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  1. I was in New York two days ago, and I got to ride it. I thought it was pretty good, a little rough, but nothing over the top. It was nice and intense, but certainly not the greatest wood coaster ever (especially after riding Phoenix a few weeks ago).
  2. Mine was the Dragon at Legoland when I was 8. And I was scared to death once the downhill parts started.
  3. Ha, that reminds me, right by my house there's a house with a sign out front that says, "moving in soon: Rob & Elissa". Guess these "good twins" are everywhere!
  4. There's a fair over in Vienna (right by D.C.) going on right now, but it's only got a few rides. Maybe someone could go to it and whore their Go Gator.
  5. Heh, I posted a TR on this a few months ago. Did you see the pandas?
  6. I hate 99.5. Their music (and DJs) are very bad, as is made clear by this video. This coaster's pretty much the same as the other IJSTs, right?
  7. This year, Batwing's operation has been much improved. Last visit, for the first time ever, I saw them operating both platforms (with two trains)!
  8. Well then, now there's just two "large-quantity" amusement chains left in the U.S. Was there four back when Premier operated seperately from SF? We could be moving towards a monopoly here.
  9. You mave have heard about FBI officials raiding that CIA guy's house. The weird part is, that house is litarally a block away from where I live. Very weird seeing an area your very familiar with as the lead story on national news.
  10. Wow. The guy survived though, by ejecting moments before impact.
  11. That's pretty cool. It's on the way up to William's Grove from D.C, so it's basically the same but closer, which is pretty convenient.
  12. One of my friends has a colored light that fell off a carnival ride. I tried to buy it from him, but it didn't work out.
  13. Funny, I thought Robb thought this coaster had no airtime either.
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