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  1. The name is awesome, I'll admit that. But I feel the ride doesn't look as enjoyable as the creators could have done. 305 feet used mainly for flat ride speed. Maybe it's just me, but I like many hills.
  2. Banjo-Tooie ftw. What a wacky ride that looked like. O_o
  3. It's going along great. I love the newly made wallpaint/posterboardings placed around the buildings for theming. And those arches are looking Fabulous.
  4. I'm drooling now.. And no, not over the dildo thought. Finally some footage action.
  5. Your not the only one with the thought. Lol. But great pictures. Good to see it still coming along.
  6. I see that Cedar Point is off to a good start. I cannot wait to join the team. Good report.
  7. Carnival rides build on scene. Truely awesome goodyness.
  8. They might as well move the 2d building picture sitting alone in that coaster flooded area. Kind of looks tacky. Although I am very excited to see that the 1st train has been set up at the station.
  9. Well. I'm only going to be at Cedar Point for 2 months, since I got myself a job there. Since I live out of State, I have a dorm in the park. So it's kind of like that new movie out in theatres.
  10. Oh god, that is really disturbing. And I think I heard the video talking about Assburgers or something along those lines. O_o
  11. Excellent photos. Cannot wait for the completion of the ride. It'll be like the sun and moon to me.
  12. Was that picture (second from the bottom) Medusa? The colors are very vibrant.
  13. The Disney Castle picture has to be one of my favorites ouf of your selection. They are unique.
  14. For that report, I am actually not surprised. Six Flags has been on the lower portion of productivity. Cedar Fair seems to benefit over everything Six Flags had to offer.
  15. Nice score. And good up to date pictures. I see a problem, but hopefully not a bad one. The 6th picture from the top. Having the 2 brake sections. A support is missing. O_o
  16. The ride doesn't seem fun in my view. Has a lot of similarities as of the Hurler ride. Just mostly speed.
  17. Very nice TR & pics. Had fun looking through them. The Sepia JtA picture was absolutely beautiful. I would reccommend sending that for the challenge, if possible.
  18. Very breath-taking photos. Sky shots are always the best. Quite nice of your friend to fly you up there for some photos. Wicked Twister repairs on one of the towers. I'm somewhat surprised about it. But hopefully it'll be fixed before Cedar Point opens up for the Summer. Can't wait to be working there this Summer. I'm going to have a blast.
  19. An Xcelerator like ride that is much more extended. Good, good. I like how it's turning out.
  20. I don't have a long list as of my Job activity. But at least it will bring news about me. When I finally turned 16, (1½ yrs ago) I went searching for a job. Never stopped to take a break of looking for employment. 6 months pass by, perhaps I'm not getting accepted during the right times. 1 year passes by, I hear about the Economic drop. So I figure it has to do with the major drop of unemployment. Another 6 months, I'm starting to give up. The year 2009 finally hits. On January 3rd, my mother reminded me about Cedar Point, how they hire people at the age of 18. So I figured, what the heck, might as well give it a shot. Even though I was 17, I would turn 18 before Summer approached. And that would be perfect for the oppritunity. Feburary 12th: A guy read my application and had a phone interview with me, to clarify some marks I made. So he sends off my application to another person. Feburary 20th: The 2nd person gives another interview, again for clarifications. Went fine and dandy. She said she would send to HR, and get some backgroup checkups on me. The very next day, I find in my inbox that I got accepted! So... I found I will be working in the Skyride area. Start work on June 25th. I am totally siked to try this out. Since I am out of state, I will be in a dorm. Can't wait to get away from my parents. P.S.: Will be getting a ton of pictures during my Summer employment. So expect a thread from me in the future.
  21. Great advice. Thanks! What makes the living quarters in CP like a prison? I would like to hope they treat alot better than what is viewed on the outside. Yeah. I am not out of High School yet, since I am in 11th grade. But I just need to have a break from my family, lol. And this would be a perfect oppritunity.
  22. Yeah. I found that out on the site. But you must be out of high school in order to attend there.
  23. Quite an interesting name choice to use for a child. Sadly, when he grows up, he will be made fun of at school. BIG TIME. But I understand the parents point that people must go on with the future, and not look back at historical events, because of a name. I would be furious too if they didn't make a cake for my child because of his/her name.
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