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  1. I was actually thinking about this yesterday. While I like this idea, I think of the outrageous admission price hike for one day... It'd probably be $200 or more... But if you get all of those attractions in one park.... no lie, I would pay. But in a business perspective, I see why they'd never combine DLP and DCA.
  2. Seems very disorganized if you ask me. But for all we know, maybe they strategically put certain attractions in certain parks to get people to visit those parks. Also keep in mind that Disney now owns Fox, so, who knows what new attractions they'll add to DLP or DCA. If anything, their ownership of Fox definitely means no holding back on that Marvel Land in DCA. At the end of the day, I think people don't care. They just want to get their Disney on when they visit a Disney park, and Disney makes money from that, and that's all that matters.
  3. Rail Blazer looks like something out of ThrillVille for sure. I can't wait to see it in action.
  4. ^ I see what you mean, and the name of the park does work on that basis; but at the same time, it's not what was in mind with the initial design and idea of the park. Sure California is known for movie making, and sure, Disney owns quite a few IPs that can be put in the park, but I liked the original of a theme park collage of all the iconic landmarks and hot spots of California. On another note, Star Wars Land definitely should occupy DCA and not DLP.
  5. True, but the park is definitely becoming more Pixar now. If they could re-theme the Tower of Terror once more to something Pixar, and make a few more changes to the existing rides, they can simply rename the park to "Pixar Park".
  6. ^ I am well aware of what the park has, and have seen plenty of videos of the new things they've added. The park simply doesn't interest me. I think what turns me off about it is its lack of identity as evident with all the changes and re-themes it undergoes. Disneyland has stayed the same for the most part. Even with the changes they make, the park sticks with the themed areas it has regardless of whatever is popular. It seems that DCA is trying to please people by showcasing whatever movies or Disney properties are relevant. I can look at the park now and can see it's no longer a "California Adventure" celebrating what makes The Golden State so great. I saw it in the 1.0 version of the park, but it's clearly gone now.
  7. DCA has changed so much over the years, and I've never been there at all (it always came off as a tacky park for Disney standards). Seems like the park has had an identity crisis over the years, so yeah. Another thing I was thinking is they should just re-theme the whole park to strictly Pixar and Marvel and change the title of the park to "Pixar Marvel Park" or something. They could even re-theme the Grizzly River Rapids to "Claw Tooth Mountain Rapids" from Pixar's The Good Dinosaur. Either way, I how the park has a fan base and I can't wait to see what else changes there. However, I don't plan on ever going though.
  8. Yes you can select multiple object and you should be able to duplicate them. click on object, hold cntrl and select other objects. Once they're selected hit contrl d and it should duplicate them. I agree. Building in PC is not as easy as RCT3, but I'm sorta getting the hang of it.
  9. I'm from California, but moved to AZ in 2011. Castles 'N' Coasters is trash compared to a lot of parks. It's good for kids though. Over the years there have been talks of them demolishing the nearby mall (Metro Center) and expand the theme park out that way, but that never happened... and never will now that they built a new Walmart store near the park. The Disney knock-off character paintings are major cringe and unsettling. Being an adult, the only rides I found to be suitable for my age were Desert Storm, Sky Diver, Splashdown, Magic Carpet, and Sea Dragon. It sucks that this is the only theme park in the state of AZ, but whatever. Maybe one day they'll put up a Six Flags park and we'll finally get some real entertainment.
  10. Disney makes the best dark rides, imo. I've only been to Disneyland in California, but here's my top 3 favorites: 1. Haunted Mansion 2. Alice in Wonderland 3. Roger Rabbit's CarToon Spin
  11. ^ Totally with you there. My OCD kicks in bad when I want to have something perfectly centered or lined up and the Gird in RCT3 assured everything was centered and straight. Also (for me) lowering the land using the grid tiles was ideal for building underground dark rides with precise space, then I would go nuts building the ride exterior above ground. I with Planet Coaster had a "strict grid" option or those who would like to play the game like RCT3, but I will try to adapt to the way Planet Coaster functions. No doubt though, Planet Coaster definitely need for avatar customization options as well as many more flat rides and kiddie rides (only saying because RCT3 delivered on these things). I know some people might be annoyed that I'm comparing Planet Coaster to RCT3, but I can't help it. It's the same dev team who made RCT3 (which is still a great game to me).
  12. If you add one speaker and select the music you want it to play and then duplicate that speaker the music will be in sync I will try that. I forget about the duplicate option at times. I guess my problem is that I expect this game to function like RCT3 since it was made by the same developers. Over time I'm sure I'll get the hang of things... but as of right now, building seems complicated and that doesn't make it fun for me. I will watch more tutorials and stuff.
  13. Yeah. Another thing I noticed is that speakers will not sync up the music if you add the same song to another speaker. It will play the music from the beginning and it sounds a mess. Also if you add music to a ride, the music only plays when the ride is in motion, which is annoying when it comes to some rides... For example, I tried adding a long loop of merry-go-round music for my carousel, but it only plays when the carousel is in motion, then it stops when the ride comes to a halt... opposed to playing the music continuously like it did in RCT3. Hopefully they can give an option to have the music play continuously as well as an option to sync up speakers with other surrounding speakers if the speakers are playing the same music.
  14. I know the game is called Planet Coaster, but there is a serious lack of flat rides in my opinion. More thrill rides and kiddie rides would be nice. Even RollerCoaster Tycoon World delivered on the flat rides, needless to say, so did RCT3. Another thing on my mind is the underwhelming Spooky Theme dlc. I expected more animatronics, gags, and scares. Hopefully they can add more in due time. Over all, there's something off about this game. I guess I was expecting RCT3 but with freedom of ride and shop angle placement and better paths. I really wish you could manipulate the terrain the way you could in RCT3 using the grid and lowering a select amount of grid squares to your desired height. That really came in handy to make underground dark rides in RCT3. Another thing is customizing your avatar. I wish there were more options. Of course, I'm not too thrilled about the dlc... I mean having to pay for themes that were included in RCT3 right off the bat is pretty strange, and as I mentioned with the Spooky Theme dlc, I wasn't impressed for the $12 I spent on it. I know people will say "Oh well, go play RCT3 since you think it's better", but that's not the point. There are some things about Planet Coaster that could be improved, and I'm hope they will be improved some time soon.
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