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  1. I rode Kraken yesterday twice, once with and once without the VR. The VR is a solid "meh" out of 10. It would have been pretty neat if it were part of a more traditional motion simulator ride, but on the coaster, it took away more than it added to the ride. My mother on the other hand absolutely loved it, but refused to ride it again without VR because she found it too intense when she rode it years ago shortly after it was built. I'm glad I did the VR experience once to say I did, but probably would go for the traditional coaster experience in the future. Additionally, the VR experience is NOT at all worth the sigificantly inflated dispatch times, as much as 240 seconds according to the screen in the station, which was more than twice Mako's dispatch times, and that was WITH rows 1-4 being designated non-VR to increase capacity. When all 8 cars were being boarded with VR passengers, dispatch times surged to over 300 seconds. While it would obviously be an impractical (at the least) retrofit to Kraken, I would probably say that a double loading station is practically a necessity for VR rides due to the absurd dispatch times.
  2. What I've been told is that it sounds pretty much like popcorn popping times a billion. As a side note: I was incredibly confused until I realized that this was a trip report from April. I thought they had just launched another F9 after Thursday's "anomaly."
  3. Is it bad that I would vote for John Cena over both of our present candidates?
  4. ^I don't thing such extreme measures would be needed. Had this same accident taken place on a train with a zero car, the most severe injuries would have been avoided. There would definitely be minor (by comparison, at least) injuries such as bruising and whiplash, but I doubt any injuries would be life threatening or life changing. However, that said, the priority should definitely be making sure trains don't collide.
  5. I'm just trying to figure out why they would have even tried to build that instead of just doing a pad abort using the LES. Once you're in that sort of situation I would think the consequences of using the LES are negligible compared to the damage which would be done by the rocket exploding on the pad. Then again, the launch gantries for the Apollo program had crew evacuation system consisting of a "high speed elevator" (which was basically a drop tower), a giant slide, and rubber padded room with chairs mounted on shock absorbers. I'm totally serious.
  6. Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to sound snarky. I just glanced at your question, and then the spaceflight nerd in me just kinda jumped out.
  7. Actually it can be! Getting the orbits to synchronize and bring the Dragon and the ISS near each other is very difficult and relies on precise timing, if you can't get it to work until too late, you may have to wait a matter of hours or days (which may not always be an option.) for the two to be in the correct position in order for a rendezvous burn to be possible. It really doesn't seem like it should be that hard, but when you learn about orbital mechanics, you find that it's nowhere near as simple as "point at the space station and fire your rocket."
  8. Wow, it's been a while since I've posted on TPR. I'm going to be at SFOT on either the third or fourth of June as a part of a graduation present from my aunt to my stepbrother and I. I looked up the price for a gold flashpass and offered to split it with my stepbrother, who is totally unwilling to drop a dime on anything. Between rent and other expenses I won't be able to pay for the whole thing, so I'm just going to do without it. Should I expect to just do a beeline for TG, Titan, and Freeze before I get out, or will the lines be pretty reasonable since it is the very start of the season?
  9. If you want one that can stop and start a train just use this one: The cart goes clockwise around the track. When it reaches the downward sloped unpowered rail, it slows and stops. When someone gets in it and pushes the button, that turns the powered rail on and accelerates it down the slope.
  10. *Differentiate. Oh, and the ride looks good too! I'm especially impressed by the custom supports!
  11. Both the car and the track must be butted up against a block. Just tested it now in beta 1.8.1 and it works fine.
  12. I305 has been holding my attention quite firmly as of late. It's definitely on my bucket list.
  13. Premium members only servers would rock. I bought the game a long time ago and now all the servers are filled with idiots who have no idea what they're doing. And really, a hat was cool, but cosmetic only? Seriously? It at least could've had some sort of bonus. I don't care if it's not fair to the F2P players, I paid for the damn game. Vekoma "Now I can't get a crocket with my Vintage Direct Hit without some n00b calling HAAX." Fan Boy
  14. I just saw Children of Bodom at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. Really I was only going to see the supporting band Obscura, because the other two supporting bands didn't interest me too much, and from what I'd seen on Youtube, CoB, though one of my favorite bands, suck live. (Totally wrong to anyone looking at seeing them, they were AWESOME!) I was also massively surprised when Septicflesh came on, I was expecting to have to sit through them while I waited for Bodom to come on, but then they started playing with amazing force. Every time a song started it felt like getting hit by a fully loaded Peterbuilt truck. Even Bodom couldn't match that power. I became an instant fan at that point. I was still pretty "eh" for Devin Townsend though. Dude had a great stage presence, but it felt like a really heavy Weird Al kind of thing, which I didn't care for too much. Although it was hilarious when Devin Townsend made out with his look-a-like on stage and then screamed into the microphone saying "Why do I have an erection?!" Oh, also, he played a song called "Satanic Oompa Loompas". Needless to say that got my attention too.
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