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  1. How many more years we gotta wait until Olympia arrives here too??
  2. OMG this is amazing!! I rode it in Mexico, and it was such a fun ride, but had terrible operations. I wonder who is doing the refurb?? Premier? Gerstlauer? Zierer? I wonder if it will get the new trains like SDL over at Hershey?
  3. Here is a recent video update. I cant believe they left those Quimera trains still sitting there on the track midcourse!
  4. I wonder if they will try to sell the Quimera or just junk it. With a complete refurb and new trains like they did for SDL over at Hershey, it would be a good addition for a small park here in the US.
  5. My first time visit to KK was a couple of weeks ago. I could not believe how cheap the flight was to Louisville, and park tickets were super cheap also. Oh and this park is very close to the airport! Just a few miles away. I decided to go for it even though it was going to be over 85 degrees. Let's just say I made good use of the waterpark. I was impressed with the wave pool and I could have stayed in the lazy river all day. The dry park was ok I guess for a small city park. The coasters were fun but did not really blow me away. The RMC and Chance coasters were the best there. The woody Th
  6. Shame they could not open Steel Curtain. The main reason I did not go.
  7. A bunch of crybabies complaining about Skyrush. I rode it and I didnt scream like a baby or complain when I got off. Lots of exaggerating.
  8. Does anyone know who the author of that new book CP 150 years is? Looks nice.
  9. I have been reading quite a few negative reviews about this park elsewhere. Lots of complaints about the ride reservation system, and over crowding no social distancing, especially at the water park.A bit concerened since I am planning a visit there on a Sunday in a week or so.
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