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  1. Hi ! I need help to plan my upcoming trip. My dates are from October 19th to 20th. Basically, I want to attend both Dorney Park and Hersheypark and I want to maximize my time ! Should I go to Hersheypark on friday night (open from 5pm to 10pm that night)... I heard it's not really crowded on fridays but I would like to ride all the rollercoasters at least once... is it too optimistic for a friday night or should I go on saturday instead ?, but Hersheypark only opens at 2pm on saturday... Dorney on friday is open from 6pm to midnight... I don't really care about the mazes, just the rides Which park will be the most crowded on saturday ? By the way, any other advice is welcome... it will be my first time at Dorney in 6 years, I don't remember much... I don't think I'll buy any of the "fastpass" system when I'll go to either park, I'm a student and I don't want to spend that kind of money... Thanks you for your help !!
  2. I was working at La Ronde yesterday when this happened. I wish I could tell you the facts and the story but I cannot tell you anything due to company policy and respect for his family. This was a really sad day yesterday at the park... My prayers goes to his family and friends.
  3. Thanks Eric ! The pics are awesome... it's so beautiful at night !!!
  4. Here's two pictures of me ! The first one was a pic taken on my first day at Six Flags La Ronde back in may... God those polos are flashy ! Second one is at Carmel by the sea in California... good times First day at Six Flags La Ronde Last summer at Carmel by the beach
  5. I did the China trip back in 2009 and it was awesome... don't worry about the language barrier ! Si tu veux me jaser en pv, t le bienvenue !
  6. Any great places for breakfast around SFMM ? Should I hit Green Lantern first or go to X2, Tatsu and then Green Lantern ? Thanks !
  7. Thanks guys ! Well I think i'll leave the hotel around 8am ( I don't drive at 90! lol) and If i'm too early at SFMM, I'll just have a breakfast somewhere in Valencia... Can't wait to try Green Lantern and Terminator !!
  8. It's really a shame. In Ednör's previous life as Serial Thriller at Astroworld it was one of the smoothest SLCs around. Now, after the move, it is just downright brutal (although flying over the water with the mist and water cannons is pretty cool). Well last year when it opened, it ran pretty smoothly for an SLC but this year it's really terrible...I rode it back in may and it was rough as hell !
  9. Hi ! I'm planning to visit SFMM on August 31st which is a wednesday. I'm sleeping at the Westin Bonaventure in Downtown L.A. and I was wondering how early should I leave the hotel to get to SFMM at about 10AM (30minutes before the opening)... Any idea how the traffic will be ? Thanks... Ohh... and I'm pretty sure it will be a low attendance day right ? Late august... Should I hit X2 and Tatsu first or Green lantern is so popular that it now needs to be the first ride of the day ? Thanks you very much !
  10. If semeone is planning to ride Ednor on the first weekend but sure to get there early... the second train is actually broken and they will give a limited amount of tickets to ride it...
  11. Well I say Six Flags Great Escape since this park is more mid-size rides oriented... and only 3 hours away from Montreal
  12. ^ No... Six flags bought La Ronde from the city in Montreal. The park was supposed to invest 90 millions dollars in the first 5 years but they didn't and the city doesn't care at all since the city is facing more important issues. Only the land where La Ronde is located is still the property of Montreal but after 100 years after 2001, the land will be given to Six Flags.All rides and buildings are the property of Six Flags right now, only the land is not.
  13. Well I heard that it will be the most themed ride we ever had. Well it's easy to beat since there's not much theming anywhere...
  14. Hi ! The rumors were true, we are getting the used Vekoma SLC from Astroworld for 2010 ! This is really strange since La Ronde already has a B&M inverted, Le Vampire. I hope they bought new trains with the new lapbar style restraints. More pictures from Thrillzone La Ronde forum : thrillzone.invisionplus.net/?mforum=thrillzone&showtopic=931&st=150entry17401
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