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  1. Looks like they got the former Dreier Looping open! Here a couple of vids found on YT.
  2. Anyone know when the Log ride reopens again? Says its closed on the website.
  3. The park now needs to add some modern good flats. What is there now is pretty bland.
  4. Send Xcalibur to a park that knows how to maintain and probably run it better. Look at what happened to the Deja Vu from Great America. I t went to Silverwood, and its running fine, with the original trains too!
  5. I really, really hope its getting sold off and not getting scrapped. Whats the reason they are removing it? It cant be for parts replacement, because there are other coaster companies out there that can work on Schwarzkopfs. Hell they can even give new trains.
  6. I'm assuming this will be ready opening day 2023?? They have plenty of time now off season to finish it. Testing, inspections, etc.
  7. Looks like the Schwarzkopf is almost about done with the painting. Photos are from Indiana Beach Facebook group.
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