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  1. This was on my wall about the new ride at SFDK: (don't hate) GP: i went on it at magic mountain!! not too bad! Me: it hasn't even opened yet. GP: Well I went on it..
  2. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If i somehow offened you, then i apologize. But, i don't think tearing someone down after they said something you thought was stupid is 100% smart.
  3. So, i posted a link on my facebook page about the new ride at SFDK. Here's what a girl replied back with... I went on it at magic mountain!! not too bad. (I made some edits, so it wouldn't violate the TOS.)
  4. I think that SFDK needs some more family coasters. This ride has a lot of flaws... 1. Superman isn't a fitting theme 2. It looks sickening. I doubt that it'll be around for a long time. 3. Low Capacity 4. You go through a barrel roll 150 ft in the air with only a lapbar. This ride should have shoulder restraints if it's gonna do that. In the long run. I don't think a lot of people are gonna ride it. (Or at least let their kids on it.)
  5. I have this feeling that it's going to be an Intamin ZacSpin. The site aid it was "bigger than a breadbox, smaller than Rhode Island, and over the top, upside down fun."
  6. Even though i'm upset that CGA is losing Invertigo, I'm very happy for Dorney that they are getting a really good ride.
  7. If i could somehow convince my parents to go on the Mainland Europe trip, i would totally do the Disneyland Paris Add-on.
  8. Speaking of which, i hate how Disney thinks they can tell people what to do. If it wasn't for those people like Anne Sweeny, who helped come up with what's on Disney Channel , Mickey Mouse cartoons would be all the rage. Here's a similar link to a thread on MiceChat. http://micechat.com/forums/teen-scene/153874-i-hate-disney-because-disney-channel.html I agree with the fact that Disney told Pixar to make Cars 2. I think that they thought it would be just like "Toy Story 3".
  9. Two-Face at Six Flags America, because it has the word "two" in the name.
  10. http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/scaredy-squirrel/video/index.html?atclk_gn=link_shw_Scaredy-Squirrel Both the roller coaster video's are extremely GP.
  11. "Without sacrifice, Without Death, We have nothing" -Fight Club ^My Future Custom Title.
  12. Theatre Tech is the best class at my school. I get to go on the giant walkway like 30 feet above the audience to work on lights.
  13. Mine is an ode to Leviathan coming out in 2012.
  14. Part 6... This is by far, in my opinion, the coolest kiddie flat ride ever. I would seriously pay extra just to ride this ride. On my way over to Lunch, I captured some X2 Lift Hill Porn. I also walked by Revolution's fountains. I was trying to get a picture of Revolution in mid-loop. But, I got Tatsu about to go into it's gut-wrenching Pretzel Loop instead. Tatsu going into the final inversion. This was the best shot i could get. I got in closer to Revolution, and got this shot. Hello, Mr. Creepy-looking bear.
  15. Like i said, i appreciate you taking your time to respond. I may not be the perfect TPR member. But, i have aspirations. Your a good man, Robb Alvey.
  16. Does this have anything to do with the show "Mr Roger's neighborhood" like that ride at Idlewild? Or, is this just called that for no particular reason?
  17. Thank You! Finally, someone on TPR appreciates me!
  18. Part 5... This will have extra, since the last one had 7. I'm so happy this ride was empty. You have no idea. I love SFMM's giant erection. I want to ride it so bad. Goliath's MCBR wasn't working either. Somewhat also lost his hat on it. Unless you've been living under a cave for the last year. SFMM got a new Vekoma Roller Skater as part of their new hotness for 2011. This is going on my Christmas List... As well as this. I barely passed Algebra, so god know if i'll understand this. Despite the desert theming. Roadrunner Express is otherwise an average Vekoma roller skater. Apparently, you have to be 42" to ride. So, that means it's a family coaster for people ages 10 and above. I went ahead and did some credit whoring myself. Yep. I am so filthy.
  19. So, there's this episode of Jimmy Neutron in which Jimmy's Atom's get scrambled with a hamster. At one part, his dad talks about taking him to Retroland. He says.. "I love those zig-zaggy lines, that are...not straight.!" Anyway, i know it sounded dumb at first. But, when you think about it. Calling a rollercoaster a zig zaggy line that's not straight is kinda dumb.
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