neal tells me their big focus is to munch people through the lines as quickly as possible and the moving platform on Scooby has done just that. For anyone who has been to the park you've probably experienced how fast they can move a line, afterall, more rides, more fun right? And like I told Neal, and I don't take this lightly, I really feel with all of the improvements to an already great park, the friendliness, cleanliness, and overall operations, they are the premier park in the chain. So get out and checkout the new spin and spews on the boardwalk, just eat a funnel cake first There's something about walking a red carpet that makes you feel like a million bucks, even if you only have 2 bucks. Snazzy. I can see this area becoming a very popular group venue. Fire Line, Do Not Cross. "Hey, Fire peeps, look at me, I have fire! Look at me!!" The ceremonial first riders were from San Antonio Fire-Rescue and on hand was a fire lady to demonstrate why playing with fire is fun and awesome. Maybe that's the fire they were looking at? Nah, they were all strapped in and ready to ride! Fireball and the new Fiesta Bay Boardwalk is officially open! Hang 10 fellas After ride time it was food time. And yeah, these are mini wieners, and yeah, the ones with carrot and cucumber and sriracha sauce, amazing. Om nom nom nom The new Jelly Belly store has a Freestyle Machine in it! They even have dog food flavor Jelly Bellys! After food time it was ride time. Oh yeah, frito pies, corn dogs, ice cream bars, mini hot dogs, it was all good going down. And sometimes what goes down must come up. Thankfully no reversal of fortunes here. Just a good classic, yet modern, Tilt called Spinsanity Looks great! Hi Larry! Hurricane Force 5 is the only Mega Disk-0 in the Region! Great Views! A storm must be brewing Throw your legs in the air like you just don't care and be prepared to be blown away. I know, it's the best I could come up with. The main attraction would be the Fireball So huge that it has it's own snack shack! Sleek Logo Yo, Larry. Hot Rod style ride vehicles compliment the theme of the are well, a perfect fit! But here's a surprise! This snack stand will have a separate window just for drink refills! No more waiting in line behind people wanting $50 worth of cotton candy! I love this park! More views from the boardwalk You can even grab a seaside chair and watch people lose their belongings while hanging 10 on Fireball. Certainly an area that people will be drawn and want to stay in, kudos to Neal, Jeffery and the entire team! Thanks for having us out and don't forget in June the Superman Virtual Reality Coaster will come to life! And there you have it, comment away, but most importantly, follow the wiener, just not too close, you don't want to have an accident.
  2. We only trust Dippin' Dots workers here #sourceisntdippindots #eatingdippindotsdoesntcount #itllneveropen
  3. How can you be aggressive if you don't know what to be aggressive about? That's kinda the point of the study, to see what kind of life there is to breathe into the parks. CGA was mentioned that an entertainment district is being considered outside the park in part to take advantage of Levi stadium but also to harness the population density especially with lunchtime crowds. Another item they are floating is adding ballfields, hotels, and what not to land they own around various parks. Something that WOF would be perfect for. Soccer and baseball tournaments onsite would be great for boosting attendance which in turn boosts revenue that in theory would be used for more new attractions. Playing baseball out by Patriot or behind Prowler...winning.
  4. At least you'll be able to join the ferris wheel of love club.
  5. Especially since Garbles and I paid admission the day it opened to get you this awesome footage.
  6. From the 1st Qtr Conf Call: At least the VF fanclub will have something to talk about Paraphrase courtesy of NPN
  7. Here in Texas rides only have to be inspected once per year for an insurance certificate that is in turn sent to the state. The states itself doesn't inspect rides. By contrast in Oklahoma any carnival ride must be inspected before it enters service regardless of if it moved from across the street or another state. It would still be pre-mature to speculate, but something tells me the likelihood of rider error is high with this one.
  8. Pretty good prediction from April 18. Pete told a group today touring the site that they are 'still testing' and would open 'soon' and told them no official date. I would imagine a media event would most def be held prior to to get the word out that the ride is open.
  9. Not a bad idea, they'll adjust their forecast hourly to make it look good.
  10. The 'weathermen' here suck, like more than a seasoned pornstar, so if you are in town I would take the chance. As long as no lightning and a monsoon doesn't arrive they'll have many things open. Worst case they shut down for a few. It's a school trip day so they'll make every effort to be open.
  11. I'm a little shocked that two of you have admitted to watching the whole thing!
  12. I'll just leave this here for you to watch... [youtu_be]https://youtu.be/G45A1eMiiHA[/youtu_be]
  13. I agree about 76 and am looking forward to seeing it finished, it's definitely the shot in the arm that Branson has needed for a while to attract a different crowd. Those that more or less put it on the map are slowly fading.
  14. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the same advertising company that does Six Flags promo videos put this one together, same music, similar storyline, etc. Still a great video that shows everything coming to Branson this year and into the future. Here is all the blah blah blah, but lets be honest, the video is cooler.
  15. And they actually recognized that in a facebook posting this week
  16. Looks like this project might have a leg afterall, of course a very short leg. Following a development board meeting this week it looks like the final step before a decision on the property to sell to either developer wishing to reopen the park and add retails and whatnot is to have an appraisal to ensure the price offered is reasonable. Of course the third option is to bulldoze everything and let the land rot but that does nobody any good. This could possibly be more a reality than a dreamvision. See what I did there? www.nola.com/business/index.ssf/2016/04/six_flags_new_orleans_east_3.html
  17. 2 weeks to fully test and the training of employees, I wouldn't count on it. Besides, who reads USA Today anymore?
  18. I would not be entirely shocked if we saw some sort of Dark Knight type theme going on here.
  19. LOL, next we will see the FBI, SEC, and SS on some sort of joint operation arresting a few of these people.
  20. Yay, only 250 medals to go! Learned early on the pain of visiting towns was not worth it, even slow playing it. With the days of leveling up over Ive grown to like these short mini games. Still don't care for the 4-5 weeks ones.
  21. Good Ol' bring a friend free days is code for stay home. In the next few months construction will really start to ramp up on I30/Hwy 360 so misery should be expected for getting into and out of that portion of Arlington. Ugh. Thanks TXDOT for being like Oklahoma and having every $#$@#$%@!#$%! highway in the metroplex effed.
  22. So now the KD, WoF, SDC, VF, MA, KI, CW, KBF, CGA, and Geauga Lake fanboys/girls will cry.
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