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  1. Visited: Alton Towers Drayton Manor Thorpe Park By October 4th I will have been to: Magic Kingdom Epcot Animal Kingdom Disneys Hollywood Studios Legoland Florida Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Busch Gardens Tampa Fun Spot USA Fun Spot America SeaWorld
  2. No, but me and fiancee rode Shockwave at Drayton Manor just us on the front.
  3. Last Steel: Sonic Spinball, Alton Towers Last Wood: Runaway Mine Train, Alton Towers Last 'new' Coaster: The Smiler, Alton Towers
  4. Spaceship Earth at Epcot, love the ride, love the pic, love the park.
  5. Sweet!! Yet another thing to do in my upcoming Florida trip (63 days!!!!!!) With all the new things since 2011, and all the thnigs i missed last time... its like adding a whole other holiday on to an already packed schedule. Love it!!
  6. Awesome exhibition, great report. Shame my upcoming trip to Florida doesnt include a trip to NASA
  7. Sorry to all the Alton Towers Nerds on here, but The Smiler really let me down... I cant call a 14-inversion coaster a record holder if there is a huge pause in the ride halfway through. It was pointless, didnt allow me to take anything extra in, and had nothing to do with letting another train flow around the track... so what is the point in it?
  8. Incredible Hulk @ Universal Florida - the roar of the track is unparalleled.
  9. AMAZING! I was born a few months after these were taken so dont remember it exactly like that, the main street has changed so much, weird to see so much undeveloped land in the photographs. Black Hole brings back memories, Corkscrew was awesome for a violent coaster. Remember a few headaches after riding that beast. Thanks for the cool report.
  10. Awesome park, first visit wasnt until 2011 though... some say it had taken a bit of a fall from glory by then. Fave ride: Cheetah Hunt Rating: 86.443 out of 102
  11. Last coaster: Sonic Spinball, Alton Towers Last NEW coaster: The Smiler, Alton Towers
  12. Florida's Mummy is good, but Rock n Rollercoaster is too good to ignore.
  13. Very tough decision. Alton Towers is independant and very easy access for myself, but theres nothing like a WDW holiday in Florida!
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