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  1. To emulate the boardwalk effect? No. It's a flood zone and has to be elevated, that's how the boardwalk come into play.
  2. So this is how I read this. Your friend talked you into something, backed out, so you are already in a bad mood. You didn't research the event times before buying the shirt/ticket, Dallas traffic was well, typical, and caused a delay getting to the park resulting in less than 30 minutes before close and somehow you're upset with the park? I can see being upset if you paid for an event and got there and they said sorry, event's not happening. But in this case they didn't do anything to wrong you. Think of it like this, you have a cool shirt.
  3. ^ You could hear her screaming from the ground. Before she got on she was saying she'd stop it if it was too much for her and we were all yeah, good luck with that! Does the sign shop charge by the letter? The Riddler Revenge? Catwoman Whip? Harley Quinn Spin Sanity? It's a Warner Brother's thing, they don't want their characters being possessive. Strange. In that case just add a colon and be done with it. Isn't Riddler at Magic Mountain possessive? That may have been approved before WB started the no 's stuff, but honestly I have no answer for that one. I can only tell what I've been told by Corp and Park Execs. Everything the parks do with the WB brand has to approved. Its interesting to hear how the whole process works and often takes a good amount of time. Next time I run into the creative team I'll see if about detailing that out.
  4. Guess not such a good idea to go with a launched coaster, this is why there are not many launch coasters released So what do you call not many? Holiday World, BGW, Lake Compounce just name a few have recently also put in launched coasters.
  5. Does the sign shop charge by the letter? The Riddler Revenge? Catwoman Whip? Harley Quinn Spin Sanity? It's a Warner Brother's thing, they don't want their characters being possessive.
  6. So, how's the cinnamon bread today? #pricehorsebeenbeatdead
  7. Yesterday TPR was invited out to Six Flags Over Texas for Gotham City Media Day!! And WOW is all I can say. I have been beyond excited to have a Giant Discovery (Riddler Revenge) and a first of its kind 48 seat Endeavour(Catwoman Whip) in my backyard! These two rides are flat out amazeballs. Yeah, I said it. Amazeballs. Riddler Revenge has a killer lighting package that can be seen from several miles away and just draws you to the ride. Seating 40 people the ride starts out by spinning and slight swaying back and forth, then it pretty much teases you for a little bit getting slightly higher but at a casual pace, making you think it's not going to be so bad. Then it changes spinning direction and hauls ass at 70mph reaching 147 feet in the air. It has all of the elements of a roller coaster, airtime, g-forces, spinning, and the occasional sick person, making this hands down the best flat ride in the Six Flags chain. You heard me, BEST FLAT RIDE. But with all the attention on Riddle we can't forget about Catwoman Whip, another Italian made ride that's the first of its kind. Yes there is a 24 seat version, but this is the first 48 seat version. But unlike Riddler there is no teasing here. Once the go button is pressed this thing whirls to life spinning like a tornado before extending you up to 90 degrees. It's like riding Shock Wave over and over again (and really, is that a bad thing? I'll answer that, NO!) You have a few moments of weightlessness followed by tons of positive G's. Fantastic ride, and yeah, it also has a pretty freaking awesome lighting package. Now you might say, what about the third ride, Harley Quinn Spinsanity? Well move over Crazy Legs, Harley Quinn has invaded your home. Completely refurbished the Troika is back with a color scheme that's spot on not to mention it fits in perfectly now with Gotham City. Gotham city now encompases Freeze, Batman, Batwing and back into the new section. Oh and hey, Johnny Rockets got the new updated scheme with a complete remodel as well! Seriously this is the best flat ride package I have seen a park put in in a long time and continues a streak of 5 consecutive years that something new has come to SFOT. Money well spent. So if you were on the fence about planning a trip, get off it and come on down and experience Justice League Battle For Metropolis, Texas Giant, Sky Screamer, Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast, New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster, and of course the new Gotham City! Special thanks to Sharon and her team for having us out, tons of fun! Now go out and get you some! (fun that is) Welcome to the new Gotham City! Behold, its Riddle Revenge. (Heaven Movie Music) Check out this lighting package Looks Incredible Seriously, is this real life? Is this just down the street from me? Pinch me! Don't worry, Skyscreamer will keep you safe little buddy. But something tells me Riddler can hold his own. Check out the lights on the bottom! When this baby gets rocking and rolling you feel it For the seat enthusiasts. OMG Face. I shouldn't have eaten that breakfast taco face. I could ride this thing all day. Say hi Adam. For the Sign Enthusiasts Stuff no one reads. But I can't ride Riddler all day, I must see Catwoman! These here seat will whip you around. Get it. Catwoman Whip? Lame? Ok. The photos do the ride no justice, watch the video! Hi Larry, here's a sign for you. No, not like a quit your job and move to Florida sign, like a physical ride sign, sign. Oh, have I mentioned both Riddler and Catwoman are on Flash Pass? Well, they are! (And Shock Wave is too!) Giggly fun. Say Hi Sharon! Some people don't like Catwoman, I rather like her. Just as Steve Martindale was about to official open the rides, Catwoman has different ideas. She stole the keys to the rides! NOOO! Help us Batman! Get her! (And to think I liked her earlier) Batman rescued the ride keys and turned them over to Mr. Martindale. Time to ride! Yay!!! Off we go! Whoa. Wait a minute guys. Hold on. It wasn't me with the camera on the ride. I swear! Eyes up sir. So I didn't get arrested, thankfully. The Arlington PD was on hand for the ceremonial first rides! In you go. Enjoy your high speed chase ladies and gentleman. Thanks for your service guys and gals, you rock! Last ride is Harley Quinn Spinsanity. Here is the board you won't read. And here is a temporary ride sign for Larry (It wasn't in position yet, don't worry Larry, I'll take care of you) Hey wait, where did that blue sky come from?!?! Quick, take photos! There you have it, best new flat ride, best flat ride at any Six Flags park. Come one out and experience the awesomeness that is Riddler Revenge, Catwoman Whip, and Harley Quinn Spinsanity. Just do us all a favor and grab that Rockets Milkshake after riding, ok? Thanks! The new Johnny Rockets Looks fantastic! And the burger and rings are yummy!
