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  1. I could attempt to write a funny, light-hearted retro trip report about my childhood visits to Dreamland in Margate, UK. They were fun times that were intertwined with Alton Towers being the UK's number one park, whilst this little park just existed - like it had for oh-so-many years - as London's little escape place. Kiss me Quick hats, awful hen nights (pre-marital last-resort expressions of freedom) and pure fun at a resort that -these days - is blessed equally with golden sands and no visitors. They all go to Brighton - which has a fun amusement park on a pier. Margate died when Dreamland
  2. Cheers fella. The sad thing for me is that the park has both gained and lost a lot since 1994. Endless chasing of 'world's firsts' in an attempt to grab headlines on the cheap has resulted in just that - world's firsts that are forgotten within 6 months. Yet, they lost touch with the very thing that created what is arguably one of the best rides on the planet - Nemesis. It wasn't about a world's first -it was simply an attempt to bring an already-existing ride to the park, within their limitations. I've been to many parks across the world and Alton really is one of the most unique an beautiful
  3. If there's one thing you can bet your beautifully-designed-pyramid-laden-King/Queen [God save her and all that]-free-dollar bill on - it's that when when push comes to shove in an ever-changing world, us British types will always back you lot up. We've proven to be loyal friends - and we hardly ever burn the White House down. But when it comes down to whether or not The Smiler should have had a launch instead of a second lift hill or is indeed two coasters joined together, then the very same values of freedom of speech, democracy and all-too-familiar nah-nah-nah-'how dare you say this', 'but,
  4. [Apologies if in this is in the wrong thread - please move if need be!] Wow! Just got back from a brilliant day at Alton Towers and thought I'd write up a trip report. I'm a pretty slow typer, so apologies if anything's changed since I got back. We were initialy going to go to Thorpe Park, but that place is just too family-based (even though the new Thunder River Rapids look great - apart from that kid losing their ear), so we went to the nation's favourite thrill park instead. To celebrate having recently turned 15 (I know - I'm really old now!) my cousin, his friend and I took a coac
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