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  1. Thanks for the precise reply. That's a big diffence to Germany, where we have a federal law called "Allgemeines Leistungsstörungsrecht" under which the refund is statutory. Similar to the EU tourist ban, European users are blocked from disneyworld.disney.go.com (a "General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR" thing) and we have to buy our tickets from the Walt Disney Travel Company in London. It will be interesting to see if they will offer refunds to German guests who are affected. Brexit might be a factor here, too.
  2. To be more specific: I buy a theme park ticket with a fixed (although changeable) date. The park has to close on that date. They are not legally obligated to refund the ticket price? (where I life, they would be)
  3. I'm just curious. Disney just posted their ticket policy: "If you are unable to visit by December 15, 2020 you may apply the value of a wholly unused ticket toward the purchase of a ticket for a future date." which basically means: you can reschedule, but you will not get a cash refund. In Germany that would be straight-out unlawful. How is the legal situation in the U.S.?
  4. That is very sad news. I just started to cancel different "components" of my Orlando Trip that would have started in two weeks. I would have brought two first-timers with me, who are incredibly disappointed at this point.
  5. Toilet paper, pasta, people stealing desinfectants from hospitals. The media situation is absolutely unbearable right now, too. There seems to be no other topic worth writing about. If one of our roughly 670 infected persons sneezes, there will be 10 to 25 articles about that “situation”. Luckily our health minister is doing a great job in handling the crisis.
  6. To put things into an international perspective: The leading virologist in Germany, Dr. Christian Drosten sees the mortality rate somewhere between 0.3 and 0.7 percent. We still ran out of toilet paper.
  7. I grew up with Star Wars. I was seven years old when the first movie came out and my dad had to pretend I was 12 when he took me to the cinema (the movie was called “Krieg der Sterne” in Germany and had a FSK 12 rating). So I was super-exited when Disney announced a “Star Wars Land”, although I thought to myself “Disney craziness plus Star Wars craziness: that place will be packed!”. So I decided to pay Orlando one last visit, just before they open the dark ride “Rise of the Resistance” and things start to get out of hand. It wasn’t the worst time to visit Orlando, as Disney had vastly ex
  8. Glad you guys like the photos. I am still using a Nikon D850 which is terribly big and heavy but shines in low light conditions. This year I really cannot say which scare zone I liked the most. The stilt walkers were a head-turner but not scary at all. The concept of "plastic surgery taken to far" in Vanity Ball was great. And yes - the Rob Zombie thing was "interesting" too. But I also liked the super creepy "Vikings" zone. Nahhh... Nothing beats those stilt walkers Nothing beats those stilt walkers
  9. I just returned from my annual Orlando trip and I brought some photos from Halloween Horror Nights to share with you guys. I have been visiting the event for a couple of years now and I have to say: this thing has become humongous. Shows, several huge scare zones, 10 haunted houses. I was really happy that I booked one of those R.I.P. tours. The tours not only greatly reduce the waiting and walking, but also provide international guests with some background information about the movies the houses are based on, as not all of them make it to Sauerkraut Country (or are even banned here). Okay
  10. Thank you for all those great comments (and compliments). I really appreciate the kind feedback. And I see, I still have three more parks to cover, so I better get a move on now… As the whole world knows “normal” people in Germany read Goethe all day, listen to operas and visit museums every weekend. And because we are all so very educated, Theme Parks are very suspicious places to us, places to ride dangerous rollercoasters, eat bad food and throw up. We even have two words for theme parks: “Freizeitpark” (which is neutral) and “Vergnügungspark” (which carries a rather bad connotation). A
  11. Being a seasoned theme park enthusiast it has been quite a while since the last time I was deeply impressed by a new attraction or a themed area. I think the last ride, that really wowed me, was “Revenge of the Mummy” in Universal Orlando and that one opened back in 2004! Don’t get me wrong: I really enjoy new attractions like “Kong – Skull Island” or “Radiator Springs Racers”, but those gave me no feeling like “oh my god, what just happened?” after my first ride. To my surprise not one but two attractions brought back this so much missed feeling in the last couple of months. The first was – o
  12. While my favorite travel time in autumn is the end of October, I chose a way earlier date this year. This enables me to share some HHN pictures with you, while the event is still running. I was looking forward to the “Shining” house and it did not disappoint. Overall these Halloween Horror Nights were packed with nine incredible houses and lots of scary street entertainment. A great event, and everyone who has the chance to should really see it, while it’s still running. He is in a particular bad mood tonight And she is not really better It's way easier to snap some pictures while
  13. True, they have a clear "too much Walking Dead" tendency! I personally prefer "odd" themes, like in the Edgar Allan Poe house or the "fairytales gone bad" idea. I'm looking forward to see the "Shining" house this year.
  14. When I grew up in Germany there was no such thing as Halloween. The only occasion on which we dressed up was Carnival. Because of Gulf War I that custom was cancelled in 1991 leaving the german costume makers with a massive overstock. In order to solve this problem, the industry started a marketing campaign to introduce Halloween in Germany. 1991 was also the premiere year of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, although the event was called “Fright Nights” then, took place on just three nights in October and featured only one haunted house. For a German visitor, it’s astonishing how “easy
  15. Hello everybody! Some time has passed since I wrote my last installment of this ongoing trip report. I’ve been to Austria in the meantime. You all will have read Robb and Elissa’s amazing “river adventure” trip report, so if anyone needs a little bit more persuasion to visit this amazing country, here are two pictures of how it looks like: This is the Lagazuoi - almost unpronouncable but soooooo pretty The Lago Nero - black lake I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everybody for their kind comments. As a hobbyist I basically “run on compliments” and it’s always wonde
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