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  1. That's exactly along the lines of what I was thinking of doing, and I'm doing it for AP Lang too. I'll definitely pm you, thanks! Any other feedback by others would be greatly appreciated as well!
  2. If this is the wrong forum, by all means move it. Anyway, I've been given a fairly open final project for my AP English class, the only guideline being it must be a speech/presentation about a subject you're interested in and is in a way, controversial. I chose amusement park safety because, it might just be people I've talked to, many people (too many, in my opinion,) feel that amusement parks are very unsafe. Rides could break, g-forces could seriously hurt them, I've heard it all. I feel that the relative safety of amusement parks is extremely misjudged, when in reality it is one of the safest forms of entertainment. I came on here to ask you guys what YOU think are the most pressing issues when it comes to park safety. I'm not going to list what I already think, rather sit back and hopefully get some more insight or expansion on my existing ideas by you guys who are probably more knowledgeable than I am. Anything you can contribute I'm sure will help in some way, so if you think you have anything to contribute please do! Thank you guys so much, it helps a ton for my project and certainly helps expand my theme park knowledge.
  3. My dad just said that if the Bruins win the Pac-12 championship, we're going to the Rose Bowl and Magic Mountain. I've never wanted someone to win a football game more in my life. I'm from Washington, so this is a big deal!
  4. Lookin' good so far Robb, looking forward to the rest of the show. So far so good!
  5. actually they are spinning the cars now, when i went i flipped at least 4 times, and ive seen them run more than one train on green lantern That picture is also when the car is on the brake run, the only place where it usually flips! I'm glad to hear GL is flipping more... or maybe you just got lucky. I thought it was a great ride without flips, I'd love to ride it when it does!
  6. ^I must've been unlucky with X2... they were only running one train, they weren't beating the timer, and the line wasn't really that farther back than you were. The line was probably about 100-150 feet back, right about at where the first cow-pen part of the line is. I ended up waiting an hour and a half for it... which considering everything else was a walk on was torture!
  7. ^I did sit in the front, although now that I think about it the back would seem better. I really enjoyed Apocalypse, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I can see why you're coming from though, it is listed under "Moderate Thrills" in the park map.
  8. ^I guess so. The music wasn't working on my train as far as I could tell, wasn't working on my row at least.
  9. Alright, here goes my full report from yesterday. We got to the park around 10:20, gates opened at 10:30. We wanted to get there earlier, but it took us a little longer than expected to get packed up since we were leaving for the airport right after we left the park. We headed straight for X2, but since we were one of the last people in line there was already a huge hoard in line so we decided to head to Tatsu. Even with the diversion to X2, we walked right on the first train of the day on the back row, and wow it was incredible. Last time I rode was in 06 when it opened, and it was still just as good. We went one more time and waited one train for the front, and the front is definitely where it's at. Hands forward, wind blowing in your face, it's incredible. After Tatsu we headed over to the back of the park and we were the first two people back there. Not a soul in sight. Walked on Apocalypse front row, and wow is it a great ride. Nice pops of airtime and the effects were great. Next we headed over to Riddler and walked on (beginning to see a trend here?) right to the front row. Great ride as well, nice inversions. Then we went to Green Lantern, but right when we got in line they closed the ride because people were stuck upside down at the end again... because of this, we went over to BTR, got another front row ride on that with a one-train wait. We saw Green Lantern was running again, so we hopped in line. We ended up waiting half an hour because none of us realized the line split in two for each side of the station... and the ops were just dispatching the ride without any riders on the left side!! They finally announced there were two lines, but they dispatched the ride for half an hour without telling us! You think they'd notice people weren't boarding the left side and announce earlier, but it is what it is. I gotta say, with all the negative reviews of the ride, I thought it was amazing. Sure we only got one flip at the end, but the uncertainty of when you were going to fall and all the forces was amazing. I loved the ride, one of my favorities of the day. After this, we headed to the front and rode Scream twice, once a walk on in the back and the other a one train wait for the front. My sister and I rode Swashbuckler twice just for kicks, and then walked right on to Goliath. I love both these rides, and Goliath was dispatching 10 seconds before the timer ran out. I was very impressed with operations at that point, until we got to X2... We decided to head to X2 with about 2 hours left, you never know how long the line will be. Hearing reports of about 30-45 minutes on Sunday, I figured we'd have that or less, since that was a weekend. Wrong. In total, we waited an hour and a half for the ride since they were only running one train... also, the ops were very unprofessional, not paying attention to the other ops and doing various other things when they should've been paying attention to the ride. They were dispatching trains every five minutes. I don't know if that's normal, but it seemed like a long time to me. The guy was right outside the station was cool though and assigned us the front row because he asked us how long we had waited and did this to apologize. We finally rode, and WOW. Incredible ride. Nuff said. The drop in the first row is unreal, and the rest of the ride plus the fire just really did it for me. Finally, after X2, my mom and sister headed to eat some Panda Express while I went to Ninja for one final ride. I walked right on and wasn't very impressed. Fun ride, but I guess that's just what it was designed for. Overall, it was an incredible day. Walk on's for everything except X2 and Green Lantern due to bad operations. Every ride was running one train except Riddler and Apocalypse, but the other train was just testing when we rode. On a side note, workers were scaling Superman throughout the day, not sure what they were doing. Also, land clearing for the new ride looked the same as previous updates. Hope you enjoyed the report, if you have any questions or comments let me know!
  10. ^You never know. Like I said earlier, every single ride was a walk on today, yet I waited an hour and a half for X2, it was only running one train... oh well, I luckily got assigned the front row. Anyway, considering I waited nothing for anything today, an hour and a half wait was torture . I'm sure families from out of town would consider spending the 50 bucks or so to ride the "Most Xtreme coaster on the planet," advertised as such.
  11. Wow, amazing day at the park today. It was absolutely DESERTED, and every ride was a walk on unless you wanted the front, even then it was just a 1-2 train wait. I'll write up a longer TR later tonight hopefully.
  12. Heading out to the park this morning, sounds like the park was pretty empty yesterday so being a school day today and the drill competition over it should be an amazing day!
  13. ^Now that I definitely understand. I guess my post was aimed at a specific audience, not the people in this thread as a whole, I apologize. Didn't mean to push any buttons, if I did, I'm sorry.
  14. ^That is true, looking back on what I wrote, I just ranted on... I apologize. That comment (or paragraphs, I should say ) were mostly aimed at people who criticize others on their "stupidity." I completely understand having a little laugh at something someone has said that you know is wrong, I just don't think it's right to criticize others about it.
  15. You gotta give some of these people a break, they don't sit at a computer all day and learn roller coaster facts. Someone sitting next to a launced ride claiming it goes around 100mph is by no means stupid or ignorant, they simply see a huge train launching from a standstill to atop a 200 foot tall crest in a matter of seconds and are simply amazed, so they exlaim "Wow, that must go 100mph!!." If I didn't know about launched roller coasters, that would seem unbelieveable to me. I wouldn't go posting on a message board, "L0lz that person iz stupid, it g0es 78.843 mph hahaa wut a loser how culd they not know!>!?!##@" These people aren't stupid, they just aren't as informed. To this day I still see roller coasters as incredible pieces of technology despite the fact I know how they work. The "GP" are equally as amazed, and there's no problem with them asking questions simply because they aren't familiar with how a ride works. It's just like me asking a question to someone who loves cars, my question may come across as stupid since they are knowledgeable in their subject, but it doesn't give them a right to judge me and post about how stupid I am simply because we all have our different areas of interest. I'm sure every single person peoplele have commented about in this thread are much more knowledgeable in a different subject than you, how would you feel if the situation was flipped?
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