  8. This past Friday TPR was invited to preview Seaworld San Antonio's new Discovery Point. Discovery Point is now home to an amazing new ocean like dolphin habitat with multiple viewing areas in a tropical setting. I could not be more blown away with the attention to detail and the dolphins were eager to show off their new home! This area uses part of the old dolphin pool which was expanded and enhanced. If you are a season pass holder you can expect to pay about $125 for the interactive experience, non-passholders will pay about $155 plus gate admission which will last between 2 and 2.5 hours. You'll spend a little time in orientation where you will learn dolphin etiquette and some cool tidbits about them. After that it's off to be fitted with your fashionable wetsuit. The changing area is country club like with combo shower/changing stalls. A locking box is provided to put your crap in because you never know when an otter might run off with it. You'll get to spend 25-30 minutes with one or more of the 6 dolphins currently in the program, later this summer they will acclimate the females, for now it's an all male revue. I think the best way to describe the interaction is that you are a trainer in training. You'll get to do things like shake a fin, give em a big ol kiss on the mouth (no tongue please), and go for a ride as they take you from deep water to the shore line. These are quite the intelligent animals, very curious, and very much like a kid who always wants to play. Not to mention they have huge personalities. Another area they rehabbed was the old Shark Reef, now named Explorer's Reef. Don't worry shark fans, those guys are still there. Insider Info: If you don't have a platinum or SWSA season pass (and you should) look for the 14 day vacation package online. Unlimited visits to both Aquatica and Seaworld for the 14d ays and you'll get the interactive dolphin experience. The price is only about $80 more than standard gate admission AND you'll get to swim with the dolphins! I highly highly recommend all of the interactive experiences, rather with Dolphins, Belugas, Sea Lions, or swimming with stingrays, or all of them, you won't be disappointed, it's well worth the cost. Huge thank you to Josie, Lindsey, rides maintenance (yeah, we have new coaster footage coming soon!), the trainers, and really the entire staff at Seaworld, you guys are awesome, thanks for having us out! Ok, no more blah blah, let's get to it! Okie dokie, guess I'll start here This area is to the left after you enter through bag check. Bag check you say? What about the turnstiles? Well, more on that later O.M.G. Freaking AWESOME!!! This is the main underwater viewing area, this place is huge! You could totally go snorkeling here and not know that you aren't in the ocean! Outside the detail is just as plush I want this in my backyard! So here we are in the orientation room, this is where you will start off and learn and stuff. At the moment only 48 interactions are done per day. Once you've been learned, you'll step back outside. Seriously, I want this in my backyard. In case you get lost. Rows and rows of sexy wet suits The changing and restroom area is top notch. Time to get changed up. Off to the beach! "Honey, does this suit make me look fat?" Don't answer that, it was rhetorical. Ok, so the salt water is 79 degrees because dolphins like that. The entry is graduated and they have life jackets if you feel you need one. There is a steep drop off from where I'm standing but don't worry, a row of rock will let you know you are close to plunging deep into the earth. This guy loved to splash people, once we got him started he was all I can do this all day. Nice to meet you. You're a good dolphin, yes you are, yes you are My uber driver was very energetic! I highly recommend everyone putting this on your bucket list. You won't be disappointed! Thanks for the swim buddy, I'll miss you too! I'm off to see some of your friends! Why hello friend. Nice to meet you. The trainers really love these animals and they love their trainers. This guy is used for both the part of Clyde and Seamore and wow, what a personality. Reminds you of a puppy, which might be why they're called pups. "Feed me!" So each critter gets the same amount of food everyday, no exceptions. Contrary to what some might want you to believe, the reality is if the diet calls for 25lbs of fish, they get all 25lbs. They're weighed each week and calorie intake adjusted accordingly using a variety of different fish, but he poundage will normally stay the same, a percentage of their body weight. They've got fur like a corgi and something I didn't know....they have toe nails! Thanks man, you're a cool dude! Last stop of the interactive tour was behind Azul stadium to meet another favorite, the Beluga's. The top of their head is basically sonar and feels like a hard boiled egg. I'm told you could put a box in the middle of their habitat and they could tell you what is inside. How Cool! This girl is 38 years old, normal life expectancy in the wild is 35 and SWSD has one that is 47. Just goes to show when you spoil your animals they live long happy lives! You