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  1. True. I guess Six Flags just wasn't that worried about having the phones exposed. However, I do think it would look better if there were some kind of cover over the phones. But. . . Not the end of the world to me! As long as it is an awesome experience then I'm happy with it! The primary reason there is no cover is so the phones can read the VR codes on the seat backs, kinda hard for a camera to pick those up when its covered.
  2. '' 1. School Field Trip Day, usually busy until they start bouncing out. 2. Pando, Superman, JL, La ButtVibrator 3. Sky Screamer, Gold River Adventure (for the comedy aspect)
  3. The headsets are a special design just for Six Flags that locks the phone into the headsets (they also added the loopholes for the additional head straps) You cannot remove the phone without the device to remove the locking mechanism, thus barring a catastrophic failure of epic proportions, the phone isn't coming out.
  4. Being as its the last day of Spring Break you can expect many of the locals to drop out of the park between 6 and 7 leaving shorter lines (not walk on, but 15-20 minutes) JL keeps a 30 minute line all day so if you are by your lonesome just use the single rider line. Closer to 9pm the lines will be their shortest and the perfect time to hit up NTAG. Use your SP and grab a ride time to check out the VR Coaster, it's well worth it.
  5. The phones are locked into the headsets, you cannot bring your own headset or phone, it won't work. Samsung has provided the park with the S7 phones which coincides with their official release last Friday. The VR Gear was developed in conjunction with Oculus who was onsite to preview the technology in use themselves. There is a computer onboard the ride that emits a signal to the phone. The onboard computer feeds information to the phones throughout the ride. The computer knows how many people are using the VR Gear and at what position they are being used from so as it feed the phones the proper information. The graphics are then rendered on the phone. That's about as technical as I'm going to get with how the setup works.
  6. Today was media preview for The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster on Shock Wave at Six Flags Over Texas! I realize a lot of you might be on the fence about this new technology, heck I was one of them, until I tried it! The Samsung VR Head Gear totally blew my mind out how well the graphics are rendered not to mention how well designed the overall storyline is, and how well it flows with the contours, curves, and g-forces Shock Wave produces. Each seat is sync'd with the onboard computer which tells the phone what to do. There is a wheel speed sensor on the train to keep the timing perfect. No matter where you sit on the train you get the same ride experience. For example, if you sit in the front you will start your ascent on the elevator before the back of the train, after all it wouldn't make sense to look like you are rising but not feel like you are rising. The interactive portion keeps you entertained on the way up and until the drop before the loops. This is where the action heats up as you dive through streets, slice around buildings, and blow stuff up before safely returning to the aircraft carrier. After your return, the headsets are picked up by the ride attendants after which your seats are unlocked, so no trying to take a set home. They then individually clean the antimicrobial leather straps and face gear with physician approved sanitization products. The VR Gear never touches your eyeball either In the future they will add additional features to keep it fresh. With the technology coming to a park near you, I strongly encourage you to try it out, you'll probably love it, and probably want to ride with the VR Gear all the time. Thank you to all at Six Flags Over Texas for having us out, we had a great time! And now, "I think I'll go embarrass myself with Goose." - Top Gun Here we are for the the Media Preview of The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster which you can conveniently find in the Shock Wave courtyard. Looks like the makings of a party! Every type of sandwich you can imagine. Now that's how you kick off a party! Ran into TPR member Johnny Chen so naturally we had to take advantage of the rockstar background! Ohhhh sexy. New Picture.bmp Sexy Samsung VR Gear featuring the NEW S7. No need for your spectacles with these bad boys, there's a focus wheel right on top. In fact, I would strongly advise that you NOT wear your glasses with these. See those yellow things on the back of the seats? More on those in a bit. But for now, enjoy some fighter pilot G's Hey, shoot that