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  1. 8) Hello ! Ok ! I now see that my family was wrong : 11 times is only a warm up ! I'm only an "amateur" and I have do better next time !!! Once on french TV, I see a report about a man who's riding all the coasters that he could ; it may be hard for his heart and back. For me I prefer ride a coaster before sickness : when I did the Rock'n Roller Coaster for the 1rst time, leaving it I was like in washing machine but stopped after 2 min : I never feel this after ! Lucky ! Do you know if someone try to reach a record in the Guiness Book ? See you, have a nice Sunday !
  2. Hey you ! When I discovered the roller coasters, it was in 2000. For the first time in my life i ride the Kraken : whaoooo !!!! it was huge ! So good, so fast and so high ! And, I ride it 11 times in a day !!! When I told this, everyone in my family, and my husband called me "crazy" ... They REALLY don't know what it is, sure !!! But, you, how many times in a single day did you ride a coaster ? Just to know if I am "so crazy" !!! See you Mingsai
  3. Hello ! Thanx for your replies. I confirm : we'll go there in 2009 ! I'd rather in 2008 but, we have to see something else than Orlando, like New Zealand and Spain ... I plan to rent a villa or an apartment in International Drive : not too far from IOA, SW, and USO, Downtown Orlando, and well desserved by Lynx buses. I'm surching it on the web, but if you have any info, just let me know ! I'm not 4 , but 31 : in fact, it is my wedding anniversary, because we spend our honey moon in Orlando !!! Robb, do you work in "roller coasters world" ? Or you're just the Biggest Fan in the World ??? Well, see you soon A bientôt ! Mingsai :orangesmile:
  4. :orangesmile: Hi everybody ! I'm a new member and this forum seems to be cool . Well, I've planned to go back to Orlando - my wonderland ! - in 2009 !!! Yeah! I will not be late, but for a 3 weeks stay, I have to save money ! So, is it good to visit it in May ? Are there holidays or special days ? Thanks See you soon Mingsai from France
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