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  1. Looks like @CoasterRider245 isn't here right now. They are added to the bump list. @IneedTPforbunghole I've added you to the queue. @doublestufforeo It's your turn to build! Please download the March Year 22 build here: http://team.moosemanrct.com/1/march-year-22
  2. My fault. Should have checked my spam folder! Looks great, I uploaded it to team.moosemanrct.com. Thanks! @CoasterRider245 Are you still here to build a section? Let us know. Thanks!
  3. Sounds great! I added you to the queue. Are you still ready to build a section?
  4. @RCTrioFan Looks great! Site updated: http://team.moosemanrct.com/1/july-year-19 @jakecallan Are you still willing to build a section? Please download the park from the above link when you're ready!
  5. Seems like this project is kinda dying... @RCTrioFan, are you still there? if you can send you section to me, that would be great. @Bretty0, I have added you to the list. Please see http://team.moosemanrct.com/ for the current scenario builds.
  6. Please do make a section! Latest build (I had made a couple edits to my section) can be downloaded from http://team.moosemanrct.com/1/may-year-11 EDIT: Hoping that RCTrioFan will be able to send me what he's built.
  7. I know it's been a long time, but is anybody still interested in this project?
  8. Just build anywhere adjacent to a previous section that uses the monorail station.
  9. That's ok, thanks for letting us know. I added you to the bump list, let us know if you'd like to come back. @RCTrioFan It's your turn to build! I sent you a PM.
  10. I haven't received the file. Please be sure you are sending it to mooseman [at] moosemanrct.com Sorry about that; I'll send a PM when your turn comes. I added you back to the list.
  11. Great! I added you to the top of the list, so when molemaster43 is done, the park is yours.
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