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  1. This is incredible. 35 Million visitors this week. To put this in perspective for people that aren't sure how big TPR has become. Twice as Many people than will visit Magic Kingdom in Florida in the entire year of 2014 in one week. 81 Percent of all the people that will visit Orlando in total this entire year. The same amount of people that will visit Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland in an ENTIRE year in one week. If TPR were a theme park and had that many unique visitors every week, each year- They would have more visitors in a year than every other theme park currently operating- combined. Actually- TWICE as many. One in every 80 people that use the internet in the ENTIRE WORLD experienced a TPR post this week.. 2.8 Billion total versus 35 Million in aggregate for TPR. Only slightly less viewers than the games 5, 6 and 7 of this year's world series -combined. Would be the number 1,2,3 and 4 top rated show in America this week- combined... You guys nailed it this week.. I tip my hat. I think you actually hit the tipping point. Congratulations! -Chris " Calls it like he sees it and honestly saw you working your but off this week" Con
  2. Our family hopes everyone has a very happy holiday and a Merry Christmas.
  3. Looks like Universal has another winner on their hands. I remember when Forbidden Journey opened and the lines were nearly to the park entrance, but this ride has four times the capacity and still had wait times of 450 minutes. It took 160 minutes to get through the single rider line? WOW! Years ago, many enthusiasts thought it was stupid for Universal to build anything Harry Potter related. That was a funny time. Now we have one of the most detailed theme park environments in the US. I need to make a trip down to check it out myself. -chris "and I actually don't like harry potter, but this ish looks awesome" con
  4. Best practices says you continue doing both. On the forum gives immediacy to entrenched customers that enjoy reading current news and commenting on it in real time. The park index adds completeness to potential new customers that are just familiarizing themselves with your product. To choose one or the other eliminates potential viewers.
  5. ^^Do you have a particular price range? There are a number of nice hotels that aren't super expensive in Nassau County as well. Check out Homewood suites in Nassau.
  6. Seriously, Disney should hire zamperla to build all of their rides. It takes Disney 3 years to build a kiddie coaster. Zamperla knocks out a major ride during a couple lazy weekends. I'm impressed.
  7. 50 pages later I realized that I'm not a coaster nerd.
  8. ^Same thing with us on our recent trip. We were able to get on any ride we wanted (except for toy story/anna/ellsa/and the parade/fireworks stuff) after we used up the original three. Some rides were later at night, but there were no problems. I keep trying to decide what "best practices" are regarding the new system. Do I book my first three as early as possible even if lines are light at that hour, or do I book during that 11:00-2:00 spot where lines are the worst? It will be interesting to see how game theory plays out with the new system.. That being said, the ability to add more fastpasses was flawless and there was a lot of availability even included the "tiered" e-tickets.
  9. ^Well played. My inlaws bought a bunch of them for CJ and I rocked my "passholder slider".They liked the ability to customize their bands. They thought it was fun. Honestly, I kind of hate the idea of paying $12.95 for 3 pieces of plastic, but then again, I paid $9.95 for a vinylmation park 1 chaser that later made me $500.00 profit, so who am I to judge. Like you said, I'm pretty sure the only people that really hate Magic Bands at this point are the ones that loved abusing the old system.
  10. ^Honestly too, If you look at these photos, they are actually a great example of why fastpass+ actually works. When the system is completely working, it distributes the crowds in such an incredible way that even standby wait is minimized.
  11. @Robb- Had friends at hollywood studios that were dealing with the same issues. Who knows. Maybe it was a fluke for those two parks. But none of our phones could access anything and all kiosks were down. Again though, Disney will figure this all out. Events like this are only beneficial to the system.. Something breaks and they fix it and learn how to stop it from happening again.. Robb- Couple questions for you- Being a father, do you love the flexibility of fastpass+ like I do? Do you think the new system is better than the old system for the majority of guests? and will you ever buy a magic bandit or accessory for your magic band? I feel like that begins to step into the weird part of Disney fandom.
  12. One more thing to add- From a family with child point of view-FastPass+ rocks. We can wake up when our son wants to and move around the parks at our own pace and still be ensured that we get to meet mickey, or ride toy story mania, or get the expedition everest ride. Honestly, it's perfect for our family... If I could change one thing about MyMagic+ it would be to let me skip entering the pin in for purchasing less than $10 dollars. I believe they talked about this idea when it was first announced. I want to scan and go.
  13. ^Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is definitely a hit (at least currently). On May 2nd when they announced the FP+ dates, the entire system crashed, completely. We were at Animal Kingdom. Let me paint you a picture- I arrived at a fastpass+ kiosk since the mydisneyexperience app would not work on my iphone (due to the demand). The cast members told me that the entire system was completely down and I should just jump in a standby line. Killimanjaro Safari went from 20 minutes to 120 minutes (in the rain) and they just let everyone through the fastpass + line without even scanning magic bands since they were completely not working. It was one of the craziest days I've ever spent at a park with pure confusion for cast members and guests. Since magic bands are still in a test and adjust phase, I'm sure Disney will learn from this experience to be able to quickly ramp up when demand is needed. But yeah. Too Long, Didn't Read? 7DMT is in such high demand that it broke fastpass+ yesterday. Also a bit off topic- The same people have now been queueing in line for the past four days straight to get a ride. Those people are nuts. -chris
  14. Here's a photo I took recently of Avatar construction- It has REALLY begun.
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