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  1. Thanks for that Robb. I wasn't as much concerned about the design as I was the logistics, and Office Depot never even crossed my mind.
  2. Hello Alveys and Team TPR, I am planning a trip for several of my coworkers and I to Kings Dominion later this summer. We are going to the park on one of the picnic in the park days and want to plan some additional meet ups during the day. Due to the picnic and other meet ups being specific times, I would like to provide a schedule to the group. I have seen these in the past at coaster events on lanyards and the like and would ideally have something of similar quality but more wallet/index card size. One side would be the schedule and during the day we will also be facilitating a photo scavenger hunt that would be on the other. Can anyone provide me some guidance on designing something like this and the most inexpensive way to get it printed? Thank you in advance for the help. Gary
  3. Hate to ask a question that has been asked or answered previously, but I am very interested in joining Club TPR and was wondering about the length of the membership period. Is it 12 months from the initial sign up or is it on a Jan-Dec set up? Had an amazing time at East Coast Bash last year, and looking forward to participating in some events this year. The discount list is also VERY persuading. Thanks in advance for your help. Gary
  4. Griffon was running last night, there was no wait for any row. So, I was able to get a front row seat for the most painful ride of my life. It was raining hard and very chilly. When people were getting off the ride they looked a little worse for wear. Overall, albeit the weather was pretty crappy, it was a good evening at BG. They do a great job of decorating the park and I was very impressed with the shows (almost full orchestra set up in the Rejoice show).
  5. From the original set of pics, the Japan flag picures info was http://themeparkreview.com/forum/files/wearetotallyonourwaytojapan.jpg This clue may be to throw someone off track OR is it? Japan bound are we?
  6. It is always a bummer (especially in the enthusiast community) to have to wait an extra season for an already announced coaster no matter what the reason. But aside from this coaster mumbo jumbo, from the screenshot Elissa posted, who else's eye was drawn to the Novela Day advertisement? What a great theme day for a park. Novela's have always been a guilty pleasure.
  7. Does anybody else thinks this looks like a 90 mph roller skater? I'm totally down.
  8. I was really trying to decide if I would be able to do HP with the crew, I have become such a huge TPR fanboy and wanted to meet the "in crowd". It would have been an awesome way to celebrate my 25th, but since I can't(having just moved 10 hours due southeast), I will have vicarious ERT. Storm Runner is my happy place.
  9. Just saw Dark Knight for the second time(this time in my local craptacular theater) and I have determined that the three most haunting words uttered in a movie for 2008 are... "LOOK AT ME!" That sent chills down my spine.
  10. If the station theming turns out to be as good as the picture, that would be awesome enough. But add to that a launching Gerstlauer, sounds like a winner.
  11. Howdy TPR, I have been a member of the forums since 2005 and I've never really introduced myself or participated a whole lot, but that's all about to change. My name is Gary, and up until a month ago I lived in the DC Metro Area, within a couple of hours of SFA, KD, BGW, HP, etc. At the end of June I moved to a little town in southwestern VA called Raven. Now my closest park is Dollywood, which is about 2.5 hours away. In addition to not being surrounded by theme parks anymore, there really is not a whole lot to do here. The closest movie theatre is 30 minutes away. The closest mall is about an hour away. PO-DUNK!! But my purpose for moving was to be close to family. So, as much as I will be trying to enjoy the beauty of the area, I am sure I will be participating more on TPR and living vicariously through everyone's travels.
  12. I just relocated from the DC area to hicktown VA, usually not a plus, but that does make Dollywood my new home park. And I can not wait to get my first visit in this year. Great TR so far, and I do agree the rollover at the end of Mystery Mine is darn near "sponge worthy". (Ooooh, sorry for that old reference) Also, I must pick up a copy of the "Daily Edition", I am sure I have family members in there.
  13. Oh, the Places You'll Go! Horton Hears a Who! All classics.
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