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  1. This was on my wall about the new ride at SFDK: (don't hate) GP: i went on it at magic mountain!! not too bad! Me: it hasn't even opened yet. GP: Well I went on it..
  2. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If i somehow offened you, then i apologize. But, i don't think tearing someone down after they said something you thought was stupid is 100% smart.
  3. So, i posted a link on my facebook page about the new ride at SFDK. Here's what a girl replied back with... I went on it at magic mountain!! not too bad. (I made some edits, so it wouldn't violate the TOS.)
  4. I think that SFDK needs some more family coasters. This ride has a lot of flaws... 1. Superman isn't a fitting theme 2. It looks sickening. I doubt that it'll be around for a long time. 3. Low Capacity 4. You go through a barrel roll 150 ft in the air with only a lapbar. This ride should have shoulder restraints if it's gonna do that. In the long run. I don't think a lot of people are gonna ride it. (Or at least let their kids on it.)
  5. I have this feeling that it's going to be an Intamin ZacSpin. The site aid it was "bigger than a breadbox, smaller than Rhode Island, and over the top, upside down fun."
  6. Even though i'm upset that CGA is losing Invertigo, I'm very happy for Dorney that they are getting a really good ride.
  7. If i could somehow convince my parents to go on the Mainland Europe trip, i would totally do the Disneyland Paris Add-on.
  8. Speaking of which, i hate how Disney thinks they can tell people what to do. If it wasn't for those people like Anne Sweeny, who helped come up with what's on Disney Channel , Mickey Mouse cartoons would be all the rage. Here's a similar link to a thread on MiceChat. http://micechat.com/forums/teen-scene/153874-i-hate-disney-because-disney-channel.html I agree with the fact that Disney told Pixar to make Cars 2. I think that they thought it would be just like "Toy Story 3".
  9. Two-Face at Six Flags America, because it has the word "two" in the name.
  10. http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/scaredy-squirrel/video/index.html?atclk_gn=link_shw_Scaredy-Squirrel Both the roller coaster video's are extremely GP.
  11. "Without sacrifice, Without Death, We have nothing" -Fight Club ^My Future Custom Title.
  12. Theatre Tech is the best class at my school. I get to go on the giant walkway like 30 feet above the audience to work on lights.
  13. Mine is an ode to Leviathan coming out in 2012.
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