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  1. Welcome to the club. Chainwide price hikes doesn’t make them less obnoxious. Bye Six Flags.
  2. Then save the ride and ride it big man. Negligence has reared its head, not looking to be the next experiment with faulty sensors and absent minded ride ops. I’ll give you the award I gave before: braver than me. Good for you.
  3. Just say you love the paper straws or they'll come for the spoons next!
  4. I would absolutely only ride it again if modifications were made. You are a braver man than me.
  5. I feel this as a traffic engineer too, drivers cause their own traffic, there's only so much you can do herding sheep. See that huge acceleration lane buddy? Why are you stopped at the end of the ramp? Whatever. Get rear-ended.
  6. I am genuinely curious, how was SFStL able to get operational approval for a project that included ADA upgrades which were not completed? My knowledge is limited to the traffic engineering world where any work that is done on an existing roadway facility must upgrade it to ADA compliance. I know of specific instances where a City deferred maintenance (a simple asphalt mill and overlay) because the overlay was in the budget, but the cost of all of the necessary ADA ramp upgrades for the sidewalks at every intersection was too much.
  7. What are these “facts” you bring to the conversation? I don’t like them, I’ll pretend they are fake news.
  8. Focus on theming sounds fantastic. I always loved the Jules Verne original theme idea of including the cultures of the world in one park under a name that suited the theme. Worlds of Fun literally meant fun from all parts of the world. My first experience at the park was notably different from the Midwest/Colonial theming at SFStL. While I have made my opinion on Prowler Junior clear, I am happy to hear about the other improvements that will certainly add charm and culture to Worlds of Fun.
  9. ^Costs more to visit the park than ever before with nothing to show for it. I am saying that’s the reason there are no lines. A “Six Flags Day” costs as much as a Disney day. At least they had no lines.
  10. Taking bets now on how long until this ride pulls a Shoot The Rapids/Pilgrim’s Plunge! I can’t think of a better idea than trying to maintain a launch system consistently interacting with water. Ride totally looks fun! I just don’t see it standing the test of time. It won’t be here 2027 season is my bet.
  11. I am confused again due to your knack for sarcasm. You live in the STL area, you frequent SFStL, you KNOW this is absurd! If Freeze doesn’t break down during my visit at least once I am wondering if I’ll be struck by lightning next.
  12. Yea but each one of those people invested their life savings to go, I’m sure the station waits made it a Disney experience for them.
  13. You’re picking up what I was putting down. An otherwise regretful post at least has an audience here!
  14. Only two minutes? I lasted two hours... must have been HIP-notized.
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