thing and get it out of the way! That's better! The construction workers on the highway were all, what in the world are those people wearing on their heads?!?! Its VR Gear! And they are totally bad ass. The graphic rendering is done on the phone and it's phenomenal. Ok, so those yellow things, those are QR codes. Each seat has its own. Strap on the Samsung VR Gear and look straight ahead, the unit will calibrate to your seat position and time the ride motions to your seat! The system also has wheel speed sensors to make sure you don't get motion sickness! New Picture4.bmp Fly past building and battle big ugly hairy creatures! New Picture3.bmp Slice through city streets! New Picture1.bmp Nick from Samsung and I had an absolute blast! Total 360 immersive experience New Picture6.bmp But all things must come to end with a landing back on the carrier. Need a phone charger? New Picture2.bmp This is Sam from Six Flags Corporate Design explaining the cleaning process of the goggles as Bossman Matt shows us how it's done. Basically the goggles are collected before your restraints are unlocked and returned to this area to be cleaned. They leather is antimicrobial and along with the mask are cleaned individually after each use using medical grade cleaning supplies recommended by physician who consult for Six Flags Corporate. So no need to worry about pink eye, crusty eye, stink eye, or sock eye. (Hey, isn't that a tuna?) For you upskirt pervs. The new queuing area outside of the go-karts and formally a basketball game years ago has been covered for your protection. They'll go ahead and hold you here so as not to cause skin cancer and dehydration in the intense Texas sun. See, they're not only looking out for your eye health but your skin health too! maybe those other vital organs you have as well... Season Pass holders were lined up as far back as the oil derrick to get a preview of this incredible experience. Steve Martindale talks briefly about the VR technology with members of the Air Force, after all, this is a fighter pilot virtual experience! The ribbon was cut and off went the balloons! Straight into the tree! Where they almost stayed! But a huge gust of wind came by and decorated the sky in red white and blue signifying the opening of the ride to the public. And off went hundreds upon hundreds of smiling faces eager to try out the new VR Coaster. You know what they say, don't knock it til you try it! I tried it and now I'm hooked! Get out and ride! New Picture11.bmp Just like a real aircraft carrier your plane loads onto an elevator. Unlike and air carrier, you can practice firing at targets! (the resolution is much better on the headsets) New Picture12.bmp And then you rise out of the carriers belly and blast off into the skies to help the forces fight it out
  7. ^ Strip Mall Parking OK so last night we got a short preview of 'The New Revolution VR Coaster' (Shockwave) before the park closed and I must admit it was pretty effing fun. Due to weather concerns media was moved to this Monday so we will have all of the photos and video at that time. But weather permitting this weekend SP Holders can obtain a ride time at the ride entry and check it out themselves. Patience will be needed as they are still working out their procedure and any kinks (thanks rainy weather!) but their process to load seems like it will be solid and I don't foresee it adding much if any time to dispatch once it's ready to come out of preview mode. Due to the re-scheduled media event on Monday, March 14th, the ride will not be available for SP Holder Preview until sometime after 2pm.
  8. Although this update is a little on the part time job side, I'm digging the casinos. Probably gonna have to move some sh!t around and make me a slummy atlantic city style stip.
  9. The Coca-Cola thingy can always be put back, but with the storage and maintenance area for Chaps being right at the original platform it made sense to move it back since its queue is no longer needed for Giant. They have put up a new wall so no peeking from inside the park in ref to the new area, you can still see in from the fenceline of the old strip mall and of course from sky screamer. Riddler Revenge is not on site yet to my knowledge. Boring foot work is about all that's been done. Officially opening 'Summer' Speaking of openings, if you were planning to skip work on Thursday to try out the VR, might as well work half a day, it won't be open to the pass holders until sometime after 1pm.
  10. Yeah, they were fully stocked for training night, if they keep it that way it will work very well
  11. It's staying in it's original location. With the Gotham expansion it just made sense to retheme it to fit with the rest of the park.
