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  1. I really appreciate this perspective, and I have ridden Prowler so many times and have TRIED to like it, but I just don't. I never get off thinking "that was fun!" It usually is something more like "that was work" and that is a shame. It makes me wonder if I like "fun and floaty" more than I like "intense and snappy," but Maverick is one of my favorites and the Batman clones are always solid. I think Prowler just needs to have a few moments of coming up for a breath of air. Getting tossed about and whipped back and forth is only fun when it is smooth, and a good floater hill would give a moment to break things up. I think it is worth saying one more time just to clarify: Timber Wolf is no longer terribly rough and is totally re-ridable. Everyone in my group talked about how smooth it was. Ride it while it lasts!
  2. I should know better than to read Zach’s posts as written! Definitely sad to see Eagle close, but at least it is just to clean up that corner of the park and not to… I won’t even dare say.
  3. ^I have never had a smooth ride on it… but “newest” was certainly a joke there (yes, technically correct, I know)! I won’t say the wheels are square, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Prowler was equipped with octagons.
  4. Went to WoF today for a private event hosted by Garmin (my husband works there) and brought some friends who had never been. Not a lot to say, other than Timber Wolf is running INCREDIBLY SMOOTH. I was very impressed, best ride I have had on it in a while. There are way too many trims on it now though. Rode Prowler twice just to confirm I still don't like it. It is a lot of fast paced intensity, but that intensity still comes in the form of a jackhammer simulator instead of a fun ride. Uh... I think that is all that is worth posting about, it's WoF, decent day with the park rented out overall.
  5. In the fine print, magic queue is only available at Sesame Place because it is not otherwise noted to be available elsewhere.
  6. Incredible! I can't even imagine riding dragster 11 times in one day. Great pics!
  7. ^If they opened it there would be SO much more for us to complain about!
  8. I think the important question here is where is Batwing being relocated
  9. I mean, I agree with you to a point, but you don't have to throw knives!
  10. Pro tip: We would prefer to see the best of each view instead of every picture you took, that was exhausting to get through! Looked beautiful though!
  11. Flyers and their Pretzel Loops are definitely the ultimate throat/belly feeling that most of us associate with a first drop or airtime. A Zero G is much LESS intense than that.
  12. I agree with the vast majority of this. Looking at the membership prices, they are not going to get me to join in on the scheme. I get the business reason, but they are also doing a complete turn-around on what has forever differentiated them from Cedar Fair. I get it, memberships helped you survive the pandemic. I would not have toured all the parks I got to this year and bought food at each one otherwise. We all know you're making bank on your $25+ parking and $9 drinks.... I'll pick my years carefully now.
  13. Zero G Rolls are one of my favorite elements, and I bet you'll find a lot of us agree. What have you experienced in terms of inversions?
  14. Wow, this is a great update for 2022 compared to what will inevitably be WoF's! I am anticipating their "New for 2022: Refreshed Flower Beds!!!" announcement any day now....
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