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  1. This Model was a fair traveling one from Germany. Build in 1962 by Mack, it travelled First the Bigger fairs like Oktoberfest or Cannstatter Vasn. After loosing its popularity and beeing resold Four times, the last owner rethemed it in 2001. It was scrapped sometimes After its last traveling season in Winter 2010. The original heavy Theme revered to a Ski-Jump and in the 1976 season it was renamed „Olympia-Sprungschanze“ in honor to the olympic Wintergames in Innsbruck, Austria. http://www.ride-index.de/include.php?path=content/content.php&contentid=560 I remeber riding it a few times as Kid at our local fair somewhere in the early 80‘s.
  2. Here comes the sun (Francois K. Remix) - Nina Simone
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