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  1. Well beyond new coaster installations, you have you remember all the replacement cars that PTC builds. With the average coasters car having a service life of about 20 to 30 years their are a whole lot of potential projects. Then beyond new builds, PTC does multiple winter rehabs a year. There are currently no less than 67 cars in the shop being rehabbed at the moment. The point is PTC will be fine
  2. One station for both unload/load is going to be a nightmare. People already take forever to get back to there seat after putting items in the bins (what do they even do at X now with items i've never ridden it did they have carts like Volcano does). Whatever i've never been to SFMM and won't be for years to come so I don't really care but it seems stupid to have one station. How many extra people does it really require to have the unload station?
  3. They are more of a concept to make people aware. Awareness like that the company is always open to consider doing new things. The single cars demo straight different configurations that could possibly be done. But they will never run since they are show cars and nothing more.
  4. Wow that would of really pissed me off...I probably would argued until they let me ride or kicked me out of the park. that's total BS but you were there with your kids so in that sitution i'd still be pissed but just deal with it.
  5. I'm not suprised Stampida...I figured the results were going to be just as you describe the minute I saw the first picture of them. Have fun Port Aventura you should of stuck with PTC.
  6. Yea it was completely random and ironic that they played that clip and the Julie girl then later showed up to sit in on the XM side of the side of the show and that she happened to be a coaster fan. They actually later replayed that clip that of INfusion for her because she hadn't heard it.
  7. She was on the XM side of the show so you won't hear her. Elissa She sounded like a typical coaster enthusiast to be honest but whatever...i don't really care it was just kind neat to hear an coaster enthusiast on my favorite radio show. O&A definitely didn't get why she liked roller coasters so much, but hell I get that a lot myself. It's also nice to hear that there are some other O&A (and R&F) fans on here.
  8. My take on all things wii: Games I own Wii Sports: Great for a play here or there but i've never been big on sports games. I was great that Nintendo included it with the system though. Wii Play: Bought for a Wiimote when they were hard to come by. It game is no more than a tech demo although Tank Tag is cool. Would be a rip off it was a 50 dollar game instead of a 10 dollar game. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: Best Wiimake todate, probably the best Zelda game ever (but i haven't played all the way thru either N64 zeldas). The game's storyline is very dark but I think that is pro
  9. Anyone else catch this a few minutes ago? Opie & Anthony totally ripped into her (Julie) for be fat just like we do with all ACErs. I'm just wondering if she posts here. Hey any O&A fans here on TPR?
  10. I suprised that there isn't a gas powered motor for back up given the lift hill setup.
  11. The trains (2) are brand new. They are almost finished, are purple, have lapbars and look really good. My question is where is the transfer track going to be and for that matter the station as the new trains now have fin brakes so a curved station is out.
  12. not to be an ass but you've got some good photos but you also have some really bad ones. It's just better to filter out the bad ones, hell i'm guilty of not doing this at one point.
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