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  1. The capacity on this thing will suck. If 180pp/h, then that'd be a tube down every 20 seconds. I don't see how that's possible with loading and unloading.
  2. With all the bad luck RMC coaster have had during construction, does anyone find it ironic that they have a fire extinguisher in the photo?
  3. The degree of drop on the turn around to the lift hill is a lot steeper than the original. But what isn't steeper than the original on this thing?
  4. Title Fairy of Awesome-Epicness, I would like to request thee title "BIZARRO #1...according to Golden Ticket...and me" or something along those lines, please.
  5. CT goes back to school tomorrow. Not sure about Mass. NY has 1 more week left. That's why. I went on a WEEKDAY in late August a few years ago and it was hell.
  6. Pleasant: Cyclone SFNE. Awesome ejector air in the back! Unpleasant: Nitro at SFGAdv. Thought it would rival El Toro. Not. Even. Close. Waaayyyy over-hyped ride, imo.
  7. 6/26/14 Quick Non-Photo Report Bizarro 4x Cyclone 3x NESS 2x Flashback, Goliath, GC:EfAA, Batman, Mind Eraser, Thunderbolt 1x Plus some flats Full day at the park, 10:30 to 9. First thing was to ride NESS. I don't like heights but I did it for my friends. It was pretty terrifying . Bizarro was running pretty good. Fog and S shields up and running. Wait was 5-15 minutes throughout the day. NESS was 30-60 minutes after we got done with our first ride. Cyclone was running both trains in the afternoon. I got a really good ride on it at night. Second best ride on it that I can recall. A great sendoff ride since I probably won't be back to ride before July 20th . Bizarro had a 20 minute breakdown in the afternoon. Goliath ran all day without a hiccup, I believe. It was my first time riding with the new restraints, and they suck. Yeah, its rougher, but I also wish there was less chest room and that there were handles so I've got something to grip. At night we rode NESS again in the wind. The chairs were doing 3/4 spins because it was so windy! Not one of my favorite ride experiences... Overall, a great day at the park with light crowds and no complaints. I don't car how much people b***h about Six Flags, this is an awesome park.
  8. Not good on Goliath's trains. And I'm not a complainer either... As for your culture questions... CT, MA, and southern NY are (for the most part) pretty wealthy. Especially a few select areas. Greenwich CT has a median household income of over 120,000$. Lol, yeah that's the Mass accent. Funny how the sign said "use your blinker", as most mass drivers don't know those exist In the east, the further north you are the ruder people get (except Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine).
  9. Opening Day Report: (no photos) The crowd at 11 for opening ceremonies was dismal. 200 people, tops. Once the gate opened at 12 more people showed up. The Dragon was running great! Fast and smooth. Both trains were in operation. Station crew was OK. 2 thunderstorms (one at 3 and one at 5) really tested the park crew, but they did great! Once the rain ended everything was back up and running within 15 minutes. Crowds were a little light, but still strong for the crappy weather that was predicted. Something is going on with Ye Old Mill. I checked it out and the tunnel had only a few inches of water. All the fire extinguishers were lined up at the front of the station instead of inside the ride. No idea what's happening, but it doesn't look like its a "quick fix" type of repair. Ready for another great season!
  10. I believe that the park is just wrong for the area. Westchester county is too rich for the park. Why would you take your family (which brings in a 6 digit salary) to a crappy, local amusement park when you go to Disney twice a year and do cruises each season? The stereotypical though of the park is that it is dirty, old, and dangerous. It would also help if the park had some sort of marketing. I live an hour northeast of the park and many people (I'd say over 50% of the ones I ask) have never heard of Playland or haven't been their since their childhood. If the park was virtually anywhere else in the country it'd do great.
  11. Lake Compounce. Boulder Dash is great and all, but the 1920s back-breaking woodie and 1990s headbanging boomerang aren't.
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