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  1. saying that it was okay is my opinion, which i am entilted to. parks give y’all perks all the time, yet i don’t see a gleaming review of every park you’ve been to. i discussed the positives and negatives of the event, which is what a REVIEW (which i wrote) is supposed to do. aren’t you the person who asked for the POV that SimiGeek took??
  2. First I want to send BIG THANK YOU to Eric from Knott's Marketing Dept. He made is possible for us to ride with FOX11 News. Had a great time with my fellow TRP members. it's nice to put screen names to faces. Once in the park it was a little slow and didnt know if we would get to ride. After several minutes of testing we were ready for the first ride with the news crew. The reporter and camera man are not coaster fans, so it made even more fun to hear the screaming through out ride. After 30 minutes Knott's set up a breakfast for all. Bacon burrito was really good and filling. It wasn't long after that we got back on and was fearful of possible protein spills. All was good and everyone's food remained in their bellies. Hangtime is GREAT! Knott's has a winner on their hands. The back row is the best! When the train is sitting at the holding brake pending release. The back whips over and you experience serious ejector time. The rest of the ride is fun and has you smiling and laughing through out it. I can't wait to see the reverse POV of us. I was told they used a portion of it on the news along with our interviews. would love to do more stuff like this for TPR. Thank You Knott's Crew do you have the photo that the two of us took with the news guy from FOX 11 (the guy your mom likes lol). i'd love to see it!!
  3. i went to the filming event today, and to be completely honest, it was just okay. it was very early, and most of the stuff i filmed got cut (they cropped the footage on FOX 11 so there were none of our interviews, which i missed out on accidentally, and only 2 of us ended up being on FOX 11 at all) however, the PR people were beyond accomdating and nice over the whole “its cancelled... oh wait it isn’t” and they were nice enough to give us breakfest. plus, i got to meet the people i saw on TV, and i believe the reverse POV of us TPRers will be posted which will be cool. so overall, it was tiring, but i did have fun, i’ll upload some pics later
  4. here is my hangtime's opening day trip report, located on my socal adventures thread!! please enjoy!! www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72745&start=20
  5. so, as the title suggests, i headed on down to knotts berry farm last friday to be one of the first ever riders on hangtime!! and incase you don't want to watch my full review (link is below), i'll give you my slightly sarcastic review that is sure to make the ride look worse than it already is. so, i headed on down with the intention of quickly getting in a couple rides and being out within an hour or so (spoiler: HAHAHAHA), and after a brisk 30 second security/entrance line i was ready for small crowds and a quickly moving line (spoiler: HAHAHAHA). i hopped in what looked for be a relatively small line, especially for a new coaster, and estimated that i'd be on in just a little bit. 40 minutes later, i was stapled in the front row and looking up at the sky while ascending before diving down the best coaster drop i'd ever experienced, and overall, just a fantastic ride. after hitting up a couple other attractions, i couldn't wait to get in another ride but this time with the light package!! the line looked shorter than before, so i was pumped to be riding again in just 40 short minutes (spoiler: HAHAHAHA), and 40 sluggish minutes later, i had gotten through just a little over half the line, so i hunkered down with the 11% battery left on my phone and got ready. luckily, only 30 minutes later, i was back on the ride in the 3rd row ready for a just as good experience (spoiler: HAHAHAHA) only to be disappointed that everything besides the drop wasn't as good. i then grabbed a quick night ride on back row xcelerator, which had a furious rattle, and headed on out. overall a fantastic day, except for the lackluster operations the 2nd time around on hangtime!! usually dispatches were right around 2:00, but on that 2nd lap, they were pushing 3:30 for a short while. so anyways, onto the photos!! - here's the link to my in-depth hangtime ride review!! if you'd like to just few a couple photos and do not want to view this review, please scroll below!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWlZz3z3Qmg i would say hangtime's drop is pretty snappy, but xcelerator's cable has already got that covered hangtime's corkscrew: sponsored by snapple you probably could have read this entire trip report in the time it took for them to dispatch one train on hangtime!!
  6. here is my full in-depth review of hangtime!! i’ll have a full TR posted tomorrow, enjoy!! [youtu_be]https://youtu.be/TWlZz3z3Qmg[/youtu_be]
  7. absolutely fantastic coaster!! i'll have a full TR/element by element review posted soon!!
  8. Be sure to come back and post a review of the ride. I'm really anxious to read people's thoughts on this coaster. It looks like a home run for the park, but I'm interested to see what the actual ride experience is like. absolutely!! if anyone here has anything in particular you want me to take photos of (queue, station, anything) just lemme know!!
  9. in perfect timing, me and my twin will be headed to check out passholder preview tomorrow!!
  10. hey y'all!! did anyone go to waterworld concord for their grand relaunch as six flags hurricane harbor concord?? i was super interested to see all the changes six flags made, thanks!!
  11. hopefully that 5mph "crash" didn't do too much damage, as otherwise if someone goes to the hospital, i could pretty much guarantee that it wouldn't open for a while
  12. i'm not sure about ohio, but in florida (relatively similar laws), it requires 100 cycles of each train to reopen a ride after extended downtime/non-fatal accident, and 500 cycles of each train before human riders can ride a brand new attraction. if they count this as a non-fatal accident which requires 100 cycles, it technically could open at dusk tomorrow. however, with all the scrutiny over ohio state fireball, there is a chance that officials could technically count the ride as never operating to the public due to the very low amount of cycles it ran before a major accident, and therefore the ride would have a proven "defect" during "testing" and they could force cedar point to restart their 500 cycles and then the ride probably wouldn't open for a while. however, even in the best of circumstances, i would not count on it opening tomorrow due to the fact that it'd look like they were disregarding safety to get their big money maker open, and after the whole schlitterbahn fiasco and ohio state fireball, i doubt they'd want to give off that appearence
  13. even with the little information we have, i'm going to go out on a limb and say that i think i know the reason why this collision occurred. i believe that there was a slight miscalculation in the programming for the ride, meaning that the second Train A was dispatched, the block was shown as clear and Train B rolled in. however, Train A had just been dispatched, so it was only partway out of the block, when Train B rolled in and automatically moved to where it was programmed to go, leading it to bump into Train A. this would mean that they simply need to do some minor reprogramming to the block systems to tell it to not let the brake train advance until the station train was completely clear and on the (pre)lift block - i know that some of y'all may dislike the whole "guessing when we don't know much" but this a pretty logical explanation in my opinion and if you disagree that's totally fine
  14. well, six flags does seem to have a recent knack for purchasing mediocre waterparks with 1 death, so i'm not sure it'd be overly far fetched
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