  12. Tonight I had the opportunity to visit the park during their full scale ride operation training. There have been some significant changes during the 2 months the park was closed and I'll show you around in the pics below. If you are planning to visit the park this weekend note that Shockwave is not currently planned to be in operation. It is scheduled to open March 10th to season pass holders with the new VR technology. As you may already know this a free addition to the ride and is not required. The headsets will be cleaned and sanitized before each use, You will also be able to use a wipe at the ride station if you wish. Extra staff will be on hand to distribute and collect the headgear and personally I think everyone should try it once. There won't be any sound, just your imagination, which shouldn't be a problem for most of you who use your imagination nightly I'll let the photos do the talking... This off season they put that $20/car to good use with some fresh stripes. La Hurtyourbum is waiting and ready to send you to the chiropractor. Somehow it still gets long lines. So first major change is a revamped front gate! Similar to SFFT's, you will pass through one of 20 metal detectors before reaching the ticketing area. This has proven to increase throughput. With the commitment to keep it staffed, lines should flow much smoother. Wider entries for those texas sized giants. With few people in the park it was quite peaceful and looking nice. Dasani umbrellas remind you to eat healthy. Oh hey there Metropolis Instead of begging the food stands, a new bill changer that accepts credit cards has be installed for when you want to make sure your friends are good and wet. I'll be back, don't worry. Although I'm not a fan of the shoot the chutes rides, the paint makes this one pop. Noted. This use to be a Coca Cola stand with limited offerings, this year it will be a Macho Nacho Express serving up, you guess it, Nachos. The astute reader will also note popcorn and beverages are also available. I'm really digging the new Spinsanity colors on the former 'Crazy Legs' For the nerdy control panel enthusiasts. List of dates to not visit the park Still here, but I wouldn't expect it to be here much longer. Soooooo, the Chaps car entry has returned to it's original location next to NTAG. But the queue remains....hmmmmmm......... What a relief Nothing new here, move along please Oh look, yay, win baseball tickets. At least it'll push the smokers out. Ooooooooo Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh Flash pass got a much needed move on Titan. No longer will you trek up the exit, fight with those heading to the picnic area and punch your way through the gift shop. Nope, they listend, and now you'll take the middle lane straight to the front. The M&M store has been replaced, no loss really. Coming full circle it's time to battle for Metropolis. Cyborg says welcome. The Joker says hahahahahahahahahaha And I say, how do you like my new high score? Sup Judge. Some retrack work has been done in and around the turnaround But my appeal was denied. Certainly a traditional woodie in every sense, and the retrack has helped, but it still hunts like nobody's business. Ouch! Someone really should place a harsher sentence on the Judge. Next to the teacups you'll find a new food and beverage stand. Use to be a small Dip N Dots, now they'll be able to serve more people. I can fly higher than an eagle. Still blasting in reverse, still kicking ass. Even Gotham has to close at some point. Here is a better shot of the original entry gates, freshly painted and looking nice. And a closer shot of the new revamped front gate, enter on the right, exit on the left. Huge sings point this out but I'm sure plenty of people will be 'doing it wrong' And a good shot of the metal detection area. Allegra welcomes all of you to opening weekend. More changes are coming this season so stay tuned to this bat channel for all the deets. Catwoman Whip is onsite, I put eyes on the parts driving out. You can expect the new flats as well as Spinsanity to open early Summer.
  13. As long as the ride is staffed appropriately VR should have little impact. I feel initially everyone will want to try it, but as people try it out they will likely opt for the more traditional views.
  14. WOW. I was not expecting them to go so gung-ho with this across the board. I'm stunned (in a good way). Even more so that they seem to be including some hypers in there. I'm literally at a loss for words, so... just... wow. They're probably doing it at so many parks because the headsets probably aren't that expensive when compared to the cost of an entire roller coaster. Never having been a part of their design/business team to do price evaluations, I probably wouldn't put an out-of-my-butt price tag of more than maybe $2,000 per headset. So fully outfitting all those coasters will only end up at around $1 million, which is basically a kiddie coaster's worth of money. I would say way less than that considering the consumer headset itself is only $99 http://www.samsung.com/us/explore/gear-vr/
