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  1. Yeah, you should probably tamper that expectation quite a bit or expect a massive disappointment. They may both be Intamin multi-launch rides, but Cheetah Hunt isn't in the same stratosphere as Maverick....
  2. I'm a fan of it. Much better experience than using mobile browsers. Was hoping for awhile you guys would go this route! Can the software on your end be tweaked to bring over the same styling options that TPR's forum has? Color scheme, et al. Make it feel more "TPR-y." These things can be a pain so bravo on putting in the work in getting this live.
  3. I figured you guys were enthusiasts...I just thought it was interesting that SHE was riding and you were taking the pictures lol. It's usually the other way around. I love just stopping in there for 30min to grab rides before continuing on with my day! That's the day before we leave for Coasting for Kids and I'm off....And free beer...Tempting.
  4. I've heard that Transformers will be soft opening again this evening around 5, and tomorrow around 3...
  5. Invertalon, if you're talking about today, I was there around 4pm for about 15 laps in a yellow shirt. Got my 101st ride on it today. Edit: Were you out in a black shirt with a DSLR?
  6. Personally, I rank the GCIs I've ridden like this... Thunderhead Prowler Renegade White Lightning Apocalypse Evel Knieval Kentucky Rumbler Gwazi *Edit: Forgot about Apocalypse. Adjusted my ranking.
  7. A few of us were talking about this the other day and it kind of blew our minds...It's been longer since Holiday World got a new coaster than the time between Raven - Legend and Legend - Voyage.... Can't believe it's been seven years already! Crazy...
  8. Got 53 rides on White Lightning yesterday....Almost to 100 already....... It's REALLY starting to break in!
  9. Completely agree with Kara. The mechanicals throughout the show building completely take you out of the experience, which honestly isn't much to begin with. The area is absolutely gorgeous, the ride system is amazing, and the exhibit at the end is authentic and very nice; it's really cool being able to get so close to the animals! But the ride just doesn't make any sense. You're spinning around random set pieces that aren't connected whatsoever, as far as we could tell, and it's incredibly short. The ride motions themselves are fun, but again....it doesn't make one bit of sense. Just give me a nice attraction where you can see the animals in their habitat and be done, no storyline needed. It's also unbelievable that you can't just go in and see the exhibit without waiting in line....And currently it's around a four hour wait. Congrats to SeaWorld on a gorgeous area, but the ride leaves a lot to be desired.
  10. Picked up an annual pass last night and headed back to the park with some friends. The ride is already picking up speed! It was noticeably faster from the commercial shoot the day before. The crowds there are practically non-existent right now so we were able to basically just sit on the ride as long as there wasn't someone waiting for our row. The price of the annual pass was offset just last night, as the amount of times we rode everything in the park more than paid for it on a per ride basis! Fun Spot has a winner here, and I'm happy it's only 10 minutes from our house. I see many trips over the next year!
  11. Had a BLAST this morning riding White Lightning! Ended up with 18 rides, and I couldn't be happier to have this ride 10 minutes from our house. Congrats to GCI and Fun Spot for a great addition, and props to Robb, Elissa, Jake and Jack for great and professional coverage. Awesome day!
  12. Awesome to hear that Freedom Flyer is open! Will be heading out shortly with some people to ride it and hopefully catch some more White Lightning testing!
  13. Had fun hanging out with the five of us who ventured out there! The ride got noticeably faster between the first and 10th runs that we saw! Too bad it was dark, but am glad Robb could show y'all the videos! It's gonna be a great ride.
  14. Just swung by the park and have a few pictures to share. There's been a lot completed since the last time I was there about 2 weeks ago. A lot more structure has been put in place for the return run. The next big hill is halfway complete. And the remainder of the lift as well as the pre-lift section has been installed as well. Onto the pictures!
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