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  1. $499(Regular $799) for an all season Gold Flash Pass, seems legit if you visit more than 6 times a year and use the hell out of it. Taking a Q from Disney?
  2. Looks big from that angle but from the north looking south it looks tiny compared to sky skreamer
  3. ^They built most of the park They have tested topper track at Silverwood and collaborated on numerous projects with them including the ones who disassembled, transported, and put the GIB together (and it works waaay better than it ever did at a previous operator!) So *if* anything is currently going on between them, I wouldn't at all be surprised. www.rockymtnconstruction.com/portfolio.php
  4. Last I checked double rides were no longer a thing, but you can re-queue the ride immediately after your not is scanned so on a play pass your max wait is likely the time is takes to grab a ride. Judge Roy is not on FP, nor is Shock Wave. The bring a friend free is the real culprit next weekend, it's usually light on but an hour after opening look out. Yhe weather also looks to be perfect for next weekend, assuming that holds it'll be packed.
  5. ^People chastise me for not thinking Boulder Dash is the end all be all OMFG MOST AMAZING COASTER EVER. I think it's a fine ride, but it's certainly not one I could sit on for hours on end and no where near better than sex as some may suggest. A coaster than can keep my interest, is re-rideable, and comes with cheers, laughter, and fear from those riding will hit my favorites list long before anything with massive air, -7g's, 160mph aquatrax anyday. I share Bill's thoughts on the 'GP' Label, someone who has never been to another park before in their life, but visits faithfully their local park 20+ times a year might be labeled 'GP' by the hardcore coaster club card toting enthusiasts, but they are far from 'GP' and likely know waaaaay more about that park than one who holds 12 season passes, drops in for 6 hours, and then becomes an 'expert' on the park. But I suppose theme park geeks are no different than NFL/NBA/(insert pro sport) geeks who know everything about a team, the stadium, the VIP offerings etc and then make fun of the casual fan.
  6. They were at a strip club in Houston, so a less klasy club, where his fiance worked. Here is an updated article that ran locally www.cbsnews.com/news/mistie-bozant-fiancee-of-man-murdered-after-ferris-wheel-scandal-speaks-out/
  7. It has since come out that he was bragging to the two men that shot and killed him about all the money he made off an interview on 'Inside Edition' (I believe) related to the Vegas tryst. Once they found out he had some coin they thought it'd be a bright idea to rob him.
  8. ^Well that's cool, did not know that existed, thanks for sharing.
  9. ^Here is the press release if you're interested https://www.sixflags.com/overtexas/attractions/new-2016/news-release
  10. My new goal is to get 'flat spots' keyworded to 'square wheels'
  11. Wow, to whoever made the two $1000 donations today, you rock.
  12. Doesn't LR use poly wheels? Could be they don't want the trains sitting on the wheels since you cant leave poly wheels sitting still or they develop flat spots. But if that was the case they'd just move them to storage like B&M does so the trains don't rest on the wheels. Just a guess though, obviously anything we say is just speculation. The trains are going to be sitting on their wheels every night for the next however many decades. They are not worried about "flat spots." Actually Poly wheels do develop flat spots when sitting stationary for extended periods of time. Sort of like a car that sits in the garage for extended periods of time and not on jack stands, the tires lose their round edges and makes for an unpleasant ride. No one wants a rough ride. The harder wheel compounds don't react in this way so rides like Mindbender can sit on the rails for decades with no worries. But rides like Goliath at SFGAm, or any B&M, use a softer compound to give you a comfortable ride and will develop flat spots. For this reason the manufacturer has set a time range that a train can sit stationary before it should be cycled or transferred off. That particular row of seats is designed to accommodate passengers with different body types. It is not as simple as lengthening all seatbelts. Fixed. Weight and body size are two different things. A busty female weighing 140lbs may not fit into a regular seat comfortably thus needing a larger seat whereas a 200lb male might fit fine in a regular seat.
  13. Damn Jeff, you got too much time on your hands! I'm still buying up trees and lights and stuff and hopefully will finish out my trashy atlantic city boardwalk in a week or two complete with monorail to nowhere stop. No where because I'm still 12 pieces short of a complete loop :/
  14. The reality is, the park nor RMC owes any explanations as to what is or isn't going on. In other words, not our problem!
  15. Texas Giants transfer is in front of the station as are several other coasters like Mean Streak, Blue Streak, Shock Wave, Judge Roy Scream, The Beast, and so on. While it's more commonplace to have the table in the back, it's not unusual for it to be in front. It's all space dependent and what works best for the layout. Most drive motors have forward and reverse capabilities, so they can either back into the station or release it to the lift, layout dependant of course. (Kinda hard to push a train backwards into The Beast's station)
  16. Although everyday comes with its own set of challenges, I'm glad to hear that Jack is improving each day. Many tall observation wheels await him.
  17. LOL!!!!! You're gonna need more than luck!! #bringafriendfree #packed #imsorry
  18. Since everyone seems to have forgotten this. I haven't read anything anywhere stating that the media day has been cancelled. And since you forgot about this posted a few days later...things change. I believe this has been turned into a Dolly opens the park event. With her tour schedule there are very few days she will be able to make an appearance this year.
  19. I'm with Adam on this one. This is virtual sc-fi and has not been marketed as anything other than such. Most people won't give two thoughts about which direction a plane takes off or lands, it's meant to be fun. Thus far the overwhelming majority of the public, even many of those who were on the fence, have really enjoyed it. It's ok to be a traditionalist, there is nothing wrong with that. I'm glad that you are at least giving it a shot, it's better to have tried something than to have not and have no basis for an opinion. The park gives everyone the option to ride without, those under 13 have no option, it's an automatic without for safety reasons. Each version of the New Revolution will be somewhat different but the base of the storyline will be the same. The Superman version should be really cool.
  20. People can get happy with the same keyboard they got pissy with. While the end goal is to always have a ride open on time, under budget, and fully ready, it doesn't always work that way. Several times in the last 5 years rides have been delayed for various reasons, it happens. I'd rather be confident the product will munch through people than confident in something done half ass that won't deliver. Dollywood will make an official announcement as to when they expect the Lightning Rod to open. Until that announcement occurs, take all of the dates you have seen or heard from a person who knows a person who washed Pete's cat's best friends Vets dog with a grain of salt. The fact is they have not set an official date as to when the ride will open and won't do so until they and Fred Grubb are confident the ride is ready to be commissioned.
  21. When it comes to ride height I believe the considering factors are G Forces and restraint system. With GCI we can pretty much exclude G Forces. And their restraint system isn't terrible but I can see how a little guy *might* could slip out or at the least get banged around, the lap bars are quite heavy after all, not to mention tall. So a 42" kid's head might rest on top of the lap bar, which wouldn't be cool when getting banged around (that is unless there was a pesky tooth that refused to come out on its own and then it would be useful). I'm with Robb, if GCI wanted to make a system where 42" and above could ride, they could. And in turn would be able to market to wider audience, might even spark a few more builds in the US.
  22. Did BGT ever do anything with the last of the Gwazi trains? Seems logical they'd come here if they didn't.
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