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  1. Well, I can understand that if you live in Orlando, its right in the storm's path, Miami, and South East Florida is just in the margin of the storm. All we got was a lot of rain.
  2. ^ School resumes for Miami-Dade and Broward County Tomorrow, Wednesday. Fay didn't do much to South East Florida besides some mild to medium flooding.
  3. ^ The storm isn't THAT bad, at least from where I see it. A few gusts every now and then. It's only been raining all day yesterday and today. There's probably not going to be school tomorrow from the way I see it. At least this gives me time to finish reading the last 70 pages of my summer reading book.
  4. ^Yeah, its been raining all day today, its been so gloomy outside. I really want to go back to school.
  5. As of 1:30 PM EST this afternoon, There will be no school for a major part of the southern region of Florida (If not most of Florida) due to the effects of TS Fay. I was supposed to start school tomorrow, Public schools were supposed to start today. I live in Broward county, which is the county immediately north of Miami-Dade County There were no classes today for Dade and Broward County. It looks like classes will resume on Wednesday depending of the aftermath. .
  6. The lowest I've seen it around here is $3.88 Diesel is $4.59
  7. ^ Honestly, There are no places within 50 Miles of the area I live in that sell biodiesel, I know there's only one a few blocks from my dad's company, but I've never been there. And The United States, with all the fast food restaurants located within, there must be a lot of used oil that is thrown out. ... And ethanol hasn't been very practical probably because of the fact that the amount of corn used to fill an SUV that runs on E85 is just enough to feed a person for a year.
  8. That's the downside, the TDI model may be two or three thousand dollars more than the gasoline model, and the TDI model doesnt come as a base, it has a lot of extra options as standard, such as 6-CD changer and leatherette seats. They say that it'll pay off after driving 5,000 Miles. I don't remember if they said 5,000 or 15,000. A gallon of diesel goes much further than a gallon of gas, so you still come out ahead. Plus a diesel motor is less complicated than gas (and infinitely less complicated than a stupid hybrid) .. I can't fathom why they are not more popular (well I can, it's just that no-one markets them). Congrats on the Diesel Jetta - they are awesome! Cameron. They are also more reliable than gasoline engines. Meaning that their odometer will keep going.
  9. Well, this Jetta will get 40MPG City and 50 Highway. If you do the math, with the same car as a gas model, you'll save more with the diesel.
  10. Um, no, See they were discontinued in 2005 and they are being rereleased in the US in August. Tell me that you've seen a fifth Generation Jetta with a TDI badge on the back. In the USA at least, There is no Diesel version of the Jetta since the 05 until now. The Jetta will be rerelease with a TDI Badge
  11. Well, They cant be flying off the lots because they're not available yet. All the dealerships have only one TDI, for test driving purpose. I know that I can still get one because I contacted my local VW dealer and I was told that I can still pre-order one and expect to recieve it in September.
  12. ^I don't see anyone getting picky about anything. And I totally understand where you're coming from. I know how lucky I am to have so many privileges, For example, I go to a Catholic High School, I know that many don't have the chance to do so.
  13. I have kind of a dilemma. I plan on going this or next weekend to pre-order a Volkswagen Jetta Diesel, but I don't know whether to get the sedan, or pick the "SportWagen". I think it's more preference and if you like wagons or sedans. Its probably just that I haven't seen the Wagon version in person. Does anyone have any suggestions? pros and cons?
  14. I bought RockBand for 66 Bucks!! Someone on ebay was selling one, but nobody Bid anything becuase they had like 80% feedback. So I said "what the hell" and put a bid. Five minutes passed and I won. It should be arriving in a couple of days.
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