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  1. So now that Texas has opened up 100% and mask mandates now not required will SFOT allow non maskers??
  2. Sad they cant get Catwman Whip up and running. It can't be that expensive to setup and open like a coaster is. Jersey Devil is going to open.
  3. How have the crowds been on Sundays in January? I am going this Sunday. Perfect weather too, not hot at all. Do they still have single rider lines on any of the rides? THX!
  4. Is this the same model that SFMM may be getting? Or a different layout?
  5. Looks like some parts of the new coaster have already arrived at IB. https://www.facebook.com/midwestcoasterfans/
  6. I have not heard anything confirmed about Falling Star leaving.
  7. I'm not sure what abovethesink is talking about... Why the hell would the new owner buy this ride without thinking about all of that already?? There are plenty of Schwarzkopfs still running fine. Look at the one at Lagoon. Its running fine. The Scorpion at Busch Gardens?? It's even older. So where are they getting parts from?? From someone apparently since they are all running great and have been for years. Do you really think IB would buy this ride without consulting a manufacturer to see if its saveable?
  8. Alpina Bahn got nice new trains. Will Drier looping get the same for Indiana Beach?
  9. How many more years we gotta wait until Olympia arrives here too??
  10. OMG this is amazing!! I rode it in Mexico, and it was such a fun ride, but had terrible operations. I wonder who is doing the refurb?? Premier? Gerstlauer? Zierer? I wonder if it will get the new trains like SDL over at Hershey?
  11. Here is a recent video update. I cant believe they left those Quimera trains still sitting there on the track midcourse!
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