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  1. What's the for the Dragon Challenge about? At a 15 minute wait time you can ride it more often in one day!
  2. Does this mean that the rest of The Lost Continent is being demolished, or just that area pictured?
  3. Sounds awesome. I'm in!!! The front of line pass doesn't bother me that much because I end up going in each maze once anyway.
  4. Great Photo TR Robb. I would love to try to go to the Universal Studios there, but if I was there with you guys I think I would've been really mad that Jurassic Park was closed!
  5. I went to Halloween Horror Nights three times this year and here is the Photo Trip Report to prove it. Happy Halloween! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=57281
  6. It's been a while since I posted a Photo Trip Report, but I will try to become more active on the site. I went to Halloween Horror Nights this year and because it's the best halloween event in SoCal, I just had to go two extra times, so the photo's you are about to see are from all three trips! Enjoy and Happy Halloween! Here we are, and it looks like lion face Freddy is here! Where did Robert Englund Freddy go? Well at least Jason and Jigsaw are back! Yes!!! The very sexy Freddy dancers are back....... ...and these aren't the only two photos I took! You will get the last photo's at the end of this report! Since no body listened, the army decided not to come and a ring master decided to take over the center area! Terror Tram was awesome as always, but I wonder how many people realized that the backlot burnt down BEFORE his show got cancelled! Cool shot of the crash site blended in with the fire effects! The newest maze ended up being the coolest, but there were a few moments where the 3D was useless You can only find entertainment like this in the deep south! I actually thought Bill & Ted was disappointing this year! Sorry guys! What's this? Do I see a homage to the last show that was here? This is how my doctor performs surgery everyday, there's nothing wrong with that! This pig guy looks so wasted! Maybe he should lay off the drugs! Fog makes everything look cooler then it already is! There was really nothing new about the Saw maze... ...except that I got a picture of this!!! SInce you guys were so patient, here is me with a Freddy dancer in the shadows Here is another dancer trying to kill me! lol Two for one! A wide shot of the entrance. Well that does it for my trip report of Halloween Horror Nights 2010, but before this Photo Trip Report ends, I present to you... ...THE COOLEST AND MOST EPIC PHOTO OF THE CEILING T-REX EVER!!!
  7. On April 11, 2010, Backdraft and the Special Effects Stage at Universal Studios Hollywood closed forever to make way for a new attraction based on the live action Transformers film series. At this point, construction is still in its early stages, but I figured to post what there is. Enjoy! Looks like they're going to do some serious remodeling of the outside of the building. Here is the construction wall featuring Bumblebee and Ravage! The Transformers logo appears to be in the color of the upcoming (hopefully good) third movie! Here is another shot of Bumblebee! Here is another shot of Ravage with half of the Nest logo behind him! Looks like the roof is getting some work done! I wonder what it could be for? Hopefully the ride will be nothing like this.......... ..........and instead be a lot like this!
  8. I would like to see Avatar in somewhat of a 360 simulator tour of Pandora, where you soon get involved in a battle between the Na'vi and the Marines! Although I have a feeling that Avatar will eventually be a ride/show someday!
  9. I was never a fan of Michael Jackson and would occasionally joke about him like other people sometimes do, but I was shocked when I found out that he died, cause I did like a couple of his songs.
  10. Sorry for the delay, I've been very busy with school, but here is the third and last Photo TR of my Spring Break. The last day of our Spring Break involved my second trip to Disneyland this year. I had previously went on my birthday back in February. This trip was fun but just not as great as my birthday trip, because we all had to pay to get in and we didn't stay at the park until midnight. We also didn't go on as many attractions as before, but what can you do! Anyway enjoy the photo's. While the trip didn't go as planned, I still had a lot of fun. Thanks for checking out my Spring Break Photo TR's and look for my California Adventure Photo TR soon. Here's another boarding area shot for you guys! The boarding area is as awesome as ever and reminds me of the movie "Alien" ........and another mountain shot! Here is a shot of the sign........ Time of officially end the day with the always awesome Space Mountain How long has this droid been working on that Astromech Droid? "Who do I talk to about going to somewhere besides Endor?" lol While you look at this photo of the Star Speeder 3000 I should say that I never knew that Captain Rex in the ride is voiced by Pee Wee Herman until recently! ........along with R2-D2, who is always fixing the same Star Speeder 3000! C-3PO keeping the guests entertained....... Since my friends' parents said we had leave at 9PM, Nick and I decided to end our day with our two favorite rides, starting with STAR TOURS! That's a giant Walkie Talkie! Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was next and this ride gets better and better every time I ride it. Remy suggests the restaurant we ate at! We were gonna eat dinner at the Blue Bayou, but instead ate at the restaurant across the Pirates gift shop! "Wasn't I just here 2 Photo TR's ago?" It's kind of odd seeing these new Monorails, but I'm used to them now! The Matterhorn in the distance! We then took the Disneyland Railroad, mainly for the Primeval World section! Luckily we went on my birthday and I have to say that I actually liked it better then the movie and Finding Nemo was a really good movie! We also didn't go on either Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage because we we're all going to do it together, but never got to since the girls and their parents did it without us! Sometimes I expect to hear an exploding sound every time we pass the dynamite loving goat! I think that the splash effect should be a little bit bigger! Thunder Mountain was next and we actually found out that the girls rode this while Nick and I were on Pirates! ........and lucky for us there was no line! The Haunted Mansion is next........ I like to call it "Disney's Mind(insert F word here)Ride". The reason is because with all of the animals singing and doing weird stuff, it seems to happen out of nowhere and is completely random! Nick and I left headed to Splash Mountain while everyone else went back to Fantasyland! Boarding area shot of both sides A cool shot of that hole in the mountain! Next stop was the Matterhorn which was working, thankfully. Some random elephant cloud! We had lunch at the restaurant to the right of the Tommorowland entrance and then the girls and their parents wanted to head over to Toontown! We eventually caught up with the girls at the Teacups and headed toward the tiny castle to meet their parents for lunch! "Jack Sparrow, the second gayest pirate to sail the seven seas!" The first is Captain Morgan! Next up is Pirates of the Caribbean! Only Nick and I went on while the girls went to Fantasyland! "JAWS Ride eat your heart out!" lol Some people might think this elephant is doing something people would find inappropriate at a Disney Park! Here's a cool shot of the jungle we will be cruising! Our first ride was the Jungle Cruise! I wish that I could say our first ride was Indiana Jones, but it wasn't. We actually didn't ride Indy that day! Nick, Carroll, Danielle, Dallas and I decided to split off from their parents until lunch. First stop was Adventureland and the girls wondered if Kristen Stewart was in there! lol Disnyland Castle, it's so small it fits right in your hand! We got the tickets that lets you visit one park on the first day and the second park for free, so Nick and I went to California Adventure a few weeks after this trip! Hey Carroll, wait for us! We eventually walked and met them at the entrance Remember where we parked. We made it! It then took at least 10 minutes to get parking because of an argument that my friends' mom had with the parking employees. We eventually hit the road two and a half hours later and arrived three hours later at 9AM. We wanted to beat the crowds, so I tried getting everyone up at 6AM. The plan failed. This is a shot of my backyard at 5:45 AM.
  11. This video was totally awesome and I thought it was much better then the first one!
  12. I forgot to mention that a few photo's from previous trips will be in this Photo TR because I forgot to take pics at some points during this trip! Time to close this trip to Universal with another example of terrible driving! lol Fun with Mirrors Is Milhouse coming on to Patty? The Simpsons Ride was the last ride on the day for us before we left! ........but look who's talking! lol Carroll thought it was a good idea to take the stairs up......... When we went on Revenge of the Mummy, the ride broke down before we got on and I saw Joey! (No photo provided) We rode Jurassic Park 2 more times and I got this photo! The T-rex scared the crap out of me I couldn't help it! lol Here's a cool photo of the second lift! Random ambush photo! Looks like this guy got a color change as well! Looks like something is going on with the Hadrosaur "Hey I'm a Stegosaurus and my brain is as big as a nut!" Looks like these guys are starting to look like their Islands of Adventure counterparts! I liked it better when they were green! Hey look, Kenny made it to Universal without somehow dying! The girls decided to say behind while Nick and I went on Jurassic Park! Here come the slowpokes down a crowded escalator! Time to head to the lower lot! I keep seeing signs that say Spring 2009, but when is it opening? Does anyone know if this is new? Shrek in 5 seconds! lol Now that the Studio Tour is finished it was time to head over to Shrek 4D, which I haven't seen in a year! I actually got wet coming out of The Mummy's Tomb! This set is still really cool, especially during Halloween Horror Nights! ........so here is a random photo from a previous trip! JAWS was closed due to nearby filming....... It would be really cool if a real earthquake happened at the same time as this! This event actually helped me loss interest in The Fast and the Furious films! I'm NOT kidding! There is good old Stage 12! Brings back good memories! The backlot reconstruction seems to be coming along nicely. Keep up the good work guys! Just a photo of me and the girls in front of JAWS! Looks like Curious George made a few kills! Just when you think you know someone! ......and here is a photo once everyone else got their tickets! Here's a photo of the statue while I was waiting for everyone to get their tickets....... Nick and I in front of this sign that I've never, ever taken a picture of! The girls in front of the famous globe That is just really bad driving! Photo with everyone's favorite giant monkey! I was really excited to see this movie, but after realizing how cheesy the movies really are, I decided to pass. Sorry to any fans out there.
  13. The next day we headed over to Universal Studios Hollywood, where I got the new "All Access" Pass and two free tickets! The first one was with the purchase of the pass and the second one was with a coupon. That's the best deal I ever had for anything, however the free ticket with the purchase of the pass doesn't go into affect from May 1st until the end of the year. So without further to do, here are photo's of the latest trip to Universal Studios! Just a random freeway sign!
  14. Here are just a few photo's from the ride back to Los Angeles. Universal Studios is next, so just hang tight! This restaurant was pretty bad, but it didn't bother me because we were going to Universal Studios the next day! =D All clean for more grasshoppers to commit suicide! lol Nick was given the "great" honor of cleaning the windshield while we stopped for gas. .......but the shadows look cool! A lot of brave grasshoppers committed suicide on the windshield. It may look disgusting at first.......
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