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  1. This is sort of expanding on some of the points that BeemerBoy made, but I find it to be significantly more fun and rewarding to root for teams that aren't perennial winners. I have received a lot of crap for supporting the teams that I do, but nobody can ever accuse me of being a fairweather fan. The fact that both of my teams (the Cubs and the Blues) have suffered horrendous seasons in the past six or seven years makes winning ANY game that much more satisfying simply because I know it could be worse. The Blues went on a tear last year and looked like a team poised to finally hoist the Cu
  2. The footage dvds are just sort of a bonus for me. If there are a few rides I'm curious to see then I will check them out, but after that I never touch it again. For the most part, they have little influence on whether I buy the Expedition dvd. If you guys just sold the Expedition dvd by itself and kept the full POVs for the Raw series, I wouldn't complain.
  3. This is awesome, Gerd! I've been wanting to learn how to make fresh pasta and you just filled me in! This is definitely going to become a weekend dinner project in the near future. Quick question though... is vegetable broth something you buy or do you make it on your own?
  4. Damn dirty hippie!! Just kidding, Jay! I'm actually surprised how meaty the faux meat looks. If I were an onion guy, I'd totally try this dish! I'll be interested to see your updates in the future. I've always been curious about the diversity of a vegan's diet. Cooking veggies in an appetizing manner isn't exactly my forte right now, so it'll be good to have a place to steal some ideas! And hooray for Silk! Way to represent the lactose intolerant folks as well!
  5. You're 13, dude. That's how things work at that age. It's "ok" for a 13 year old to like more than one person at the same time. In fact, in a month, I'm sure both you and her will have new crushes on other people because that's just how it flows in middle school. I wish I could tell you to just sit back and live it up, but I know it's impossible to understand it right now. But I guarantee you by the time you are 16, you'll be looking back on it all and laughing about how awesome middle school was because everybody was just a flavor of the week, and that was ok. As for real advice
  6. Heck yes! I do what I can. Sister Hazel is actually playing a bar in Tuscaloosa on Thursday! I'm still on the fence about going. I'm sure it'd be a hell of a show!
  7. & I'm pretty sure he means to go look at your 'Top [insert number] Most Played' playlist that is automatically installed on your iTunes and list the 10 highest ranked songs, as opposed to just listing the ten songs on your iPod that you feel are the best. Anyway, here's mine: 1. Quietdrive- "Both Ways" 2. Fall Out Boy- "I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth" 3. Lifehouse- "Whatever It Takes" 4. Angels & Airvwaves- "Everything's Magic" 5. Louque- "Kenny The Jet" 6. Tim Hughes- "Happy Day" 7. Bloodhound Gang- "Foxtrot Uniform Cha
  8. Dude, these pictures are all sorts of awesome. They make me miss HHN so bad. I wish I had that kind of photographic capability!
  9. Our next stop on the trip was Universal Orlando! We started out the day at Universal Studios where we were able to get a first hand look at Rockit construction. I had kind of lost some interest in this project until I saw the thing in and person and wow! I just can't get over how massive it's going to be! Anyway, as you will find out in the photos, Robby and Tyler were picked to be on Fear Factor Live and we captured it all on video! Check it out and enjoy the pics! IOA is up next! [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=fearfactorlive[/coastertube]
  10. After spending the day at BGT, we headed over to Kissimmee to whore out the Old Town Resort, where we were joined by none other than Bryan! It was truly a remarkable evening. Tyler met a girl, we discovered the #3 ranked haunted house in the nation, AND stuffed our faces with Dole Whip. I'll let the pictures and captions tell the rest. The video from the night is below. Enjoy! NOTE: The video is somewhat inappropriate and is PG-13. [tprtv]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=oldtown[/tprtv] The next update will be Universal Studios featuring Robby and Tyl
  11. In the middle of last week, Tyler (CTU Agent), Robby (BamaRob21), and myself were chillaxin' in our apartment when we started to joke about taking advantage of our 4 day weekend to go to Florida. We're coming to realize, however, that anything we joke about is destined to happen (see our cross-country trek TR). So fifteen minutes later, we woke up Andrew (swimace) to inform him we would be showing up at his door step in three days and that it'd be wise for him to break any plans he might have. Afterall, we're that awesome. So Friday after class, we checked out of Tuscaloosa and made our
  12. Are you riding your bike there? I'm not sure how you came up with 7 hours. I've made it in under 5 from Bloomington, which is an hour farther. Sure, an amusement park in Indy would be nice, but I don't really see how one could ever prosper. It's not a big enough tourist destination to build something big and there are far too many well established parks within a days drive of the Indianapolis area.
  13. This TR was all sorts of awesome. I'm glad Shannon hasn't swayed you to the dark side completely. I'm glad I'm not alone on this. For being so obsessed with basketball, you'd think they would have put a little more money into building an attractive arena. Oh wait, they use it all on their recruits... Dude, never mind the whole B&M hyper disagreement. I'm telling you, we're blood.
  14. That could be a possibility, but the problems with bringing a franchise like Jurassic Park to straight-to-dvd level is that the cast will be a bunch of no bodies or actors from TV shows because of the low budget. Another problem is that the dinosaurs won't as look as realistic as in the last three films. That's my opinion though, you don't have to agree with me! No offense, but I was being sarcastic, hence the eye roll. I'm just jokingly waiting for them to do that since they seem hellbent on bastardizing the original as much as possible.
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