  15. Received the following Press Release from SDC regarding this years festival line ups and whatnot. Reminder, this is the final year for World Fest. (Branson, Mo. 2/2016) In 2016, the Silver Dollar City Attractions present America's Celebration of Family, a year with new entertainment, celebrations and activities for shared adventure at each attraction. Opening March 12, Silver Dollar City presents the final blowout year of World-Fest; The Harlem Globetrotters 90th Birthday celebration; the all-new evening musical variety show "Hits From The Hollow;" a new Founders' Weekend Celebration marking the park's 56-year story; celebrity concerts including Marty Stuart, Shenandoah, Lonestar and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; Heroes' Month; Mother's and Father's Day Weekend events, plus special Birthday and Anniversary Celebration activities all season. The Showboat Branson Belle turns up the onboard dinner and cruise experience with a new CELEBRATE! show, opening March 5, plus expanded Princess & Pirate Cruises and Southern Gospel Music on select cruises. As part of the theme America's Celebration of Family, the show aboard the authentic 1880s-style paddle-wheeler salutes iconic musical families whose songs connect cultures and generations like Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five, and Natalie and Nat King Cole, and legendary recording artists and popular movie-related favorites. White Water takes family adventure to the water — from tower-top rides to cool floating adventure all summer long, presenting the region's biggest water rides and slides and featuring the mega-thrill slide KaPau Plummet. The 13-acre water park opens May 28, adding extended evening hours and kids' $20 tickets all season long. SILVER DOLLAR CITY March 12 - December 30 Silver Dollar City opens for the season March 12 with Spring Ride Days, featuring more than 40 rides and attractions, including 10 family adventures at Fireman's Landing, plus the big thrills of the groundbreaking, double barrel-rolling wood coaster Outlaw Run, named Best New Ride of 2013 worldwide and featured in Guinness World Records 2015. The final year of the international spectacular World-Fest, April 7 - May 1, features the new Slask Song & Dance troupe from Eastern Europe, the return of Cirque Zuma Zuma acrobats from Africa; Stix on Steel, steel drum band from Trinidad and Tobago; Island Fire musicians and dancers from Tahiti and Samoa, with world-champion Fire Knife Dancers; plus pan flute musicians Ecuador Manta and Irish harpist Dearbhail Finnegan. Bluegrass & BBQ, May 5 - 30, the International Bluegrass Music Association's Bluegrass Event of the Year, kicks off with a celebrity concert by 5-time Grammy winner Marty Stuart on May 7 and features top bluegrass artists including Rhonda Vincent & the Rage, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, The Grascals and more, plus a barbecue feast on grills throughout the park. Along with the opening of Bluegrass & BBQ, Silver Dollar City presents the first annual Founders' Weekend Celebration, including the debut of the "Hits From The Hollow," a special opening ceremony on Saturday morning, a morning worship service in Echo Hollow on Sunday with special guests, and Silver Dollar City employee reunion activities. Star-Spangled Summer, June 11 - July 24, features the 90th Birthday Celebration of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters presenting The Globetrotter Experience show, showcasing highlights from the Globetrotters' one-of-a-kind touring show, featuring their trademark basketball wizardry in a unique and innovative exhibit of skill, athleticism and humor. The festival also presents The Magic of Peter Gossamer, champion cloggers, cartoon character meet-and-greets and the park's 40-plus rides and attractions. During Moonlight Madness, July 23 - August 7, guests can ride into the night with extended ride time on over 40 rides and attractions, plus evening street dances and a fireworks finale each night following the new Echo Hollow show. Southern Gospel Picnic, August 25 - September 5, presents America's top Southern Gospel artists, with hundreds of performances from Grammy winners, Dove Award winners, top gospel acts and fan favorites, plus Southern Gospel Nights concerts each evening in Echo Hollow Amphitheatre. Also in September, the new Heroes' Month opens, celebrating those who serve and protect families, from law enforcement officers to firefighters, members of the military and EMTs. Concerts featuring country music icons are presented each evening during Country Music Weekend, September 9 - 11, in the 4,000-seat Echo Hollow Amphitheatre. The Grammy Award winning group Shenandoah performs Friday, September 9; the chart-topping group Lonestar performs Saturday, September 10, and the Grammy and CMA Award-winning Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, celebrating the band's 50th anniversary this year, is featured Sunday, September 11. The National Harvest & Cowboy Festival, September 14 - October 29, features the nation's largest festival of demonstrating craftsmen and presents a salute to the Great American Cowboy. The