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  1. We went to the park over the weekend for a quick visit and some notes: - Wonder Woman still has a fair bit of work left and the pieces are all over the place - The wait times for Mind Eraser with VR was insane. It was running 1 train and looked like only people in the back half of the train were wearing the helmets. - The new Coaster Candy store up front is a nice addition - So glad VR is off superman and dispatches were pretty good. There was only a line for the front row and the ride was a walk on You can see all of that in our video recap of our visit here.
  2. From one of the POV's we shot during media day you can definitely see a fair bit of new grass and trees coming in. I feel that over the next year or two the views on this ride will add even more to the experience. Like you said, it's BGW so they are gonna do it right when it comes to landscaping.
  3. Family coaster or not, after riding it three times this morning during the media event BGW defintily has a winner on their hands. The pacing, airtime, layout and pretty much everything about this coaster is spot on. I went into it thinking "if this is half as good as White Lightning I'll be happy". Well, I am WAY more than happy and ultimately prefer InvadR over White Lightning. Both are great but I just think I like the layout a little better.
  4. Super excited for this. Last years AHS house was among the best I've been through during my years at HHN and I don't think this will be any less spectacular.
  5. ^Truly the best way to experience the park. BGW is still one of the only parks I could go to, not ride a single thing and still have a full day of being entertained.
  6. Speaking from someone who has done this tour, I would highly recommend it. Getting to go up the lift of Griffon alone was worth it for us. The Quick Queue you get as part of this tour is a one time use quick queue. With InvadR opening this year I am curious to know if they add any sort of tour of that to it. There is video of our tour online but I am unable to post it here.
  7. I know they had some issues with their FB Live video and I think they ended up removing it but, if you want to watch the entire presentation by Park President David Cromwell, here it is!
  8. I am not sure. The customer service rep just said at the end of the season.
  9. ^Me too but haven't gotten the email myself yet sadly so was hoping to actually see it. Either way, I've signed up as I loved this idea last year but wasn't able to partake in it. Now I'll have my own stein waiting for me everytime i visit the park! Yes the cost is a bit high but I feel it's a great value to be able to keep it at the end of the year! Doesn't mention here so it seems to be conflicting
  10. Anyone know if you get to keep the stein at the end of the season? I believe you do but want to confirm. Update: I called and did confirm you get to keep it at the end of the season. Could you post the email where it mentions free refill each visit? Called them and they said different but, being that it's kind of new they may not know all the details yet.
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