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  1. Well Dark Knight wasn't open from when the park opened until I left just after 3. I checked each time I passed when I was riding Superman but they said in the morning it might open later but I don't think it did.
  2. Yeah I think it was the red side that was running. I only rode American Eagle once just before I was leaving and Raging Bull was running better later on so I don't know which I'd call best in the park. It's between those 2 anyways.
  3. Well I was going to Chicago for a week at the end of August so I was going to spend a day at Six Flags Great America as well. I chose the Thursday 27th to visit the park which unfortunately turned out to be a VERY wet day . I kind of expected rain due to the forecast but hoped it would clear early like the day before. I initially assumed there would be a direct bus to the park from Chicago but a few weeks ago I found out there wasn't which put the trip to the park in jeopardy. I quickly looked for alternatives and found the best way was by Metra train to either Waukegan or Libertyville a
  4. Thanks for the help but renting a car isn't really an option as we are just staying in the city of Chicago for the week. Any idea the best way maybe by bus or train that gets anywhere near the park? I was really looking forward to visiting but if it's not easy to get to by public transport then I might just have to leave it . I pretty much know what to expect anyways as I have been to Six Flags Great Adventure last year and I don't usually bring a bag with me to parks so I won't have to worry about the lockers.
  5. To save me starting a new topic I have a few questions about an upcoming trip to Great America. I have never been to the park before but I plan on visiting 1 day during my holiday to Chicago. How do I get to the park from Chicago by public transport? I'm thinking of going to the park on Wednesday 26th or Thursday 27th August, how busy do you think it'll be? (are schools back at that time etc...) I was planning to buy a Gold Flashpass like I did at Great Adventure last year but if the park is allot quieter towards the end of the month I mightn't bother. Any other general advise
  6. It is listed on RCDB now . http://rcdb.com/id4147.htm Anyways it says B&M but I am questioning the height they have down. They say it's 164ft tall but I am wondering did they put it down wrong as earlier it stated it will be taller than Katun which is 164ft and maybe they just got it mixed up or maybe they have some sort of height limit? I just find it odd that it would be the exact same height as Katun. Anyways I think this is awesome news and Mirabilandia will now be high on my must visit list for next year.
  7. OMG such awesome news. I have to get to Funderland this year. So did they actually buy it or is it just rented for a few weeks for Funderland Dublin?
  8. Only confirmed parks are: Gardaland Six Flags Great Adventure Doubt I'll get to anywhere else but I'm happy with just Gadv - Ka and Toro!!
  9. Great PTR! Just a quick question, can you use q-bot as many times as you want or just once per ride?
  10. Glad to see work going fast on this, looks pretty decent. Well I just want to ride it for the credit .
  11. I hear that this was a false rumour and it will reopen next week or this week or something but i'm not sure. But it has been having alot of downtime and problems lately so there is a big chance that it could be closed on your visit.
  12. Nope because i'm going to Gardaland next Easter and i'm praying it will be open. Does anyone know when it's supposed to open? Yeah that is'nt that great, I hear Vekoma mine trains are pretty good but I do think 3 lifts is a bit much. Work is going really fast on this, I sure hope it will have excellent theming like the rest of the park has. Thanks for the update!
  13. That looks awesome, there seems to be alot of airtime in that small layout. Reminds me of Heart Beat, the new mini mega under construction in Japan. I hope more small parks start investing in these. It sure looks great.
  14. I am still not convinced, is there any more evidence or proof or a picture of these trains at the park or on El Condor? I sure hope it's true as I hear the ride is awful and if they are a success hopefully other parks will purchase them for their SLC's.
  15. Interesting, I sure hope it works out. Is that picture taken of the train on El Condor or is that a differant train on a differant coaster?
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