can sign up for an interactive session with this gals too and you'll get in the water with them. Afterwards you'll brag to your friends that you swam with a whale! How about a little trip around the park. This is part of the new front gate introduced this year. The turnstiles have been moved with the original area now used for bag check allowing you to get strollers, souvenirs, quick q, dining passes, etc before the park opens. The new process is fast, easy, and looks nice. LOVE flamingos. (Ask Garbles where their leg goes when they stand on one) Airtime machine. Splish Splash machine. Shows on the lake start in mid June. Oh hey Shamu, hows it going? Full Stadium? You bet! During 'open swim' times you can come in and watch these guys roam around. Fun time as always. Also new are electronic lockers which allow you to locker hop for one price. You've met one of the stars of the show, time to see the show! Me and a thousand of my closets friends that is. Great interaction, nice storyline, and more importantly the crowd was really into it. Noted. shark? SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, what is this? Early in the evening the park hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the opening of Discovery Point In typical sea world fashion they brought out the animals I can't get over how nice the area looks. 1 each please. OMG. Best. Mac & Cheese. Evar. Carnitas, bacon, or straight up. Lovely evening. Have I mentioned I want this in my backyard? Heaven. All sustainable. I should have started here! This area I can see used heavily for special events after hours. More animals! Hey Busch Gardens, how's it goin? SWSA's new Park Prez has an audience during his opening speech. OMG MORE FOOD! OM NOM NOM NOM Also rehabbed is Explorers Reef Everything looks pristine. New display screens give you way more info than before. Desert by the.... SHARK!!! I'd love to have a fish tank like this. So there you have it, great time, great experience, and I can't emphasis enough that you MUST add this to your bucket list! Thanks for an amazing time SeaWorld, YOU ROCK! See you again real soon!
  9. You guys do realize there's a reason that area is piered up right? Floodplain.
  10. I called it! I also stand by my opinion from early April! I'm still not sure what exactly it is that you 'called'. Big freaking deal it didn't open by the target date. Shit happens. Lessons will be learned, RMC will continue to flourish and innovate.
  11. Three new rides and you bring me two ride signs. We need a new Texas correspondent! I have corrected this atrocity. It shall never happen again!
  12. ^ Please leave your man card at the exit. Thanks for your patronage. Once you've realized said puppies count in every instance we will consider returning your card.
  13. RMC's, S&S free spins, star flyers, giant frisbees, JL dark rides, next-gen Enterprises, etc are garbage? I've heard that S&S Free Spins are worse/more intense than Green Lantern at SFMM, So I would consider it Garbage Overall, I'm shocked that Six Flags is improving 2 of their bad coasters in 1 year. SFMM's Revolution and SFOG's Ninja So wait, you haven't actually ridden a S&S Free Spin but have already formed an opinion that they are garbage? If anything is a POS it's that shitty Zac Spin. There's a reason no one has built another one since GL.
  14. Anything can seem legit. And given the number of non-legit things in this very thread one could reasonably assume anything that comes from TGIFridays or otherwise not the park might not be totally accurate. Park employees love to $@$@^%!$% with the nerdy enthusiasts who 95% of the time eat it up. Here's the thing, and it's been said many times before on this very site, people who know keep their yaps shut, those who don't, well...
  15. Guys, just warning you... there is A TON of misinformation out there about this ride. It's pretty insane. Take everything with a grain of salt. Ok, what makes you sure that there might be a ton of misinformation? Have you been living under a rock or just been distracted by Dolly comforting you by this gross misjustice to theme park goers across the planet in the warmth of her boosm?
  16. Huh, so da wheels be smokin' goin' up dat dere liftem up hill, jus like my 1970 GMC pickem' up truck wit da flame out da tailpipes. Cept I blewed up da moter when I hits 90mph and dun fudged it rights on up. Maybe Dolly helps me rebuilt it to only ger 70mph. Den I gives ya'll rides to Dollywoods to looks at dat marvel coazter cause it'll never open. Onlys for lookin' Am I the only one that read this? Or did everyone else just focus on the "90 mph" and forget everything else? Good god, people, don't you all know the only legit information comes from the Dippin Dots dude? Dippin Dots is no longer trustworthy, didn't you see where we've moved on to TGIFridays patrons as trusted sources?
  17. To state the obvious, the TGIFridays source was talking out their
  18. Three new rides and you bring me two ride signs. We need a new Texas correspondent! See I was gonna stop in next weekend to remedy that problem but not now!
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