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  1. They are saying the reduction in operating hours is due to a lack of staff: https://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/worlds-of-fun-closed-tuesdays-wednesdays-through-june-due-to-labor-shortages
  2. Way less excited about riding Jersey Devil after getting a chance to ride Wonder Woman at SFFT... Judging by the POVs available on YouTube it appears to have the same restraints. I have never experienced “restraint complaint” until riding WW. Who decided super tight rubberized shoulder raping devices were the best option for these intense rides? I’d rather headbang than have it feel like rubber erasers are being feverishly rubbed against my shoulders the whole ride. Shame, WW was my most anticipated coaster and now I don’t even care about riding Jersey Devil when I visit. Shorter lines for me
  3. That was him! He seemed very interested in the guest experience in the best way. What a guy!
  4. ^The darker green looks better, and yes we got a ride in! It was one of my husband’s favorites of the trip. There was a very friendly and only somewhat official looking Six Flags gentleman outside Polty when we were exiting, could this have been the famous Mr. Siebert?! We will be back again tomorrow.
  5. I was at the park this afternoon, full report to come. However, was the green paint on Poltergeist noted previously? Looks like they might be going for a repaint soon:
  6. Hahahahahahaha this is just hilarious. Hey WoF, I do smile when I picture myself at SFStL! Joke’s on you!
  7. Thanks, wow! That is a lot more than I was picturing. If it is anything like most of the overflow queues at SFStL it's a good riddance.
  8. NO comments on Boss? While I certainly appreciate this report, I am going to have to issue a warning for this lapse of judgement. Thanks for posting! I haven't seen any of the new lighting yet so you have reminded me I have a reason to return!
  9. This this this! Sheikra might be the least amount of Gs (maybe) but it is way more "scary" to me than any of the rides at BGT. It essentially simulates being dangled over the edge of a cliff and then dropped as if the person dangling you lost grip. It is extremely thrilling for me, and I love the adrenaline involved. HOWEVER, Montu and Kumba are both more "traditional" rides. Kumba is sit-down so it is most traditional. It might technically pull the most G forces, but it feels the most familiar. I would not recommend starting with Skeikra.
  10. Remember when we all thought theme parks might be doomed by COVID? It is fantastic to see all the people flocking back to parks like Kings Island. Great reports all, thank you!
  11. What did this area look like before for us unfamiliar folk? Just switchback queue on the bottom right?
  12. It is too bad this thread has come to bumping while the potential #1 coaster in the world sits idle...
  13. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but reservations are no longer required at either Six Flags park in Texas... might be chainwide, but I only know about Texas. ^Thanks for the update, sorry to hear about your experience with NTG! We will have to consider Terry Black's, we were looking for places to visit while in town! Speaking of food in Texas, where is the best place to get actual good food at SFoT? The barbeque place by the Oil Rig looks to have good google reviews....
  14. My judgement says this isn't great. Did anything happen other than one location shooting off a bunch of the same or similar firework? What? There were lights too? Cool. So cool. I bet kids enjoy it at least.
  15. Sounds expensive for the park (and chain). Is the show any good? Nostalgic (aka an old tradition) does not mean good or worth it. Not me. I wouldn't care.
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