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  1. Midwest Coaster Fans posted a good update from opening weekend. Skip to the 20 min mark for the Schwarzkopf coaster update.
  2. The GIB at Silverwood seems to be just fine. Either it got a great refurb, or the park knows how to operate it correctly.
  3. SFMM can take that vaccine card and shove it. and for member called JEW, keep politics out of it, by saying republican states are worse. Republican states arent living in fear.
  4. https://www.themeparks-uk.com/chessington-world-of-adventures-guide/news/1192-photos-of-croc-drop-at-chessington-world-of-adventures Notice the dividers between seats. Does this park have a height restriction? Not very tall at all.
  5. This was posted today on FB. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2219020924879616/permalink/3810610325720660/ Those track pieces don't look refurbished at all, and the train is not looking great either. IS thing even going to be ready this year? I know it can be erected pretty fast, but refurbs take awhile to complete, it also depends on how much of it is actually needing a refurb? Video update from outside the park. Those green trains are from Cascabel shuttle loop which was in Mexico City. Also ride pods from a HUSS Condor. Probably the one from La Feria also.
  6. Busy on a Monday? Isn't Spring Break over there yet? I heard they are making people walk a mile to get in, not offering the trams or buses they had before.
  7. Did they get Crazanity up and running yet? I heard Batrman was closed because they are giving it a paint job.
  8. I heard Spring Break crowds were awful here. Is it better now in April weekends? Probably on a Sunday.
  9. No information yet on who they got to do the trains for it. Either new, or rebuild.
  10. So any used coasters or major rides on the market??? They might go here.
  11. So now that Texas has opened up 100% and mask mandates now not required will SFOT allow non maskers??
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