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  1. Snyders Pretzel Roller Coaster This is my winning entry to the Snyders-Busch Gardens Pretzel Build-Off contest for Cheetah Hunt. I am one of 6 finalists traveling to Busch Gardens Africa on Saturday June 4th. They are giving us ERT on the Cheetah Hunt at 7:00am! If you are in the park, check us out building pretzel roller coasters!
  2. I looked in the news as well, and it has not surfaced yet. However, the lady I spoke with at Boomers! to sell me the package for the kids field trip, which includes rides on the Hurricane, said that they would substitute unlimited go-cart rides for the roller coaster part of the package. She reported that the owner of the Hurricane declared bankruptcy and that there was not going to be any more roller coaster rides. Who knows what the future will bring? But for now, it is not operating.
  3. I am a middles school teacher and I created an elective called Theme Park Engineering. We go to Boomers! park at the end of each year to ride the Hurricane and take G-force readings. Well I called today and the lady on the phone said the Hurricane owner filed for bankruptcy yesterday (April 26th, 2011). At this point we do not know what will happen, but for now it is closed.
  4. Since Busch Gardens cut off part of Rhino Rally (the water portion), substantially shortening the ride, mean that it is on the way out. I mean, even the "navigator" taking the vehicle on a "wrong turn" isn't even an element anymore... Because of this, I would assume that Rhino Rally will close soon, or will soon undergo a major redesign.
  5. I have not taken advantage of any of the trips that you sponsor. It is unlikely that I will. (although I would like to!). I live vicariously through you and your fellow travelers. I would be proud to support your site. Maybe a tiered system for those of us who will not be part of a trip, but enjoy your exploits and reports, and feel that it deserves to be supported. Those members that want to book trips can pay more for the privilege of early access, etc...
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