festival features the Silver Dollar City Wild West Show with a new act, trick riding and roping, over 125 visiting craftsmen from around the country, Western music and art, the homecoming of the historic Silver Dollar City Stagecoach, a barn dance, wild mustangs and more. One of the nation's most acclaimed Christmas festivals, Silver Dollar City's An Old Time Christmas, November 5 - December 30, presents 'Rudolph's Holly Jolly™ Christmas Light Parade' led by the most famous reindeer of all, with musical lighted floats and dozens of costumed characters. The festival also features two original musical productions: It's A Wonderful Life and A Dickens' Christmas Carol, plus a new interactive kids' show. Ranked as one of the world's top holiday events, the park dazzles with the acclaimed 5-story special effects Christmas Tree and an encompassing light-and-sound show on the Square, plus more than 5 million lights. Information: www.silverdollarcity.com 800.831.4FUN(386) SHOWBOAT BRANSON BELLE March 5-December 31 (See website for exact cruise schedule) Offering an entertainment experience unlike anything else in Mid-America, the Showboat Branson Belle turns up the onboard dinner and cruise experience with a new CELEBRATE! show, opening March 5 as the ship begins its cruise season on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri. As part of the theme America's Celebration of Family, the show aboard the authentic 1880s-style paddle-wheeler salutes iconic musical families whose songs connect cultures and generations like Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five, and Natalie and Nat King Cole. Other sets give tribute to decades of legendary recording artists and popular movie-related favorites. CELEBRATE! presents four headline acts, featuring the intensely-talented male vocal group The ShowMen; vocalist Cassandré Faimon-Haygood, a star on numerous Branson stages; the four-man dance troupe Rhythm, billed as The Fastest Feet West of the Mississippi; comedian emcee Christopher James with ultra-sharp improvisation, magic and off-the-grid humor, all accompanied by the live band, the Rockin' Dockers. Starting May 28, a second cast presents the noon and Sunday CELEBRATE! cruises, starring Janice Martin, the world's only aerial violinist ; ventriloquist Phil Hughes; magician and emcee Aaron Radatz, and the live band The Castaways. America's Most Entertaining Dinner Cruise, the Showboat Branson Belle is a unique attraction that is itself a one-of-a-kind experience. Guests can explore the ship's three upper decks, enjoy 360-degree lake views from the top deck, visit the Captain in the pilot-house with its six-foot wooden vintage captain's wheel, and dine in the three-story atrium-style dining theater before taking a seat for the show. Expanded specialty cruises include Princess & Pirate cruises, featured on summer Sundays June 12 - August 7, Southern Gospel Music Cruises at noon August 28 - September 4, and Carols on the Belle cruises featuring gospel music artists on Sundays, November 27 - December 18. Information: www.showboatbransonbelle.com 800.775.BOAT(2628) WHITE WATER May 28 - September 5 Branson's White Water water park features 13 acres of tropical fun and rides from mild to wild, including the $1.7 million drop-floor thrill slide KaPau Plummet; the 7-story, 6-slide thrill ride Kalani Towers; the tropical river adventure Aloha River at Hula Hula Bay; a 500,000 gallon wave pool; plus tube rides, slides, and family play areas. Information: www.bransonwhitewater.com 800.831.4FUN(386)
  16. ^My take, VR is a one and done especially on an upcharge so in a way its kinda meh. The new flats are cool and are welcomed with open arms but at the end of the day most have been on similar models. That and they aren't even on site yet, at least they weren't last I drove by a few weeks ago.
  17. There will be two exhibits inside the building that are visible from the train as it passes through but the animals hadn't been transitioned yet. You'll also be able to go inside the building. Alpacas are underneath the coaster.
  18. Hearing rumors that 'Riptide' is now officially kaput. Like many of it's counterparts, the HUSS attraction was very difficult and costly to maintain. Some park chains have told me they've spent millions of dollars trying to rehab them only to have them fail a short time later. The attraction has also been removed from their website.
  19. Well I was just joking about Pando because it would be a mega puke machine. But in news that actually was posted correctly, they have revamped the front gates, metal detectors will be placed before the ticket booths and a promise to add more staff to scan tickets. That latter has always been the biggest issue for me, not enough people scanning tickets and too many people holding up the line trying to fumble around getting a SP card. The adding of staff and one can only hope they separate the people who need a hard card and maybe it'll only take 10 minutes to get in versus 30!
  20. The drop tower was confirmed by the park to be an ARM/Larson make. #madeintexas
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