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  1. What you should do is............. Nemesis Air Ripsaw Blade Duel RMT Rapids Flume Tea Cups Spinball Wizzer Enterprise Submission Oblivion Hex CATCF Ug swinger Corkscrew Rita
  2. i know what i can do. At night i'm allowed to go to the toilet. So i'll climb out that window.
  3. They won't work he's always 1step ahead of me.
  4. I can't do that either. Once i did jump out the window and I ran away. I slept behind a shop but the next morning my dad was standing by me and took me back home. Then he fitted bars onto my window.
  5. He's locked me in my room so i can't. He once kept me in my room for 2 months
  6. Oh i forgot to mention when i broke his nose when he came back from hospital he sprained the ligaments in my wrist.
  7. In height i'm not In weight i'm not So no
  8. Why did she through the basket at you? Anyway i'm back at my dads now. He found out where i was and dragged me(literally) by the ear home . Then he gave me a massive lecture about how him taking me back home will do me good and that i was wrong for running away and that i was always a bad kid. Then i stood up and told him that i could get him locked up for what he's done so he grabbed me and threw me against the wall and he's locke me in my room
  9. I ran away from home today. Currently staying at my mates house. I was treading on egg shells in my parents. Anyway this might be a fresh start for me
  10. Because I know that as soon as i tell the police then it'll be spread world wide and i don't want it to cause a fuss.
  11. errrrrrrr duh it doesn't take a genius to realise that I tell you if my dad knew i was tellin you lot this he'd kill me.
  12. I've tried that before but ended up in hospital with a 3 broked ribs
  13. How come everyone has good parents on here. I feel really left out Anyway,good news the last time my dad beat me was 2 days ago,a record
  14. Hair Cut:£25 Tie:£10 Salad:£5
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