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  1. Has anyone ridden Mamba without the terrible mid-course halt? I remember riding it as early as 8th grade which was about 15 years ago for me and it wasn't any good then either. I get a thrill out of Mamba by holding my hands as high as I can and letting my brain think those headchoppers in the helix are going to snap off my arms at the elbow... Is there any particular reason they run it this way? Do the 3-row-cars increase the stress on the trains through the tight radius bunny hops enough to justify a slower operation, maintenance-wise? And @pianojohn I have never gotten off Prowle
  2. I have always loved Patriot's paint scheme as well, and while it is more tame, it has some of the best invert airtime I've experienced with that hop over the station. I don't know if "good" rides on Prowler are more elusive than it seems but I have never really thought much of it. Honestly, I'd take Timber Wolf over it because if I am going to be shaken around anyways I know I will at least get some airtime!
  3. They said “opening in 2021” on the last construction video, so that’s encouraging! I was so shocked by the videos of the original raptors, I can’t imagine what this will be like. The single row trains alone are intimidating, you have to face that drop all by yourself
  4. Interesting resume, if SFA were its own stock market I’d be putting my money in the food scene. I wonder how his food background will be able to make an impact on other park operations.
  5. That new paint job on Freeze was so welcome, and it was great to see it wasn’t red track like SFoT went for. I remember thinking when you posted that test swatch: “Yuck please, no!” Nothing says frozen cold quite like RED! I am realizing as you post these I might be old enough now to post some pictures of my own that will feel nostalgic for some... strange. *Goes searching for old floppy disks*
  6. Ice breaker is testing, there is a video of it completing the circuit on YouTube posted yesterday:
  7. I am not cool enough to receive emails from WoF, but anyone know if they happened to send out an opening date like the other Cedar Fair parks? On another note, WoF broke ground 50 years ago and the park posted a nice article about it with photos: https://www.worldsoffun.com/blog/2021/breaking-ground-on-worlds-of-fun-50-years-ago Riptide racer is looking ready for riders as well:
  8. Am I the only one who always has these images under the "posted images" greeting them on the right side of this thread? They give me a small heart attack every time I open the thread thinking someone is posting current images and the rumors are true...
  9. This was always a park that lived in my dreams, and to think I might be able to go this year AND get to ride this devil... It looks great. I can't wait. Happy topping off!
  10. The park posted a nice video update today. There are some cheesy bits but also some interesting info. Sounds like lift and drop is all that is left until trackwork is complete.
  11. Got an email about this and was surprised no one had posted about it, it's a pretty great deal! This link is for SFStL, but it looks like all of the parks are doing it. Includes admission and parking to all parks and non-separate admission water parks, and a free ticket for someone else any day in 2021. You have until the end of Monday to decide. Things should be mostly normal by late summer, right?!
  12. Does this help? Park tweeted this yesterday: I believe landfall is early tomorrow morning, and Galveston is currently under a hurricane warning. I’d be kind of surprised if they weren’t closed tomorrow too:
  13. ^Aaaaaand now its a cat 4. Still tracking east though, but storm surge sounds nasty, 20 feet! Port Arthur is doomed.
  14. Prozach do you realize how much of a hypocrite you are? Here is you saying you think SFStL is better than WoF: And here is you in the WoF thread saying the opposite, all while joining in on the ever cliche topic of Patriot's "forcelessness": But wait, is that you saying you haven't been to SFStL in years?! Ah, now I totally understand why you're so qualified to be SFStL thread records keeper... what? Let's keep going though. Here is you getting corrected in the WoF thread for incorrect reasoning and conceding that you should have checked your facts: You're so cal
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