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  1. Did anyone else get a SF Membership email offering to pause their membership until "the park re-opens in the spring"? Not sure if it's a blanket email for all the closed parks (which I know are mostly seasonal) or a true indication that SFMM will be closed for several months more.
  2. One of the webcams shows Maverick running currently. I'm most interested to see if TTD will be open on Sunday. It's been closed the past two Sundays, despite being open on the preceding Saturdays, which seems weird to me.
  3. Does anyone know if SFMM currently hires people to work weekends only? (I hope it's OK for me to ask that here.) I have a full time Monday through Friday job, but I've always wanted to work at an amusement park and am interested in doing so on the weekends.
  4. What a mess! I have a feeling there will be a lot of angry USH customers by the day's end (if not already). I went to CityWalk early this morning to see a movie. At ~10:30am, the digital sign at the Lankershim entrance indicated the park was sold out. The line of people waiting to get into the park stretched back into CityWalk. When I exited the theatre at ~1:30pm, I walked by the park's front gate to hear that the park was at capacity. Except for re-entry guests, no one was being allowed in--including people with pre-purchased tickets. The entrance plaza was full of frustrated would-b
  5. Yikes. That was a long time for people to be stuck. I assume some people couldn't wait so long to use a proper bathroom... Could this incident affect the ride's future at Knott's? If I remember correctly, wasn't the Windseeker incident the beginning of the end for that ride in CA?
  6. Didn't the park purchase some kind of business interruption insurance after the last water main break? Too bad this had to happen on a Saturday night, though. I'm sure many will be upset.
  7. Wow. Didn't Riptide just reopen at the end of last year after a months-long rehab?! When did it last operate? I expected the ride's days were numbered but didn't think the ride would be removed so soon. Knott's is a beautiful park, but the recent removals of Perilous Plunge, Windseeker, and now Riptide--without anything very thrilling being added to replace them--are making me feel increasingly less inclined (as someone without young kids) to visit Knott's over SFMM. Of course, given how Knott's supposedly had a record-breaking year last year, I'm becoming increasingly dubious new thri
  8. Just got back from the park following the Friday "After Party" event. Considering the $45 I paid for my ticket (a discounted night further discounted thru my employer) and the light crowds, I enjoyed the evening. I entered the park a little after 7:30pm, and by 1am (park close), I had done all the mazes (including three of them twice) and scare zones, the Terror Tram, Jurassic Park, Transformers, and Minion Mayhem. Crowds seemed pretty light. The waits for Insidious, The Walking Dead, and Halloween occasionally hovered around 35 / 40 minutes, but I never saw a posted wait tim
  9. The extension is interesting to me. I wonder how much demand there'll be the week after Halloween, especially since I would think most will have gotten their visits in by now / already purchased tickets for this weekend and that of the 31st. Tickets look pretty cheap for the two additional nights. I may try to go on one of them and hope for lesser crowds!
  10. Even if the park did own some of the above mentioned perimeter land, It seems like the park already has more space than it can adequately maintain. Cyclone Bay has a ton of dead space presently (e.g. Deja Vu's old spot, the abandoned Cold Stone Creamery building among others, etc.), and much of what's left could be razed without offending anyone (e.g. Apocalypse is in a bad state currently, the log ride looks like a leaky maintenance nightmare, and the deforested Ninja could be nearing the end of its lifespan). When you add in the abandoned stunt show stadium, monorail station, and whatev
  11. ^ My understanding is that, while the ride's fountains used to soak the entire gondola, they've since been reduced to a decorative, non-soaking feature only due to maintenance problems the water was causing. I remember watching riders get drenched on the ride when I visited in 2006, but I think that hasn't happened for quite some time.
  12. Have anyone canceled their current Membership and re-purchased it at this weekend's pricing? I purchased a Membership during last year's Flash Sale and am paying $5.85/mo. Given how I'm out of the 12 month contract, though, I'm worried my monthly fee could go up. I'm wondering if I should cancel that membership and purchase it again to (presumably) receive the current $5.99/mo. pricing for at least the next 12 months...
  13. What a pleasant surprise! This should vastly improve the ride experience. I never expected the "renovate Revolution" pipe dream to become a reality. But for all the criticism this park gets, I think this decision deserves a lot of praise. It seems the park listened to its customers and took an opportunity to enhance an existing attraction, which they didn't often do before Twisted Colossus. Two remaining questions: Will Twisted Colossus's 4th train be shipped with the new trains for New Revolution? And after New Revolution, will the park send the painters over to Tatsu?
  14. I'm glad to see Cedar Fair move beyond the Soak City name. I always thought it was such bland branding--especially with multiple parks having the same name.
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