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  1. Thanks. Last time I was there it told me I scored in the top 1% so I was curious what the top score might be. I'm a little short of yours though, I only had 442k and some change. Only ridden maybe 16 times though. Trying to learn the tricks. I'll probably be back at least twice more this season. Gotta get some use out of my season pass. Chad, I have to believe that this was a computer glitch, because it closed down for two weeks shortly after you and another person posted that they had maxed out their score. After the shut down I noticed that they reset the rankings. So anything above "Normal" will be in the top 1%. Source: I was one of the first to ride JL and have scored as high as 860K after learning a few of the tricks and tips. I've notice the last few times it's said top 1% next to my score. It wasn't a glitch, I just found a few targets and have a quick trigger finger, I actually hit it well before the shutdown
  2. Looks like a really nice ride. Just saw a nighttime video on Gerstaluers Facebook page, track lighting changes as the train makes its way around the track. Now that's badass, especially for what many to consider a 'small' park.
  3. ^This. Which is why we shot our own video of The Joker. Robb has also routinely waited for the 'HD' version from the park before uploading. Quality vs. Firsties. If I'm not mistaken, Dollywood has a no video policy period on it's rides without permission. It wouldn't appear that person had permission especially given their description of the video.
  4. Once the stage is erected in Gotham and the evening dance party kicks off GC is going to be one of the most impressive areas of any park in the chain from a high energy standpoint.
  5. If I'm not mistaken it's basically a program that runs off a USB stick. Given the cost of these type of lighting packages (>500k) I was certainly not expecting Riddler to be all dressed up and can see why Kennywood chose the cheaper route. But I am thrilled for the Riddler and Catwoman lightning packages, looks great at night. So much so that they have to turn them off after last ride to get people to leave.
  6. That's good to hear, it makes it more of a perk for staying onsite in a cabin or RV. I think I saw in one of the investor calls recently something about exploring the possibility of an onsite hotel. I would think the plot of land around Mamba's turnaround would be a cool location, charge more for the parkside view.
  7. OK I think that's about all we need on this subject. Let's shake virtual hands and move along before Chuck's evil cat casts a spell. Seriously, his cat is the devil. Fun fact, about four years ago I was covering several halloween events and the subject of parking came up with the mgmt team. I was told they were going to park employees in Oceans parking lot and bus employees over. Huh I said, why not just park actual guests there and use the OOF entrance to shovel them in. Park employees out in the back 40 or whereever, I mean they had planned to bus them to the emp entry anyway. Two weeks later guess what they did. Even though it's a smaller parking area I've used that entrance many times during summer operating back when I lived closer. As has been mentioned most of the coasters are in that section of the park and hell, who wants to walk farther than they have to, not me. I just wished that entry was open all year. IDK, maybe it is now?
  8. Lightning Rod washed away. Never to be seen or talked about again.
  9. Start at the back and work your way forward. If you want VR, it needs to be firsties. Otherwise expect a lot of teenagers who may or may not have put on deodorant.
  10. ^And what are you going to do if it's not, come back here and bitch? I trust that you won't, been enough of that in this thread.
  11. Hey now, maybe I like to pretend I'm a superhero and fly in circles! Besides, Yosemite Sam kicks all sorts of ass throughout the river adventure...well until the end that is when he has some, um, technical difficulties.
  12. ^Boot Scootin? Are you smoking something? Please tell me you are.
  13. Error 404: Logic not found. Mako is on time, it was always advertised a s a summer opening. Monster is on time, it was always advertised as a summer opening. Cobra's Curse, while delayed slightly, is still far more on track than a 2-3 month delay. It's especially forgivable given that it's not an Earth shattering coaster like LR supposedly is. I think your logic needs a reboot. It was said that not having a new ride open on Memorial Day hurt the bottom line, obviously that doesn't apply to everyone which was my point. Additionally, why is it forgivable for one and not another. Sounding kinda entitled to me, might want to look at your programming.
  14. Just like it's hurting Sea World and Iowas Adventure and Busch Gardens by not having their new rides open
  15. I have more hope the group buying SFNO will open before this does.
  16. Except the ride isn't the joker and this has already been posted just a few posts back...
  17. I think it's cool that they are doing little update videos along the way.
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